Is Squirting an Orgasm

Is Squirting an Orgasm?

If you are a sexually active woman, the chances are that you have experienced an orgasm before. But, you might not have squirted.

Because there is a lot of skepticism and misunderstanding surrounding squirting, some people believe that it is the same thing as ejaculation or orgasm.

So, is squirting an orgasm?

The answer to this is no. Squirting and orgasms are two very different things. And if someone tells you otherwise, this is not true. Although they can happen at the same time, they are different processes and experiences.

In this article, we will explain to you exactly why they aren’t the same thing, and how you can tell the difference between the two. 

What this article covers:

Are Squirting Orgasms Real?

There is a lot of skepticism around the concept of squirting. The biggest debate is around whether or not is real, if it is the same thing as ejaculation, or if it is just urine. 

While the research around squirting orgasms is definitely minimal and needs to be improved, we can guarantee that a squirting orgasm is a real thing. And, for a lot of women, squirting orgasms are way better than experiencing one or the other alone. 

Squirting is a lot less common than just orgasming, though. But when women do squirt, it more often than not goes hand in hand with an orgasm.

But, with this being said, it is also important to remember that the two don’t always occur together. You can have an orgasm without squirting, just like a woman can cum without orgasming. Both are completely normal. 

The reason why people tend to think that squirting orgasms aren’t real is that a lot of women will go for most of their life, if not their whole life, never experiencing one. 

This may be because they aren’t being stimulated in a way that can bring about squirting, or they are just unfortunate that their genetic makeup prevents them from experiencing squirting as easily as other women. 

What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

A squirting orgasm is when a woman squirts and orgasms simultaneously. 

Squirting occurs when women expel a large amount of fluid from their vagina when being sexually stimulated and aroused. 

For those of you wondering if squirting is just peeing, you will be happy to know that squirting is not the same as urine. 

Squirt has a different makeup than urine does. But, sometimes a little bit of pee is released with the squirt, which is why squirt smells like pee sometimes, even though it is mostly odorless.  

So, when this fluid is released simultaneously with an orgasm, then you know the woman is having a squirting orgasm. 

The amount of squirt released can vary. The volume can be anywhere from 0.3 milliliters up to about 150 milliliters. Squirting orgasms are not based on how much squirt is released. A woman can still have a squirting orgasm even if a trickle of fluid is released.  

Correct stimulation is what causes a girl to squirt and have a squirting orgasm. So, the most effective way for a woman to experience a squirting orgasm is if her clitoris and G-spot are stimulated. As well as if there is a lot of foreplay involved, the use of toys can be helpful too.  

How Common Is Squirting?

Squirting isn’t very common. And while almost all women technically can squirt, not all of them do. 

It has been reported through studies that approximately 54% of women actually squirt. The rest may never experience it in their life. Some women also only experience it from the age of 50 onwards. 

The reason that we say almost all women can squirt is that squirt originates from a woman’s bladder and Skene’s glands, and is released through her vagina. And since every woman contains all three of these things, it is technically possible for all women to squirt. 

With this being said, there there is not enough research to confirm for certain that every woman can squirt. It also seems like squirting is much easier for some women than others, and the reason for this is unknown, and perhaps comes down to genetic makeup. 

A lot of professionals believe that the reason that squirting is so uncommon is that there is not much research surrounding it. 

Sex coaches believe that women can be taught to squirt. Squirting very much comes down to the right technique, pressure, mood, headspace, and physiological timeline. Because all of this is very unknown, it makes squirting quite uncommon. 

So, if there is more awareness created around it, and women and their partners learn the best techniques for squirting, it is very possible that it becomes a much more common experience. 

Is It Healthy to Squirt?

There is not enough research and evidence to say whether squirting is healthy or not. But, what we do know is that orgasms are healthy for women, and since the majority of women have orgasms when they squirt, they can still reap the health benefits that come with sex and orgasms. 

When a woman orgasms, her body releases hormones that help reduce pain, as well as hormones that encourage restful sleeping. 

As a result, some of the health benefits that could be experienced from a squirting orgasm include lowered blood pressure, boosted immune system, and protection against heart diseases. 

Besides this, though, squirting itself generally provides a lot of pleasure. So, it is palpable that squirting could be linked to happier moods, decreased stress, and increased feelings of calm and pleasure. 

So, it is very likely that it is healthy to squirt. 

Can You Control Squirting?

As contradicting as it may seem, the answer to this question is yes and no. Let’s first touch on why we say that yes, you can control squirting. 

