How to make a fat girl cum

How to Make a Fat Girl Cum

For decades our fat-phobic society has contributed to Big Beautiful Women (BBW) feeling insecure about their bodies, especially when they get naked. But here’s the thing, chubby girls – if a guy has you undressed and stands to attention,  he’s not seeing your curves as flaws. 

Your guy is ready for a good time, and regardless of your size, there is no reason you shouldn’t get the most out of it too. 

While an oversize body might put the brakes on certain sex positions, there is no reason BBW shouldn’t enjoy a variety of positions like everybody else. Bigger girls have fantastic sex, and your size should not curb your ability to cum.

One of the keys to having incredible orgasms is trying or modifying sex positions that are convenient and easy for BBW to perform. If you want to know how to make a fat girl cum, our helpful guide provides a list of inviting and exciting sex positions for bigger women. 

If you or your partner is a bigger woman, you should feel empowered to try any sex position that looks fun to you. If you want to take your sex life to the next level, don’t let your size inhibit you from giving a new position a go.

Top 15 Tips and Positions to Give Bigger Women Orgasms


Perhaps you think of the missionary position as conventional and possibly a bit boring, but it’s an excellent sex position for curvy girls. In this position, the woman lies flat on her back and does not need to worry about how to shift her weight. 

Missionary is a position that makes vaginal penetration easy, and if you’re into anal, it’s a good position for that too.   

A simple position, missionary involves the woman lying on her back with her legs spread wide enough to let her mans pelvis between them. The wider her legs, the deeper the penis can penetrate. Men are in charge of the rhythm in this position, so he needs to be guided on their rhythm. 

Missionary is a comfortable position for accessing other erogenous zones, like the mouth, neck, and breast. So, if you are wondering how to make female orgasms more intense, include stimulating these hot spots. 

In the missionary position, it is easy for the woman to slide her hand down between you and stimulate her clitoris. So if you have been wondering how to make yourself cum as a woman, this could be an excellent method to try.

Assisted Missionary 

Assisted missionary, also known as modified Missionary, is a tried and tested position if you want to make penetration easier. It’s all about optimizing the pelvic angle. 

If you wonder how to make her orgasm quickly in a missionary position, then the modified missionary position might provide the angle you need.

Use pillows or cushions to raise her butt. Placing the pillows just under her butt allows her pelvis to tilt upwards, positioning the vagina for easier penetration. A tilted position also allows for deeper penetration and more friction, which might make her cum more quickly. 

When you are overweight and experimenting with positions, pillows are your friend. Don’t be shy to use as many as you need to make position adjustments or prop yourself up. 

The T- square position

The T-square position is perfect for keeping large tummies out of the way. It is an excellent position if both partners are plump. 

As with the missionary position, the woman lies flat on her back, bends, raises, and spreads her legs as wide open as possible. The man lies on his side at a right angle to his partner, under her raised legs. 

Once his penis has penetrated her vagina, she can lower her legs and rest them on his torso.  There are various configurations for leg support. The man can support his partner’s one leg while she supports the other, or she can support both legs by sliding her hands under her knees. 

The T-square position leaves the clitoris exposed, making it easy for either partner to stimulate. 

Leg on Shoulders 

The leg on the shoulders is an excellent position for deep penetration. While it’s a convenient position for any couple, it’s a comfortable position for fat girls and one of the best positions for her to orgasm. 

The woman lies on her back with her legs apart and raised.  Her partner kneels in front of her in an upright position. He can penetrate her before lifting her legs, resting one leg on each of his shoulders, or penetrate her once in position. 

With the woman’s legs raised this way, the vagina is easy to access, and raising her butt on a pillow allows deep penetration. An added benefit of the leg on the shoulders is that the angle of the penis in the vagina stimulates her G-spot. 

If he is looking for ways to make her squirt, he can hold her thighs to get a deeper and harder thrust. 

Doggy Style

There are plenty of reasons to go with doggy style. It’s a simple position and perfect for BBWs. With the woman kneeling on all fours, butt in the air, no plump thighs or fat belly get in the way of the genital area. 

The woman gets into a crawling position with her legs sufficiently apart for her partner to penetrate her. Her partner kneels behind her between her legs and enters her from behind.

The doggy style works for girls with voluptuous butts too. The position might need a slight modification, but it’s easy to adjust by opening her legs a bit wider or lowering her head and shoulders onto the bed (or floor.)

