Why Do Women Shake When They Orgasm

Why Do Women Shake When They Orgasm?

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have experienced the full-body orgasms the female body can have. In that case, you may have found yourself shaking after achieving the Big O.

Orgasms lead to various neuro-chemical and physiological changes in the body, of which shaking is only one notable side effect.

This type of shaking occurs in the limbs, mostly the legs, but sometimes an orgasm can leave your entire body trembling. But why do women shake when they orgasm? Many women who experience flailing limbs after orgasm have wondered why it occurs.

You may even be wondering if this condition affects all women or if it depends on the type of orgasm you have. That’s why we have decided to answer your most pressing questions.

This article will discuss the reasons for post-coital trembling and explain whether the condition affects all women or only some.

What this article covers:

Do All Girls Shake When They Orgasm?

No. Only a handful of women report a shaking or trembling sensation after sex. Even the shaking manifests differently for every woman. Some women report shaking legs. Others have uncontrollable flailing of their arms and legs.

There are even women who report a shaking sensation of their entire bodies and women who feel a bit wobbly when they try to walk after sex.

But, it seems only to affect some women. Many women experience sex and orgasms in different ways. This difference is also why some orgasms make women sleepy at times, but not always.

Sometimes, women can cum without knowing it. Orgasms are different for everybody. This difference may explain why some women get the shakes and others don’t.

Also, women who do shake after orgasms don’t experience it every single time they orgasm. Just like squirting or making women pee when they cum, shaking after orgasm can be limited to specific sexual encounters instead of being a regular occurrence.

Let’s look at what causes some women to shake when they have an orgasm.

Why Do Girls Shake When They Have an Orgasm?

Here are the most typical causes for girls shaking when they orgasm.

Muscle Spasms

Myotonia, or muscle spasms, is the most common cause of post-orgasm trembling. Myotonia is a process through which muscles contract throughout your body.

Some people feel this clenching or tense sensation, specifically in the pelvic area. But, it is also often found in the legs. This sensation may be voluntary as a way to induce orgasm. It can also happen as a response to stimulation.

But, at times, the tensing of muscles happens involuntarily, and women don’t even realize it is happening. Whatever the case, once orgasm is achieved, a release is experienced, and the muscles are free to relax fully.

Shaking will then occur due to the increased tension the muscles were under during intercourse. Think of the process as a weightlifter holding a heavy weight above their head for an extended period. The muscles are under strain. Once they drop the weight, the muscles feel weak, and start shaking.

You can quickly test this theory by paying attention to your muscles during sex. If you feel the muscles in your leg tensing up, you will know that this is the cause of your shaky legs after sex.

Sex Positions

Some sex positions may also cause trembling after experiencing an orgasm. These positions relate to the muscle spasms and the expanding and contracting of muscles as described above.

Any position that will lead you to clench muscles for an extended period may cause trembling after the muscles relax. Examples include positions where you are required to stay upright or hold yourself up (standing positions or lying on your back with elevated hips).

Full Body Orgasm

Anyone who has experienced an orgasm will know that it is associated with the expansion and contraction of muscles, most notably in the genital area.

But for more intense orgasms, these contractions can spread to other areas of the body due to a stronger orgasm.

This is often notable during squirting orgasms or the types of orgasms that lead to female ejaculation (yes, if you think female ejaculation is a myth, think again).

So, if you experience shaking after a particularly intense orgasm, that might be the reason. 


Sometimes, trembling after sex may result from the brain becoming overloaded with different sensations.

The same mechanisms regulate the reactions to pleasure and pain. 

In the event of an orgasm, your nervous system gets overloaded with pleasure signals which leads to a knee-jerk reaction, in the same way that a pain response causes a jerk reaction. 

Think about a possible pain response. If you touch a hot plate on a stove, your hand will quickly jerk away. This happens because the pain input hits your spinal cord, which short-circuits and sends a contract response before you realize what is happening with your brain.

This process is called precognition, which may also explain why you tremble after an orgasm.

The intense pleasure signals cause a similar short-circuit response and shake your body before your brain makes sense of what is happening.

This process is heightened by the feel-good chemicals pumping through your body during sex which is also responsible for making women cry after orgasm.

Increased Heart Rate

Another simple explanation for shaking could be the increased heart rate associated with sex.

An increased heart rate is a well-known side effect of our built-in fight-or-flight responses.

When we are in this mode, our heart starts pumping more blood to provide energy to our limbs and senses, allowing us to respond to dangerous situations.

Like the elevation in heart rate during arousal, an elevated heart rate characterizes this fear response.

For some women, the increase in heart rate is so notable and significant that it may cause the shakes. Next time you experience shaking after sex, measure your heart rate.

You can do this by placing your first and third fingers on your neck to the side of your windpipe. Alternatively, place two fingers between the bone and tendon over the radial artery (located on the thumb side of the wrist).

Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply this number by four to find the beats per minute. If it is over 100 beats per minute, your heart rate may be the culprit in giving you the shakes after sex.

How to Manage Shaking After Orgasm

It seems evident that shaking after sex is nothing serious and that there is, in general, little cause for concern. Unless you experience bleeding or severe pelvic cramps for extended periods, you should be good to go.

But, if you want to limit shaking after sex, you can take a few precautionary measures.

Try having a glass of water before sex or snacking on potassium-rich foods such as bananas. Doing this will ensure your muscles are hydrated, reducing the sensations associated with cramping and decreasing myotonia.

Also, if you are getting some shut-eye after sex, lie in a position that stretches your muscles out. A stretched-out position reduces the lingering effects of myotonia that took place during sex.


Shaking is not something to be worried about. It doesn’t happen to all women, but various normal responses to orgasm can mainly explain it. Chances are you have nothing to worry about and can go about enjoying your orgasms.

Yes, there are women who enjoy sex without orgasms, but that doesn’t mean you should be one. If you are worried about shaking after orgasm, try to determine the cause before freaking out. There are plenty of female ejaculation myths and facts. Being familiar with them will help you enjoy a richer, happier sex life.

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