Can Women Have Prostate Orgasms

Can Women Have Prostate Orgasms?

When we think of prostates, we think of men. But in recent years, as the study of female sexual and reproductive organs become more pronounced, rumors of a female prostate have made the rounds. 

More peculiar though is the female prostate orgasm. So, what is the female prostate? It is real or is it another internet mystery fueled by misinformation? And if it is real, can women have prostate orgasms? Let’s take a look. 

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Do Women Have a Prostate?

Yes and no. The answer is a little complicated. As mentioned before, when we mention prostate, we think of men. The prostate is a gland found in the male reproductive system below the bladder and it’s one of the ways men can have orgasms. 

But in recent years, the “female prostate” started appearing online and in medical journals. There are many different kinds of female orgasms and we’re still learning about the vast majority of them. So it’s no wonder that there is some confusion on the matter of the female prostate orgasm. 

If we look at it from a purely technical point, then no, women do not have a prostate. The prostate gland is between the penis and the bladder, right in front of the rectum, and it’s how men experience orgasms from anal play. Women do not have a similar gland in that spot.  

Then What Is the Female Prostate? 

Earlier, we answered yes and no. No, because technically there is no female prostate. But yes, because there is some confusion on what the term is referring to. 

Medical studies of the female anatomy are a little behind that of men’s bodies and error is bound to happen. 

And it’s happened here. Most often, when people refer to the female prostate, they are referring to the G-spot.  

The G-spot, or the Gräfensberg spot, is a spot inside the vagina that is responsible for the G-spot orgasm. Some women even report having female ejaculation from G-spot stimulation. 

Unfortunately, nobody can seem to agree on whether or not the G-spot actually exists, even though many women have orgasms from stimulating it. This has led to academia labeling the G–spot as the female prostate and even petitioning to change the term permanently. 

But whether naming the G-spot the female prostate is the right or wrong thing to do is confusing, mostly because the male prostate is a tangible gland in the male body. On the other hand, nobody can even agree on the G-spot or female prostate’s existence. 

What has become clear is our lack of knowledge of female anatomy. This debate, on a part of the female body part that might still be a myth, proves that there is still a lot we have to learn. 

So, Can Women Have Prostate Orgasms?

If we assume the female prostate is the same as the G-spot, then yes, women can have a female prostate orgasm. 

Even if we’re not sure what the G-spot or prostate is or where exactly it sits, too many women report having them to discount its existence. 

How to Have a Prostate (G-Spot) Orgasm

Step 1: Relax Your Body

First, you need to relax your body. We all know having an orgasm while tense is almost impossible and it’s important to set the mood. Light some candles, dim the lights, and breathe deeply. Relax your body and stimulate your body a bit before moving on to the next step. 

Step 2: Enjoy Some Foreplay

Female prostate or G-spot stimulation requires penetration, so it’s important to prepare your body first. Watch some porn, fantasize about a sexual encounter, read an erotic novel, or have your partner participate with you. 

Do this until your body is flush and your natural lubrication makes the penetration easier. You’re also more than welcome to add your lube into the mix. 

Slowly insert your finger or your toy into your vagina, making sure to do what feels good for you. 

Step 3: Find the Spot

Next, find the female prostate or G-spot. The spot isn’t the same for all women so it takes some exploration to find. With your finger or toy, make a “come here” a few inches inside your vagina, toward your belly button. Do this until you feel a pleasure or pressure sensation. 

Step 4: Stimulate the Spot

Once you have found the spot, it’s time to stimulate it. Use your fingers or your toy to repeat the “come here” motion until you find a rhythm that works for you. 

Some women like quite a lot of pressure so don’t hesitate to follow the motions that feel the best. If you’re using a vibrator, increase or decrease the speed to your liking. 

Follow the sensations and do what feels good until you climax. 

If you didn’t cum or you didn’t like the feeling, don’t be ashamed. Our bodies are all very different and some women find this type of stimulus to be overwhelming or unpleasant. 

If it was too overwhelming, give yourself a break and try another day. Remember to take it slow. 

And if you didn’t like the sensation at all, don’t worry. The female body is amazing. Right now, we know of 14 different ways for women to orgasm, from nipple orgasms to women who can orgasm in their sleep. Give one of these a go if you want to further explore your sexual pleasure. 


The female prostate is mired in confusion. Even though women do not technically have a prostate, new medical terminology is aiming to call the G-spot the female prostate, even though the male and female prostate might not be that closely linked. 

Either way, if you consider the female prostate to be the G-spot, then yes, women can have prostate orgasms.

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