Doggy style position is perfect for both vaginal and anal sex, and because there is no body weight on either partner, speed and depth of thrusting are easy to control. Plus, no body parts obstruct the clitoris, making it easy for the woman to reach and stimulate. 

Doggy style is ideal if you are looking for sex positions to make a woman squirt. The angle of penetration is perfect for G-spot stimulation, and with a curvy waist to hold, the man can put some power behind his thrusts. 

If the woman wants complete control of the pace, it is easy on all fours for her to move her body and hips back and forth onto the penis, fingers, or even toys. Alternating how her vagina and clitoris are stimulated can give a woman multiple orgasms.   


Sometimes fat girls are reluctant to try the cowgirl position because they worry about how they’ll look or that they will be too heavy for their partner. 

But if the guy has asked his BBW to be on top, it’s because he wants her there. A big plus to this position is that there are several variations.

In the cowgirl position, the man lies on his back on the bed. The woman straddles him so that her knees and shins are on either side of his waist. 

Her weight should be on her knees and legs, not her partner’s crotch. With his penis inside, she can build a rhythm and adjust her position for optimal clitoral stimulation. If you have been wondering how to delay a female orgasm, try a position like a cowgirl, where the woman controls the depth and angle of penetration.

Modified Cowgirl

Changing the cowgirl position is an excellent way for a fat girl to have an intense orgasm. Once in place with his penis penetrating her vagina, she has to lean back and grab hold of his ankles. 

Leaning backward changes the angle of her clitoris against the shaft of his penis and exposes the clitoris allowing for stimulation with a vibrator or fingers. Modified cowgirl frees up both his and her hand is freed up which allows for exploration of other erogenous zones.

Reverse Cowgirl 

For fat girls who like to be on top but prefer not to have their partner watch their jiggling breasts and tummy, reversing their position is the way to go. 

Reverse cowgirl is similar to the cowgirl position, but the woman faces away from her partner. 

No rule says she has to stay upright. Leaning backward allows her partner to caress her breasts.

The Spread

The spread is another variation of the cowgirl position. Not all girls will find the position comfortable – but like any sex position, it’s up to the individual to find what works best for them. 

In the cowgirl position, instead of bending your legs at the knees, spread your legs wide and straight on either side of his torso. Girls with long legs may find this position more comfortable than the conventional bent-leg cowgirl position. 

The wider apart your legs are, the deeper his penis will penetrate – excellent for arousing that deep vaginal A spot, and you can still access the clitoris for easy manual stimulation.


The Butterfly position is straightforward but can be very arousing for a BBW. Neither partner has to take the other’s body weight so it’s particularly comfortable for fat girls. Butterfly doesn’t have to be confined to a bed – a sturdy desk or table works just as well. 

The receiving partner lies on their back, with their butt at the edge of the bed while the giving partner stands or kneels in front of them. Once in position, the receiving partner lifts their legs and leans them on the partner’s torso.

The trick is to keep the legs up and not push against the tummy. Height and angle are essential here to get the most from this position, especially if you want deep penetration. 

The standing partner does most of the work in the butterfly position, and because there is no pressure on body parts, it is easy to maintain a consistent rhythm. Consistent movement can be key to a great orgasm. 

If you have been wondering how girls squirt during sex, this position gives you an excellent opportunity to find out. 

The g-spot on the front wall of the vagina is easy to stimulate in this position. But there is another erogenous zone deeper on the anterior wall than the g-spot. The A-spot, between the anterior vaginal wall and the cervix, is loaded with nerve endings and makes touching very pleasurable. 

Deep penetration is necessary to reach this spot, which makes the butterfly a perfect position to explore your A-spot. 

Butterfly frees up both partners’ hands which means they can introduce a vibrator into play or use their fingers to stimulate the clitoris. The combination of deep thrusting and clitoral stimulation increases the chances of her squirting. 

Some women prefer finger stimulation to penile penetration. And that’s another great thing about this position. It is easy to alternate between stimulating the vagina with fingers and penetrating with a penis. 

Thigh Tide 

The Thigh Tide sex position is simple but fabulous for fat girls. It does not require much flexibility or a lot of exertion. Plus, if you’ve been looking for ways to make yourself cum as a woman, this position is a great way to stimulate your clitoris while being penetrated. 

