Can You Orgasm Without Squirting

Can You Orgasm Without Squirting?

If you have watched porn, you may think that squirting and orgasm are synonymous. While orgasm and squirting can coincide, there is a significant difference between orgasm and squirting

But can you orgasm without squirting? Yes – it is possible to squirt without having an orgasm or to have an orgasm without squirting. 

No two people are alike, and there should be no standard expectation of squirting or how to orgasm. Everybody experiences sexual arousal and orgasm in their unique way.

Some girls squirt before they orgasm, and some squirt during orgasm. But many women have never experienced squirting at all

This article explains the difference between orgasm and squirting and how it’s possible to experience orgasm without squirting.  

Can a Woman Orgasm Without Squirting?

What is an orgasm?

We generally believe that an orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal. The methods of arousal that bring a person to orgasm and how an orgasm is experienced can differ significantly between individuals. 

The female orgasm can result from many types of stimulation, including stimulation of the breasts, clitoris, G-spot, and even sensual massage. 

There is a lot of debate about different types of female orgasms. But most researchers believe that although you can trigger an orgasm in many different ways, there is only one kind of orgasm. 

In most cases, the physiological process includes four phases.

Excitement phase – there is a feeling of arousal, and sexual stimulation causes an increased blood flow to the genitals, engorging the vulva, clitoris, and vagina. The skin all over the body may become flushed, and heart rate and blood pressure increase. 

Plateau – sexual tension builds to orgasmic inevitability. This is a point of no return when you cannot stop an orgasm from happening. Heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure continue to increase. 

Orgasm – muscles of the uterus, vagina, and pelvic floor contract rhythmically. Some women describe these contractions as throbbing.

Resolution – The body relaxes, and heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure return to normal. Blood flow in the genital area returns to normal, and the vulva, vagina, and clitoris 

What is squirting? 

Although researchers have agreed that squirting is real, there is still some debate about whether squirting and female ejaculation are the same. 

Squirting happens when fluid is released from the bladder from intense sexual stimulation. The fluid has some pee in it and contains fluid from the Skene’s glands. 

Research on squirting is limited, but ultrasound studies show that the fluid in squirting comes from the bladder. So, what causes a woman to squirt

How Does Squirting Happen?

There are many ways to stimulate orgasm, but squirting is usually a result of penetrative sex and intense stimulation of the G-spot. Penetration can be with a penis, fingers, or insertable sex toy. 

The G-spot is in the first half of your vagina on the front wall. If you insert two fingers into the vagina and curve your fingers towards your belly button, you’ll feel a slightly rigged area. This spongy cushion is urethral tissue – commonly known as your G-spot.

When arousal is built up from rhythmic firm stroking of the G-spot, the erectile tissue swells and the Skene’s glands on either side of the urethral sponge fill with fluid. This fluid is released through the urethra when the woman is sufficiently aroused.

Is Squirting During Orgasm Common?

The short answer to this question is no. Unlike porn, which makes squirting look like it’s the norm during orgasm, most women do not squirt when they climax. In one study, only seven of three hundred participants reported squirting during orgasm. 

As mentioned above, squirting usually occurs only with intense arousal and stimulation of the G-spot. There are many ways to trigger an orgasm without G-spot stimulation. 

How Can You Orgasm Without Squirting? 

Squirting is a real thing, but that does not mean all girls can achieve it. And that’s okay. There is nothing abnormal about having an orgasm without squirting.

Some women can squirt easily while others need to be very aroused and have intense stimulation of their G-spot and sometimes their clitoris. 

Perhaps you are a woman who wants to know how to stop squirting during sex. Maybe you are someone who holds back orgasm because you are afraid to squirt. In that case, here are a few ways that you might experience orgasm without squirting.

Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is the most common way to achieve a female orgasm. Various research statistics reveal that most women need direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

The clitoris is a very nerve-dense bump found above your vaginal opening. Researchers have found no purpose for the clitoris other than pleasure. 

Some women prefer indirect clitoral stimulation around the clitoris. Others respond better to the clitoris stimulated directly. 

While clitoral stimulation can lead to orgasm without squirting, in some women, intense stimulation on the clitoris or prolonged pressure can lead to squirting.

C-spot Stimulation

The C- spot is the cervix – or neck or the womb. The C- spot is deep in the vagina and not always easy to reach. 

Stimulating the C-spot can be achieved with fingering if you or your partner can reach the cervix or by using a long enough sex toy. 

The C-spot can be stimulated by deep penetration of your partner’s penis. But this can prove challenging in women who have a long vaginal canal or whose partners have short penises. 

Nipple Stimulation. 

Some women achieve orgasms without any vaginal stimulation. Nipple stimulation is something you can do on your own or enjoy with a partner.

The hormone oxytocin is released when the nipples are stimulated and fires up the same brain area aroused by clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Oxytocin stimulates uterine and vaginal contraction and increases blood flow to the genitals, triggering orgasm. 

You can stimulate your nipples in several ways – with fingers, mouth, toys, or even nipple clamps. Whatever you choose, it’s a good idea to start gently and slowly. 

Breath, Sleep, and Fantasy

Sex does not have to be exclusive to the genitals. The mind plays a powerful role in arousal and triggering orgasms. There is no one way to breathe your way to an orgasm. You will have to experiment with what works for you and possibly combine your breathing with thoughts of an arousing scene.

Fantasy involves no physical touching, just thinking your way to ecstasy. Reaching orgasm from fantasy alone is not commonly reported, but a small percentage of people can do it. If you doubt the power of the mind, you may be interested to learn that women can have a physical orgasm in their sleep.

Sleep orgasms are real orgasms prompted by erotic dreams. Some women have reported that they are aware that they had an orgasm but feel unsatisfied on waking. 

Some of these methods of reaching orgasm may not work for you. But they avoid stimulating the G-spot or any intense physical stimulation of the genitals. They do not lead to squirting during orgasm.


Reaching an orgasm depends on what works to arouse and stimulate you. Most methods used to trigger an orgasm will not result in squirting. 

Not all people with a vagina can squirt, and not all want to squirt. The bottom line is that you can have an orgasm without squirting. 

Plus, the intensity and benefits of female orgasm, and the pleasure you derive from it, are not dependent on squirting. 

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