Does Drinking Water Before Sex Make You Squirt

Does Drinking Water Before Sex Make You Squirt?

We all know how important hydration is for our general health. Hydration is just as crucial for your sexual health! Your body needs fluids to make fluids. 

But what does that mean for female ejaculatory fluids, like squirting? Does drinking water before sex make you squirt? We give you the lowdown on the role of hydration in squirting and female ejaculation in this short guide. 

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Does Drinking a Lot of Water Help You Squirt?

Squirting means expelling fluid from your vagina when aroused, during sex, or usually at orgasm. Not all women experience it. Is squirting a myth, then? No, squirting is very real. It just isn’t happening to all women all the time.  

Its popularity in pornography makes it seem that squirting is a fetish or completely fake. But many women have claimed to have squirted at least once. And there is consensus among those in the know that squirt is a fair amount of clear fluid. 

It gushes out when triggered by a sexual response. Unlike the creamier cum many women ejaculate, squirt is far more fluid. 

There are many female ejaculation myths and facts, and also many unanswered questions. And one of these is: What role does water intake play in squirting? Does drinking a lot of water help you squirt?

How Much Water Do You Need to Squirt?

There’s been a lot of speculation that squirt is just pee. However, squirting can still happen even when urinary incontinence (a weak bladder) is ruled out. And women who have gone to pee and emptied their bladder before sex can still squirt after that. 

Researchers now believe squirting originates with the so-called ‘female prostate’ – the Skene’s glands. So despite the controversy, squirt does not appear to be urine. But whatever it is, and whatever causes it, it’s a fluid. So, how much water do you need to squirt?

Copious amounts of water aren’t necessary. That will make you want to pee during sex, and that’s a real mood killer. But a cup or two of water or other fluid is undoubtedly a good idea. Not alcohol, though. Alcohol dehydrates you, so stick to a mock mojito instead.

You may also consider foods that help women reach orgasm.

What to Do if You Feel Like You Need to Pee?

If you need to pee before sex, do it. It may even reduce your risks of UTIs, as urinating flushes out the urethra. And any bacteria that may be present will be flushed away with your urine. Also, it can be uncomfortable to have sex with a full bladder. 

Do women pee when they orgasm? Not really, unless they have a full bladder or a weak bladder, such as in a condition called urinary incontinence. This can also be an issue in some women after menopause. 

But there’s an interesting nugget of pee-related info that we picked up from women who claim to squirt. They all seem to agree that the urge to pee, even though their bladder isn’t full, preceded squirting. So if you’ve peed before sex, and you know your bladder isn’t full, don’t worry. 

That sensation that you might urinate on your partner during sex could signify an impending squirt!

Can You Squirt if You’re Dehydrated?

It’s not necessary to drink ridiculous amounts of water before sex to squirt, and in fact, it may be a bad idea. But dehydration is also not helpful because your body needs fluid to produce fluid. And whether or not that fluid is from the Skene’s glands, your body needs adequate hydration to sustain it.

An average of 6-8 glasses of water daily is considered healthy for most adult females. However, you may need more if you are an active gym goer or professional sportsperson. Dehydration can quickly occur from sweating during and even after an intense workout.

Does Squirting Make You Dehydrated?

Squirting shouldn’t make you dehydrated. The amount of fluid expelled when squirting is not enough to impact your health in that way. However, if you are already in a dehydrated state, it may compound the issue. 

Ordinary squirting in adequately hydrated females poses no health risks from dehydration. However, if you feel tired, weak, or dizzy after sex without apparent cause, you may be dehydrated. The best course of action is to keep a water pitcher and glass on a nightstand, so you can have a sip of water if you need it without straying too far. 

Is Squirting a Good or a Bad Thing?

So, is squirting a good thing? Yes, anything that enhances the pleasure of your sexual encounters, and is consensual, is a good thing. If you can squirt, enjoy it! If you can’t, don’t worry about it so much, it might still happen to you one day. 

Is squirting a pleasure indicator? Not necessarily. Women who have squirted agree that although they can squirt, it doesn’t always happen, even after orgasm. And it’s sporadic to occur on demand. It’s mostly an involuntary thing that needs further research to understand fully. 


Does drinking water before sex make you squirt? It depends on various factors, and the honest answer is: Nobody knows. However, staying adequately hydrated is vital to your overall health and sexual health. 

While drinking water before sex will not necessarily make you squirt, it will increase the chances if you are already dehydrated.

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