Female Ejaculation Myths and Facts

Female Ejaculation Myths and Facts

Despite a more open attitude to sex and several studies into the subject, there are many misunderstandings surrounding the female sexual experience. 

This has given rise to many myths about things like female ejaculation. We believe that a deeper understanding is needed of the true nature of female ejaculation, in all its forms. And to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, one needs to differentiate between female ejaculation myths and facts. 

So we examined the 5 most prevalent female ejaculation misunderstandings and countered them with facts. You’ll find the myth-busting results in our guide below.

Myths and Facts About Female Ejaculation

Myth 1: All Orgasms Are Accompanied By Female Ejaculation

We lay the blame for this myth on the inaccurate portrayal of sex in porn movies. 

Because the scenes of female orgasm and ejaculation seem unreal, you expect that orgasms have to be earth-shattering and ejaculation copious. And when they aren’t you think it must all be fake anyway, and that there’s no such thing as female ejaculation. 

Fact: Orgasms And Ejaculation Aren’t Always Experienced Together

The truth is the porn industry exaggerates these things for entertainment and arousal effects. So, not all girls shake when they orgasm, and few women squirt like a fountain. 

Because this is not experienced by all women, many are left wondering if female ejaculation is a myth. It’s a reality for many women, but it can take different forms. 

Whether or not you cum or squirt, does not mean that you are more or less of a woman. Just as countless women enjoy sex without orgasm, so too do many women enjoy sex without ejaculation. 

Also, even those women who claim to experience ejaculation, don’t do it every time they have sex. It appears to be something that is largely involuntary.

Myth # 2

Squirting Only Happens in Porn Movies

No discussion of female ejaculation myths and facts is complete without mentioning squirting. It looks so unrealistic in porn videos, that we understand why many women believe that it’s faked, or that squirting is a fetish

But, this portrayal is very unfair to the experience of squirting and has led to the myth that squirting is a fetish that has no basis in normal sexual experience.

Mythbusting Fact 

Squirting Happens in Real Life, Too

While it is often faked in film, that doesn’t mean that women can’t squirt. It just means that it’s not always possible to squirt on demand, and it’s not always that much.

Squirting is not a fetish, although it’s not for everyone. If you feel comfortable with it, that’s great. It’s perfectly normal and natural for some women to squirt during sex. But if you have negative associations around it, try not to worry so much. Most men, when asked, say they think it’s wonderful!

Myth # 3

If You Ejaculate, It Means You Had an Orgasm

Female ejaculation can certainly indicate that you’ve had an orgasm. But the belief that it is a definitive sign, or the only true sign, of an orgasm is a myth.

Mythbusting Fact 

Female Ejaculation Is Not Always a Sign of Orgasm 

You can have an orgasm without ejaculating as a woman. And you can cum or squirt without feeling the usual sensations that are recognized as an orgasm.

Women experience orgasms in different ways. For some, it’s a surge of pleasure that feels like ripples of excitement through the whole body, followed by a warm, fuzzy feeling. You may even feel like cuddling afterward, thanks to the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, like oxytocin.

For others, it’s a more localized sensation in the vagina or even the anus. And while intense, it may not be a total-body experience accompanied by any squirting or excess secretions. 

Myth # 4

Squirt and Cum Are the Same Things

Once again, the porn industry is to blame for this one. With their emphasis on squirting as a pleasure indicator, it’s easy to believe that this is the only way a woman can ejaculate. 

Mythbusting Fact 

Squirting And Cumming Are 2 Different Types of Female Ejaculation

When you take the time to discover what squirting looks like, you’ll see that it’s usually clear and more fluid than cum. Cum is usually creamer, and whiter in color. It also doesn’t gush or spurt out like squirt tends to do. 

Their volume also differs, as squirting tends to produce more liquid than cumming does creaminess. This, too, is subject to variation. It may have something to do with innate body chemistry, the state of arousal, or other factors.  

Myth # 5

If You Ejaculate, You’ll Always Know It

The danger of this myth is that women think if they didn’t notice very obvious ejaculation, then it didn’t happen. Worse still, they are led to believe that no obvious displays of ejaculation mean they didn’t have a good time. And that can harm their relationships.

Mythbusting Fact

It’s Possible to Ejaculate and Not Realize it

If you’ve been fooled into believing no ejaculation means no enjoyment, by the media or your partner, rest assured it is a myth. It’s also possible that you have cum or ejaculated and not even known it. 

That’s right, a girl can cum without knowing. Unless your partner is watching you down there for signs of obvious ejaculation and has told you, you might not be aware of it. 

Female vaginal secretions are easily mixed in with other fluids during post-coital flowback. If your male partner has cum inside you, once it leaves your body you can’t tell what came from where.


Female ejaculation has been a hot topic of debate and study for the past few years, and yet so little is known about it. We attribute this to a lack of information in some cases, but mostly an abundance of urban legend. 

Take the time to get to know your body, and you’ll discover the truth about female ejaculation. It’s just one of the many ways that women can enjoy sex. And no one way is better than another.

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