How to Make a Girl Cum

How to Make a Girl Cum: Lesbian Advice

There is no shortage of sex advice for straight women (and men) in the media. But lesbians don’t have as much available to them. We decided to address this need with the article below, full of honest and helpful lesbian advice on how to make a girl cum.

Whether you are newly discovering your same-sex preferences, or are lesbian/bisexual and want more information on the topic, this guide is for you. Even women in opposite-sex relationships will find this information interesting and helpful. Why? Because lesbians know women’s bodies, best. 

How to Give a Woman an Orgasm as a Lesbian

Take Your Time and Build the Excitement

Great sex is within everyone’s reach, but try to see it as an adventure, not a race. Very often, the only one putting pressure on you to make your partner cum is…you. Take your time to build the excitement with some cuddling, love talk, and even a sensual massage.

Take note – sensual, not sexual. You want to foster that bond of trust that is the foundation of any great sexual experience. And massage is a wonderful way to achieve that. Talk about what you both want from the experience, and be sure to respect those boundaries, if any.

Lubricant Is Your Friend

Many women find that they reach orgasm more easily with finger stimulation. But when using your fingers inside your partner, there are some points to keep in mind. First, make sure that your hands are clean and your fingernails trimmed. Nothing ruins the moment more than a rough nail. 

Second, reach for the lube. No matter how turned on your partner may be, at times she will not be wet enough for inserting fingers at first. This is just as important when using a strap-on dildo or any other penetrating toy. Use a good lubricant to make things easier for you and more pleasurable for her. 

Vary Your Moves

Whether you are mostly into fingering, toys, or other sexual stimulation, vary your routine. Don’t just rely on a finger in and out routine, or a repetitive thrust with a strap-on dildo. A bit of variety will increase her chances of having an orgasm, and will also make it more fun for you, too.

To intensify female orgasms, it helps to vary the pace, pressure, and angle to build the tension more. You aim to take her to the brink, then ease off a bit, then back again so that when she does cum it will be spectacular. This is the best way to delay female orgasm so that it will be more intense when it happens. 

Communicate Constantly

While not all people are into it, most lesbians do engage in oral sex. And as you’re a woman yourself, you’ll think you know what a woman will like. This is true, up to a point. All women are different, and all vaginas are different. That is to say, what drives one woman wild will not necessarily work for another.

Clear and open communication is key to any good sex life, so talk about what you both enjoy. Ask your partner what she’d like you to do down there. For some women, this freedom to “give instructions” can be more of a turn-on.

The Best Oral Sex Position 

Start with a soft licking motion and slowly add more pressure or a different move. Combining finger penetration with oral sex is a surefire way to make a girl cum and is one of the quickest ways to make a girl orgasm

A comfortable position for you while doing this, and one that allows your partner to control the pressure, is when she is crouched above you. Lie on your back and let your partner position herself over you with her knees on either side of your shoulders. 

She can then lower herself down over your mouth. This position will also cause her vaginal lips to gently part so that it’s easier to get in there, which makes this one of the best positions to make a girl orgasm.

Hit That G-Spot

Aah, the elusive g-spot. The secret to giving her multiple orgasms. If you want to give a woman the best orgasms, you need to get to this spot. Fingers are often too short to research, and the angle can be uncomfortable. The g-spot is located on the inside of the front wall of the vagina, so how do you get to it?

The “cowgirl” position is not just for straight couples. It’s great for lesbians too. With a strap-on dildo on, lie on your back and let your partner straddle you. She will lower herself onto the dildo and be able to control the thrust pace and depth.  This can be an easier position to make a fat girl cum and this position is also the best position to make her squirt as it is ideal for hitting the g-spot. 


Lesbians are perhaps best qualified to give advice and tips on how to give a woman an orgasm. As they are women themselves, they understand the female anatomy better than any man.

But the above advice is not for lesbian couples or bisexual women, only. It is practical advice that can be adapted to any situation, preference, and relationship.

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