How Often Should Women Orgasm

How Often Should Women Orgasm?

Ever wondered how often should women orgasm?

Whether you have an active sex life or prefer to achieve orgasm by yourself, you might be concerned that you are having too many orgasms, or too few.

For example, can it be unhealthy to orgasm too much? Should you be having more? Or what are the benefits of female orgasms on a regular basis?

If you have any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be giving you all the facts on how often you should be orgasming. 

How Often Should Women Have an Orgasm?

A healthy number for most women to achieve orgasm is three times a week.

That being said, it isn’t actually that simple. This is because there is a large disparity in how frequently different women orgasm.

Shockingly, about a fifth of women have never achieved an orgasm. 

For someone who falls into this category, three times a week may be an overwhelming and intimidating goal to achieve.

On the other hand, someone with persistent genital arousal disorder may need to orgasm far more often.

This is because this disorder leads to persistent episodes of arousal that can only be alleviated by achieving orgasm or waiting for it to pass.

This is associated with painful throbbing in the vaginal area and can be a very uncomfortable condition to live with. For someone with this condition, the 3 times a week regimens simply might not cut it.

Can You Do It Every Day? 

Newer research has been considering the benefits of daily orgasms.

There are not a lot of facts to support the benefits of daily orgasms, but the overlap between the benefits of orgasms and people’s anecdotal accounts of their experiences with daily orgasms seems promising.

Now, you may be thinking, who has the time for daily orgasms? Especially considering how long female orgasms last and how exhausting orgasms are for women.

Can You Do It Alone? 

Most accounts from women who have tried daily orgasms are big proponents of masturbation.

Simply put, your partner might not be available to pleasure you when you find the time for your daily orgasm.

And of course, this is an excellent option for the single ladies out there.

In fact, many people support masturbation as the best way to get your daily or weekly fix in because you have full control of the situation. 

And if you feel embarrassed or guilty about masturbation, you should know that female masturbation is pretty common.

Even though women masturbate less often than men, they still masturbate fairly frequently.

Most women tend to masturbate at least eight times a month with a third of women masturbating three times a week.

Other research has also suggested that many women masturbate as a means of relaxing and coping with stress.

Should You Give It Your All Every Time? 

If you are trying to get your fix in, whether that be once a day or once a week, you don’t need to move mountains.

It’s not like you need to have multiple female orgasms every time, especially considering the time that elapses during the refractory period between women’s orgasms.

Sometimes a quick fix can be just as effective as a lengthy masturbation session or sexual session with your partner.

Considering how long it takes the average female to orgasm, you don’t need to allocate too much time to this.

What Are the Benefits? 

The good news is the benefits of orgasm are not necessarily limited to the type of orgasm.

Even without a mindblowing orgasm, you can still enjoy the rush of feel-good hormones, the reduction in anxiety and stress levels, and improved sleep that are associated with achieving orgasm.

Orgasms have also been associated with a healthier immune system, the alleviation of pain, and improved heart health and longevity. 

So instead of asking how often you should orgasm, perhaps you should rather be asking how often is too often. 

Can You Orgasm Too Much?

From a psychological point of view, you can orgasm as much as you can as long as it does not interfere with your daily functioning and is done in an appropriate location (i.e. at home).

From a physical point of view, there is a thing such as overstimulation.

If you have one too many orgasms, your erogenous zones may become dry and sensitive, especially if you did not lubricate well enough.

For some women, stimulation may even reach a point of discomfort. 

It may be tempting to continue orgasm and sexual activity, even when experiencing these sensations, especially if you know what it feels like for a woman to climax (and how good it is).

But, your pleasure areas also need some downtime and moisture after excessive stimulation. So, ensure that you take care if you have been more sexually active than usual.


So, how often should you orgasm? Well, the answer to this question varies almost as much as the frequency with which women can achieve orgasm.

In general, you should orgasm as frequently as you can and want to.

You don’t need to force a daily orgasm because someone reported the benefits of it and you don’t need to orgasm as much as you can to receive more of the benefits either.

Just listen to your body and try to experience it as often as you can or as often as you are physically, and emotionally, able to.

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