Is Squirting a Fetish

Is Squirting a Fetish?

Squirting is the new hot topic in sexual conversations right now. But the main question on many women’s minds, and often left unasked and unanswered, is this: Is Squirting a fetish?

Surprisingly, many women, even young sexually confident women, are conflicted about this issue. So we asked women (and some men)  what they feel about squirting, and if it plays any role in their sex lives. Their answers may surprise you. 

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Is Squirting a Fetish?

When discussing female ejaculation myths and facts, one of the questions that came up was “Is squirting a myth?”. But even people who believe that squirting is real, have peculiar beliefs about it. 

And the most interesting one that came up was if squirting is a fetish. So, is squirting a fetish? It’s a tricky question because what one person considers a fetish, may be perfectly mundane to the next. So, rather than call it a fetish, many people prefer to see it as a matter of individual taste. 

We all like different things, and not all women can squirt anyway, right? The truth is, even though not all women report having squirted, that doesn’t mean that they can’t. It just means it hasn’t happened to them yet. 

One thing’s for sure, it does happen! Although some women claiming to have experienced it are porn stars, the majority of them are not. And of the women who regularly experience squirting, most of them are not aware of any fetishist behavior in their sexual encounters.

But that got us thinking, what is a fetish anyway? 

What Is a Fetish?

In the sexual context, a fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is strongly linked to a particular activity. It can also be linked to an inanimate object or non-sexual body part. Squirting doesn’t seem to apply to those last two, but what about the first criteria? Squirting is an activity, after all.

But does the definition of a fetish require it to be an activity that is voluntary, or intentional? That doesn’t deem to be the case. So, if you and your partner have noticed that you can squirt, and you have sex hoping it’ll happen, does that make it a fetish? 

Can Squirting Be a Fetish?

Here’s where the fun starts. Although squirting doesn’t appear to be viewed as a fetish, per se, it can be. But it all depends on the circumstances. 

Very few women claim to be able to squirt on demand. It’s usually an involuntary reflex, triggered by sexual stimulation. Is squirting a pleasure indicator? Yes, it can be. Although it doesn’t necessarily indicate more pleasure than non-squirting sex. 

In fact, a girl can cum without knowing, and the same goes for squirting. It’s not always as dramatic as in porn movies.

Fetishism Implies Intention

Most people agreed that fetishism implies intention. But some lucky women can apparently have some control over it. In this context, yes, it could be seen as a fetish. If you are able to squirt on demand, and you do so deliberately over yourself or a partner, that could be seen as a fetish. 

So, when you can squirt intentionally, is squirting a fetish? Maybe it is. But what’s wrong with enjoying a fetish, anyway? Everything that you do in the confines of your bedroom (or wherever you enjoy some passion) with a consenting partner, is great! Fetish or not, squirting can add a thrill to your sex life.

Why Do Some People Think Squirting Is a Fetish?

There’s a good reason why many people think squirting is a fetish. That’s because they believe that squirting is pee. And peeing on your partner is something that most people would agree is fetishized behavior.

A large part of why this belief persists is that women who squirt claim that the urge feels the same. Just before squirting, they feel almost as if they need to pee. Even when they know that they don’t because they peed just before sex. 

This is very common before squirting, so it’s probably how the fetish argument got started. But what does science say about it? Is squirting a good thing

Is Squirting Pee?

It’s not a good or a bad thing, but more of a curious thing. A lot of research still needs to be done into squirting and what causes it. 

But scientists have analyzed samples of it, and their results indicate that it isn’t all pee. Although some components of squirt are urine-related, it is only a small part of what makes up squirt. 

So although you may feel that squirting on your partner is the same as peeing on them, it isn’t. And even if some of that fluid is diluted urine, that’s not all it is. Scientists have more research to do, to reach a unanimous conclusion, though.

Does Squirting Play an Important Role in Sex?

Once again, this depends on who you ask. If squirting is normal for you and you want it to continue, that’s wonderful. If you’ve never squirted, but you’re keen to try it, we say go for it!

But, some women have mixed feelings about squirting. And this is where it gets even more interesting. Because while women are sometimes unsure about whether they should shirt, almost every man loves the idea!

If you’re a woman in a relationship with a man, and you’re nervous about your first time together because you’ve squirted in the past – don’t be. Chances are, he’ll be happy about provoking such an intense reaction in you. 


Squirting is quite the hot topic these days, but it’s still shrouded in mystery. While more research will give us the answers we still seek, the issue of whether or not a fetish is a subjective one. 

Only you can decide for yourself, what does or does not constitute s fetish in your sex life. And no matter what you decide, remember there’s no right and wrong between two consenting adults. Only, what’s right for you.

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