How to Make a Girl Have Multiple Orgasms

How to Make a Girl Have Multiple Orgasms

You may have seen this splashed across the cover of magazines, and certainly, a lot of articles have been written on the topic. But if you want to separate the fact from the fantasy, and get the real story about multiple orgasms, you’re in the right place.

To know how to make a girl have multiple orgasms, you first need to understand the basics. So join us on the discovery of women’s orgasmic potential, and you’re sure to learn a new thing or two.

Are you a woman wanting a better understanding of your own sexuality? Or someone who wants to please their partner in more ways than one? Either way, this guide is for you.  

How Can Women Have Multiple Orgasms?

Before we get to the how-to, let’s first address the question on everyone’s minds. Is this even possible? Yes, but not everyone experiences it. This does not in any way reflect on your potential to have, or give, orgasms. 

Everyone experiences their sexuality differently, due mostly in part to early experiences (good or bad) and the sex education you received. But take heart, because every woman has the potential to experience mind-blowing orgasms. It truly is about quality and not quantity.

That said, women can have multiple orgasms. If you are hoping to give your female partner multiple orgasms, take a look at the following tips. And if you are a woman who wants multiple orgasms, read this with your partner and discuss what you’d like to try. Or adapt some of these tips to learn how to make yourself cum.

Tips for Encouraging Multiple Orgasms 

Take a Break

Unlike men, a woman does not have to “reload” before experiencing another orgasm. This makes it easier to achieve multiple orgasms within one session. But many women prefer to cuddle for a while after an orgasm, without the pressure to experience one orgasm after another. 

One of the best ways to make a woman orgasm is to stimulate the clitoris. But a woman’s sensitive bits can remain, well, sensitive for a short while after orgasm. The clitoris is a little bundle of nerve endings and can stay extremely sensitive after an orgasm, especially if you stimulated it to achieve the first orgasm.

Take the time to cuddle a bit and then decide whether you both want to go for another one. Not every woman feels the need, even though you may desperately want to send her over the edge. 

Cuddling & Pillow Talk

Even if you both decide to cuddle for a while, keep the sexual tension high with a sensual massage, or by kissing the erogenous zones while cuddling. These are the pleasure zones of the body and are not limited to genitalia. Kiss her gently on the neck, shoulders, and breasts to proceed from cuddling and set the stage for the next potential orgasm. 

This is the ideal time for some sexy talk, but remember to respect your partner’s limits for dirty talk. The aim is to arouse, not offend. This can also take the form of fantasy talk or role-play. All that matters is what you both feel comfortable with.

Keep Arousal High 

If there is still too much sensitivity in the clitoral area, move on to other areas. Don’t forget that the brain is the best sex organ of all. Create pleasurable feelings and sensations anywhere on the body, and the heightened state of arousal can serve to intensify female orgasms and encourage more of them. 

For something different but potentially awesome, stimulate the area between the vagina and anus with the tongue or even a gentle caress of the fingers. This may not be for everyone, but many couples have found that it contributes to bigger, better, and more orgasms.

If you’re both into it, watching a porn video together while engaging in exploration with your tongue or fingers can keep arousal high. Even having it on in the background, not watching it but merely listening to the sounds of sexual pleasure, can help. And if you have sexual imagery of your previous times together, this will increase desire even more.  

Clitoral Stimulation

After a few minutes, clitoral sensitivity will have reduced but her state of arousal will still be high. This is the time to move back to the labia (the fleshy folds at the opening of the vagina) and then on to the clitoris. 

Start with a gentle touch of the finger or a licking action over the clitoris, building up in intensity and speed. Take your cue from her response, and adjust your pace accordingly until she reaches orgasm. 

Some women can handle more clitoral stimulation than others, so communicate to learn what her threshold is.

Try A Different Position 

If after another break you decide to go for one more, change things up a bit. Women, just like men, enjoy a bit of novelty and variety. But there is another all-important reason you may want to ditch the missionary position. It is challenging to hit a woman’s g-spot like this, guys. 

Yes, the g-spot exists, so try this instead. In the woman on top or “cowgirl” position, it is far easier to hit the g-spot with the penis for yet another orgasm. This is one of the best positions for a woman to orgasm.

And it is also effective for learning how to squirt from sex. Entry from behind in the “doggy position” is also quite effective for this. 

Break Out The Toys 

If you’re not ready yet to go for another climax yourself, move on to the toys. And no, sex toys are not just for lonely women without partners or women in same-sex relationships. The sex life of a woman/man partnership can also be taken to the next level with the right gadgets. 

And there are some terrific sex toys available with a curved design to more easily stimulate the g-spot. But don’t just zero in with the hardware and expect a warm reception. Keep the mood going with the same kissing and suggestive talk from tip 2, and extra mind-blowing orgasms are much more likely.


Female sexuality and orgasm potential is a subject mired in myth and legend. We aim to break through the barriers of misinformation and give you an accurate picture of how great sex can be when you understand your body better. 

Part of this is encouraging you to try the tips and tricks that have worked to give many women amazing and even multiple orgasms. When you strike the right balance between your comfort levels, and healthy experimentation, multiple orgasms are not only possible but highly achievable.

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