Different Ways Women Can Cum

Different Ways Women Can Cum

It is harder for women to cum than it is for men. Since orgasms and cumming are not guaranteed to happen together, you never know when a woman will cum, even if you manage to get her to have an orgasm. 

Essentially, for a woman to cum, her erogenous zones need to be stimulated to quite an extent. In this article, we are going to talk about the most popular and common ways that a woman can cum. 

But, keep in mind that every woman is different, so some of the ways we talk about might not necessarily cause the specific woman in your life to cum. 

Luckily, there are a few different ways women can cum. So, if you find that you are struggling to cum, or struggling to make your partner cum, using one way, there is no need for you to panic.  We are quite certain that one of these options will work for the lady in your life. 

What this article covers:

How Many Types of Orgasms Can a Woman Have?

There are over 14 ways a woman can orgasm. Unfortunately, though, not all of these ways will necessarily lead her to cum.

While it is normally quite common to experience orgasm and cumming, or ejaculation, at the same time, this will not always be the case. It is also much harder for a woman to cum than it is for a man, which is why orgasms in women don’t always lead to ejaculation. 

For those of you who are confused by the two different terms, we are going to quickly differentiate between what it means to have an orgasm, and what it means to cum. 

When a woman has an orgasm, it means that she reaches the peak of sexual arousal or excitement. When you have an orgasm, you will feel an intense sexual tension in the form of muscle contractions and pleasure that peaks, and then suddenly everything feels like it has been released. 

Cum and ejaculation are basically the same things, and terms we will use interchangeably throughout the rest of the article. When a woman cums, she releases thick, white fluid from her vagina. It is often not much at all, so it doesn’t always get noticed. 

Ejaculation can occur before, during, or after an orgasm,  or sometimes without an orgasm at all. But it is quite common that the two go hand-in-hand and occur together.

What Are the Different Ways a Woman Can Cum?

Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is probably the most effective and pleasurable way that a woman uses to cum.

Clitoral stimulation involves stimulating and pleasuring the woman’s clitoris. This can be done using fingers, sex toys, a penis, or your mouth. Or, even better, a combination of all of those options. 

The clitoris is laced with hundreds of nerve endings, so it is very sensitive. Direct stimulation of it usually very easily leads to women experiencing an orgasm or cumming. Quite often it leads to both of these. 

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, each woman is different in terms of what they enjoy and how they like their clitoris to be stimulated. So, communication is a big part if you want her to cum with clitoral stimulation. 

Figure out the speed, pressure, and direction that she likes to be stimulated with. Knowing these, or experimenting to figure it out, will make her more likely to cum.

G-Spot Stimulation 

Another way in which women can come is through G-spot stimulation. The G-spot and female ejaculation is a well-known “partnership”, so to say. This is because G-spot stimulation, more often than not, causes a woman to cum when it is done properly and for long enough. 

The G-spot is located much deeper than the clitoris. Because of this, your finger, or long dildos, is probably the best way to stimulate it. 

To give a woman a G-spot orgasm, and essentially make her cum, you first need to find it and understand how she likes it to be stimulated. 

To find the G-spot, insert your finger into the vagina, and press against the vaginal wall. This should be in a “come hither” motion. 

You are looking for a rough area on the vaginal wall. It is usually about 2 cm above the vaginal opening. 

Once you have found it, play around with pressure and speed until you build up enough arousal for her to cum.

It is always best for a woman to try this on herself first, as this will allow her to communicate what she likes with her partner. 


This definitely won’t be surprising to many people, but penetration is another way in which women can cum. 

It is a lot harder for women to cum through penis penetration alone, though. This is because penis penetration doesn’t always stimulate a woman’s erogenous zones very well. 

Because of this, it is important to take note of what sex positions you use. If you use sex positions that are more targeted at clitoral stimulation, for example, there is a higher chance of the woman cumming. 

The best sex positions to use to elicit cumming through penetration are cowgirl, missionary, reverse missionary, and doggy style.  But you can also experiment with this and see what works best for the woman that you are with. 

Cervix Stimulation 

Stimulating a woman’s cervix is a fantastic way to make her cum. The cervix is super sensitive, and stimulating it can lead to a very pleasurable and powerful experience, that most of the time leads to a woman cumming. 

The cervix is located even deeper inside a woman than the G-spot, so it requires very deep penetration. This is best done with a penis or a very long dildo.

Make sure you are familiar with where the cervix is – it starts at the base of a woman’s uterus and extends to her vagina. If you are trying to feel for it, look out for a raised circle that has a dimple in the middle. It should be felt on the frontal vaginal wall near the top.

