Why Can't I Squirt

Why Can’t I Squirt?

If you are thinking “why can’t I squirt?”, you have probably heard that squirting is something that any woman can achieve and now you are wondering why it is not happening for you.

Perhaps you saw it somewhere or heard about it and you think you are doing something wrong.

Perhaps you have never consciously tried it and you are simply wondering why it happens more frequently for some women than others or whether every girl has the ability to squirt.

Whatever the case, you should know that it is completely normal to have these worries.

The good news is that we are here to provide some much-needed answers. In this article, we are going to look at all the possible reasons why you aren’t squirting.

What this article covers:

Why Can’t I Squirt?

You Don’t Have the Muscle Strength

Okay, so don’t need really need to hit the gym to up your squirting game, but you have to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles play a big part in “bearing down” or pushing the pelvic floor muscles down, which plays an essential part in squirting.

If these muscles are not strong, you won’t have enough control over them to expand and contract them at will.

There Is Not Enough Foreplay

Foreplay is essential to achieve the type of orgasms that will lead to squirting.

And If you look at the small percentage of women who orgasm from penetration alone, it is evident that foreplay is often lacking from their experiences. 

This is one of the main reasons why some people wonder if all women can orgasm. 

Now, is it true that some women do not orgasm? No.

The truth is, all women can achieve orgasms despite the percentage of women who fake orgasms.

But foreplay and the correct type of stimulation is essential for achieving orgasms, especially for achieving an orgasm that will lead to squirting.

If you want to know how to tell if a woman is faking an orgasm, skip the foreplay and jump straight to the penetration phase.

There Is a Lack of G-Spot Stimulation

G-spot stimulation explains why someone always orgasms during sex, whereas others don’t.

This is because this area plays a central role in achieving an intense orgasm, and even multiple orgasms.

For this reason, G-spot stimulation has been regarded as a crucial type of stimulation in order to achieve a squirting orgasm.

You Are in the Wrong Position

In order to squirt, you need to be in a position where you can correctly engage the pelvic floor muscles. 

You also don’t want to be tied up into a pretzel shape with your partner because you will have to get off them as soon as you are ready to squirt.

The best position for squirting is the doggy position because it allows you to be stable as you prep to engage the correct muscles.

Sex positions to avoid are those that are hard to get out of or any position that limits your ability to engage your abdomen and pelvic floor during the orgasm.

You Are Too Nervous

If you look at the small percentage of women who squirt during sex, you will know that it is not the default experience for most women.

Many females go their entire lives having never experienced a squirting orgasm and many partners often worry about what they are doing wrong.

Any guy who wonders why he can’t make his girlfriend cum, might think it has to do with a physical factor. But, often, the reason is psychological.

When you are nervous or stressed, it is going to be hard to achieve a squirting orgasm.

This is because there is a sense of release (which has been likened to the feeling of urinating) when you squirt.

Even though squirting is not the same as urinating, many females struggle to relax enough to let this process run its course.

What Can I Do to Fix It?

Now, let’s look at how to eliminate the factors that may be hindering your ability to achieve a squirting orgasm.

Practice Kegels

These are targeted exercises that will help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

No equipment is required. Plus you can pretty much do them anywhere, anytime.

Achieve the Right Orgasm

In order to reach the level of a squirting orgasm, you need to have an adequate amount of foreplay. You also want to play around with G-spot stimulation to ensure that the right areas are stimulated.

Not only can this increase the number of women who squirt, but it will also increase the percentage of women who orgasm during sex.

Practice Edging

Edging refers to delaying your orgasm in order to increase its intensity when it occurs. This can be a useful technique for building up to a squirting orgasm.

During edging, you can vary between G-spot and clitoral stimulation (and stimulation of other erogenous zones). 

Now you may be wondering, can all women orgasm and experience more intense orgasms from edging? Yes, the technique is pretty easy to do as well.


Okay, so maybe you won’t get it right the first time, but practice makes perfect. 

Remember, squirting is a technique that takes practice and a bit of sexual know-how at times, so you don’t have the master the art immediately.

Be playful about it and relieve some of the pressure to perform.

Be Prepared

Empty your bladder before you attempt squirting. Knowing that your bladder is empty will remove any anxiety surrounding urinating in the process. 

You can also lay some towels on the bed or area where you will be busy so that you are not preoccupied with the mess you might leave behind.


Instead of asking “why can’t I squirt”, perhaps you should be asking “why can’t I squirt yet”. 

Squirting is something that any female can achieve with a few small amendments and some helpful tips.

So stop worrying and start practicing. 

Who knows, with a little commitment and effort, you may just be a squirting pro in no time.

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