The man lies flat on his back with his legs extended. He must spread his legs slightly and bend one knee with his foot on the bed. Like the reverse cowgirl, the woman faces away from the man in the thigh tide position. Placing one knee on either side of his bent leg, the woman slides down onto his penis. 

You can use his leg as support while you raise yourself up and down on him. Here’s the enjoyable part about the thigh tide. You can position yourself so your clitoris directly interacts with his thigh and stimulates your clitoris as you move up and down. 

It’s easy to change the angle of penetration for more or less intensity by leaning forward onto his knee or even lying back on his stomach. 

In this position, your man can lie back and enjoy the ride or get more active by thrusting into you. His bent leg gives him more leverage to thrust with some force. If you are using his thigh to stimulate your clitoris, ask him to give your butt a push forward with his hands so you can increase the pressure on your clit. 

Turtle Position

The Turtle is a variation of doggy-style sex, and while it’s still an excellent position for fat women, it does require a little more flexibility than doggy style. 

To get into the turtle position, start on all fours as you do in the doggy style. Then lower your butt until it is resting on the back of your ankles. Then lean forward as far as you can. You can spread your legs wider if you need space for your tummy. 

Penetration is from behind, and your man can adjust his height by keeping his legs together or lower himself a bit by spreading his legs apart. The man can stand on his feet and bend over you for some intensive penetration. 

Turtle is an excellent position if you’re feeling submissive. Movement for the woman is minimal – this is a position in which your partner takes control. You can push back against your partner for deeper penetration or change the angle of penetration by raising or lowering your upper body.  

Like doggy style, the anus and vagina are well exposed in the turtle position making this a fun position for anal penetration.

The Randy Rider

The randy rider is another great position for ladies who like to lead. It’s a winner for plus-size girls, too, because there is no pressure on their bodies, no awkward flexible moves required.

For this one, you’ll need a sturdy, comfortable armchair.

The guy sits back comfortably on the chair. Facing away from him, the woman sits on his lap with one leg on either side of his body. 

Once she eases onto his penis, she can move her pelvis up and down or even in small circles. For a change in angle, she can relax back onto her man’s chest or even raise her legs onto the sides of the armchair. The randy rider is an excellent position for introducing sex toys too. 

With both partners’ hands-free, there is plenty of opportunity for extra stimulation. He can wrap his arms around her to support her or use his hands to stimulate her breasts and clitoris. 


Spooning is a well-known position, and while we know it often refers to cuddling, it could become one of your favorite sex positions if you’re a big girl. 

Spooning is simple and does not require much explanation. Both partners lie on their side, the man behind the woman’s back, and he penetrates her from behind. 

If you have a big butt, or your partner’s penis is not long enough to penetrate you from behind, you might require some repositioning to get the right angle.

In the spooning position, hands are free to touch and stimulate other erogenous zones.  

You can turn spooning into the lover’s snake for those who want to take the activity level up a notch. In an effortless move, the woman lifts her top leg, bent at the knee, making the vagina more accessible. 

Her partner can support her leg with his hand, or she can rest it over his hips. Lying with the pelvic area more exposed also allows for easier stimulation of the clitoris. 

Spooning works well for anal sex too. Spooning is a particularly comfortable position if you’re trying anal for the first time. Bending your knees up towards your chest can make penetration easier.

Standing Rear Entry

Several situations call for a standing sex position – in the shower, for instance. And an upright rear entry position is perfect for voluptuous women. It is possible to have sex in this position without holding onto anything for support, but it’s more comfortable if you have a wall or piece of furniture to help you keep your balance. 

There are no complicated poses needed here. Lean into the wall and tilt your butt outwards so your partner can enter you. He can hold your hips and breasts or wrap his arms around you to reach your clitoris. 

For some intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation, bend forward as if you will touch your toes. If you have been asking how can i have a squirting orgasm, you’ll want to try this position.


Overweight people often feel self-conscious about how their bodies look during sex or that their weight will limit the sex positions they can enjoy. 

But there is no reason fat girls cannot enjoy a variety of sex positions that give great access to their genitals and help them experience intense orgasms. 

Overweight people can enjoy many of the sex positions that most people enjoy. The best way to make a fat girl cum is by experimenting. The key is modification – adopting a position that feels most comfortable for you and your partner. 

Sex is deeply personal, and likes and needs vary from person to person. The best way to have satisfying sex life is through open communication and the confidence to have sex in the position that works best for you.

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