By stimulating the cervix, you are also stimulating the nerves surrounding it. There are quite a lot of these nerves, and they are distributed throughout her pelvis. 

This results in the feeling of full-body arousal, which is why it is such a great way for a woman to cum. If she enjoys it, that is. 

Because cervical stimulation requires deep penetration, not every woman likes it. Some find it quite uncomfortable and unpleasant. If this is the case, and the woman is not enjoying the experience, the chances that she is going to cum will be very slim. 

So, make sure that you keep open communication with her, and find out whether or not cervical stimulation is for her.  

Anal Stimulation

Some women can cum through anal stimulation. The walls of the anus are rich with nerve endings. If they are stimulated enough, they can cause a woman to cum. 

Just like with cervical stimulation, this is only true if a woman enjoys this type of stimulation. A lot of women aren’t fans of anal stimulation at all, and if that is the case, the whole experience will be unpleasurable. 

And, since a woman cumming relies a lot on pleasure, and them not overthinking the situation, it is likely that they won’t end up cumming if they aren’t enjoying it. 

So, before you decide that you want to see her cum through anal stimulation, first ask her if it is something that she will enjoy. If it is, then this is a great way to make her cum. 

The best way to stimulate her anus is with a penis or sex toy. Fingers can be used too, but that isn’t always pleasant. 

If you chose to use a penis to do this, the couple will assume the position of doggy style (other positions can be used, too, but this is the most common), and the man will insert his penis into the woman’s anus instead of her vagina. 

The rest takes place like normal vaginal sex until she has reached arousal and started to cum. 

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple orgasms for women are actually a way to make them cum, believe it or not. A woman’s nipples are a very sensitive erogenous zone, and stimulating them is a way in which women can cum. 

Just like the clitoris, you need to figure out how a woman likes her nipples to be stimulated. By this we mean does she prefer it if you use your mouth or hands? Does she like the stimulation to be slow, hard, fast, or soft? Or a combination of all of those?

Figuring this out makes nipple stimulation a much more successful way to make women cum. 

We would suggest using nipple stimulation in combination with foreplay, as this will help to get her more aroused, and will lead to a greater chance of cumming. 


I know this concept sounds quite absurd, but snoregasms are a way in which women can cum, too. 

A snoregasm occurs when women have orgasms in their sleep. This is often beyond a woman’s control and is often referred to as a “wet dream” because a woman wakes up from it having cum in her sleep. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to control a snoregasm or make someone have one. 

They usually occur when someone subconsciously has a sex dream (again, something that you also can’t control or try to make happen). This sends an increased blood flow to your genitals and the area surrounding them. 

This, together with the fact that your body is in a completely relaxed state, is often what causes a woman to have a snoregasm and cum as a result. 

But, they can also occur without anything sexual being involved, and for no reason. If this is the case, it will normally occur during REM sleep. 

This is because your breathing and heart rate increase, which increases blood flow throughout your body. This includes your genitals and is what can cause a woman to cum in her sleep.

While these are quite common and healthy, don’t be alarmed if you have never cummed as a result of one before. Some people experience them frequently, while others go their whole lives without experiencing them. 

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is an unusual way in which a woman can cum. 

For those of you who have never heard of tantric sex before (don’t be ashamed, it’s not a very common sexual practice), we will give you a little breakdown as to what it is and why it is a way that women can cum. 

Tantric sex is more about the connection you have with your partner, rather than setting out with the goal of cumming or having an orgasm. 

The goal with tantric sex is to have physical and spiritual awareness and form a deep connection with your partner. 

This form of sex is meditative and slow. You want to focus on moving sexual energy through both your and your partner’s body, and focus on enlightenment. 

So, while tantric sex isn’t focused on clitoris stimulation, pleasure, and all the usual things that lead a woman to cum or orgasm, tantric orgasms for women still occur and can still lead to a woman cumming.

This is because the connection and spiritual and sexual energy felt between the partners can cause heightened arousal and result in a woman cumming.

If you want to use tantric sex as a way to cum, we would suggest doing a bit of research into it and practicing with a partner who has the same view and feel for it as you do.  


As you can see, there are quite a few different ways women can cum. 

Keep in mind that even though it is physiologically possible for a woman to cum through these ways, it won’t always occur. Every woman is made up differently, and whether or not she cums is dependent on quite a few different things. 

This also means that there might be other ways that she can cum that have not been listed. There are so many possible ways to cum, that we aren’t able to tackle them all. 

For this reason, we have just covered the most common ways that women can cum, and the ones that are the most effective, too.

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