There are a few ways in which you can control squirting. First of all, you can learn how to squirt. This is done through practice, especially practicing it on yourself. 

Taking time to learn what the best way to make yourself squirt is will help you control it more. It will also get you used to the feeling of squirting. 

The reason that a lot of people don’t squirt is that the feeling freaks them out. Getting used to this feeling will allow you to control your squirting, as you will be calmer and not tense up and stop the experience. 

If your goal is to control your squirting in a way that you can make sure you squirt, then another way that you can control it is by teaching your partner how to make you squirt, communicating, and using a toy. 

Even though you are not necessarily controlling your squirting with your body, you are controlling the environment around you and making it easier for you to squirt. 

A woman’s mind is also a very powerful tool. If she is worried about squirting or doesn’t want to squirt, her mind will stay overactive, and she won’t be able to relax. This will likely prevent squirting from occurring. 

And lastly, the best way to control your squirting is by focusing on your pelvic floor muscles. You can use your pelvic floor muscles to allow yourself to squirt, but also stop yourself from squirting. 

The stronger your pelvic floor muscles are, the easier you will be able to prevent or allow squirting. To prevent squirting, contract your pelvic floor muscles when you feel it coming on. And while this may not prevent all of the fluid from coming out, it could lessen it.  

To use your pelvic floor muscles to allow squirting, don’t contract them when you feel like the squirt is coming on. Rather relax and push them out. 

The reason why we say in some instances you can’t control a squirt is that it is an involuntary action and muscle contraction. If these muscles have contracted, and the squirt is coming out, it can be quite hard to stop it. 

What Is the Difference Between Squirting and an Orgasm?

While squirting and orgasms are similar, and both usually involve a lot of pleasure, they are not the same thing. 

When you squirt, there is always fluid that is released. This is not always the case with an orgasm. When a woman is sexually stimulated, especially on her clitoris and G-spot, her pelvic floor muscles contract, and the erectile tissue in her urethral sponge is filled with fluid. 

When those muscles relax, the squirt will be released. This is not always at peak arousal.

Before a woman squirts, she often also feels like she wants to urinate.

What happens when a girl has an orgasm is that she reaches the peak of her arousal. There is usually a feeling of immense pleasure that flows through her genitals and body. 

When a woman is reaching orgasm, her vagina and anal muscles will contract, and her heart rate and breathing will increase. When she reaches orgasm, these contractions will be at their most intense for a few seconds, and then they will relax. 

For those few seconds, a woman’s body and muscles are working extremely hard and feel like it is giving all of the energy it has. This is why women get tired after an orgasm.

There is not normally much, if any, liquid released when an orgasm is experienced alone. If there is a liquid that is released, it is normally very little, and milky white color. This differs from the color of squirt which is colorless and odorless. 

Another difference is what squirting feels like compared to what an orgasm feels like. When you are about to squirt, you will feel like you need to pee. You do not get this feeling with an orgasm. 

Can You Squirt Without Having an Orgasm? 

As we touched on earlier, it is definitely possible to squirt without having an orgasm. But, this is far less common than having a squirting orgasm. 

The reason that squirting and orgasms usually occur in tandem is that they both occur when a woman is sexually aroused. And the best way to make a woman orgasm is by stimulating her clitoris and G-spot. Coincidentally, this is also the best way to make a woman squirt, which is why it is easy for them to occur together. 

Sometimes, women squirt before having an orgasm, and the orgasm will commence after she is done squirting. Other times, the orgasm doesn’t commence at all.

Due to the limited research that has been done on squirting, the reason for this is not entirely understood. But, a popular reason could be that the woman isn’t in the right head space. Orgasms largely come down to a woman being in the right headspace and not overthinking the situation. 

When women squirt, especially for the first time, it can be quite an awkward and weird experience. This could cause the woman to stress, and as a result, ruin the orgasm and prevent it from happening. 

Another reason could be that the clitoris hasn’t been stimulated enough. The majority of research says that the key to squirting is G-spot stimulation. But, a lot of women need more clitoris stimulation to orgasm. 

So, if you or your partner is focusing more on G-spot stimulation, and not enough on clitoral stimulation, this could be a reason why the woman squirts without orgasming. 


Squirting might not be the same thing as an orgasm, but it is something that is marvelous enough to stand alone, and definitely has its place in the world of sex. 

While orgasms are already fantastic on their own, experiencing a squirting orgasm might be just what you need to take your sex life to the next level. 

Even though there is such little research that has been done on squirting, we can guarantee you that it is a phenomenon that you want to experience at least once in your lifetime.

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