Best Positions for Squirting

Best Positions for Squirting

For most women, squirting is something that seems out of reach. Many people believe that it is reserved for a select few people who have either mastered the art of how to squirt as a woman or those who are born with some or other innate talent.

The good news is, that squirting during sex is entirely possible for anyone to achieve. And choosing the best positions for squirting during sexual intercourse dramatically increases a woman’s chance of squirting and leads to an overall better orgasm for women.

Interested in learning the ins and outs of how to squirt during sex? Like anything, this skill can be practiced and learned.

And if this piques your interest, our no-nonsense guide is here to help. Below, we provide all the details on mastering the art and choosing the best positions for squirting during intercourse.

What this article covers:

Can Girls Learn How to Squirt?

The short answer is yes. Squirting may come easier to some females than others but this does not mean it is not accessible to all.

With the right guidance, this skill can be practiced and mastered over time.

Learning How To Squirt

Now that you know squirting is possible, you’re probably wondering how to make yourself have a squirting orgasm.

Firstly, it is important to know the type of orgasm that leads to squirting. To be able to reach the level of orgasm that leads to squirting, a certain amount of build-up, stimulation, and arousal is required. Delaying the female orgasm is an important part of building up to a squirting orgasm.

This means that you have to start with foreplay and lots of it. To understand how to delay female climax, one has to understand what is meant by edging.

Edging means bringing a woman to the brink of orgasm and not allowing her to orgasm.

And doing this repeatedly.

This means that when orgasm is eventually reached, it has an increased intensity.

Squirting also means that you have to learn how to stimulate the G-Spot and clitoral area during sex.

This is easier achievable using your hands, which is why it is easier to know how to make a girl squirt with your fingers, but it can be tricky to master the art of this type of stimulation during sex.

But, there are a few positions that are optimal for achieving this type of stimulation, which will be discussed below.

Lastly, learning the art of squirting also means learning to gain a sense of control over the pelvic floor muscles.

Luckily, practicing Kegels is an easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Like any muscle, they need to be exercised to get stronger, and having strong pelvic floor muscles will increase your chances of controlling your pelvic muscles during orgasm.

Squirting often means woman push their pelvic floor muscles downward during orgasm, allowing the squirting liquid to eject from the body.

This is the hard part because the sensation mimics the feeling of urinating, which makes many women a bit wary to try it.

Is It Peeing or Squirting?

Now, you may be thinking “how do I know if I am peeing or squirting”?

Don’t worry, squirting is not the same as peeing. The sensation may feel similar, but if you are having an orgasm and you engage the right muscles, chances are that you are squirting, and not peeing.

Emptying your bladder before practicing squirting is sure to give you some peace of mind so that you can attempt to squirt without worrying that you will wet the bed.

So if the squirting liquid is not the urine, what is it?

Before we look at the best positions to achieve squirting during intercourse, let’s look at what squirting is.

What Exactly Is Squirting?

Squirting is also known as female ejaculation and is merely a by-product of a build-up in the bladder which is produced by the Skene glands.

When females reach orgasm, this liquid can be expelled from the body.

Although the Skene glands are often referred to as the “female prostate”, the liquid that is produced from squirting does not entirely mimic ejaculation fluid.

It is largely made up of urea, accompanied by traces of ejaculation fluid, uric acid, and creatinine. Importantly, this also suggests that squirting liquid is not urine.

Losing control of one’s bladder during orgasm is referred to as coital incontinence and is an entirely different phenomenon altogether.

10 Best Positions for Squirting

The best positions for squirting are the sex positions that focus on stimulating the G-spot while also allowing the clitoral area open for stimulation.

This, along with pelvic muscle control and edging, creates the optimal conditions to give women multiple orgasms and increase their chances of squirting.


The reason why girl-on-top positions are often optimal for squirting is that it allows the woman to take charge.

We all know how hard is it to make a woman cum, so letting her take control and be in charge of the journey takes some of the pressure off the partner.

It also means she has the best chance of success at achieving an intense orgasm.

As a bonus, when squirting occurs, the partner should remove themselves from the woman and stop penetration to allow her to expel the liquid.

It can be hard to know when to do this but when the woman is on top, she is free to pull out once she realizes that squirting will occur.

It also makes things like edging easier, because the woman is fully aware of how close or far to orgasm she is.

Here are some of the best ways to make girl-on-top work.


Cowgirl is the original girl-on-top position and involves a woman’s partner lying on their back. The woman then straddles her partner with her legs, facing them.

The straddling can be done from an upright position or some women may lean forward before they start to thrust.

This position allows the woman to move in a way that will help her pursue what feels good. Try changing between forwarding and backward thrusts and circular motions to experiment with what feels good here.

Reverse Cowgirl

The name says it all. Sort of. Reverse cowgirl is the same as a cowgirl, but this time, the woman is facing her partner’s feet.

This is often very enjoyable for the partner because they get a good view of their woman’s behind.

For women, this leaves the clitoral area open for penetration which can enhance the intensity of the orgasm and the overall experience.

One variation of this position involves women leaning back a bit. Whatever you commit to, reverse cowgirl is optimal for squirting.

Squatting Cowgirl

This slight variation on the original cowgirl merely means that a woman straddles her partner, with her feet flat on the bed or floor.

This position is a bit of a workout but well worth it if you have the strength to move up and down from a squatting position.

Having the feet planted on the ground also means that a woman can easily remove herself when squirting is about to happen.

Squatting cowgirl can be done in the reverse position as well if clitoral stimulation is a needed addition to achieve an intense orgasm.

The Crab

The name doesn’t give much away with this one. Crab is a variation of squatting cowgirl and merely means that the hands are flat on the floor as well.

To get into this position, assume squatting cowgirl and lean back to place your hands on the floor.

You will be in a sort of reverse tabletop position. Like the above position, this one can be done facing your partner or facing their feet, depending on what feels best.


Sometimes, women prefer to have their partner take the reigns. After all, it can be hard to know how to make yourself cum as a woman.

Luckily, there are a few partner-on-top positions that can improve your chances of squirting, even without having full control of the movements that guide you toward orgasm.

These are positions that elevate the hips to prioritize G-spot stimulation and ultimately intensify the orgasm.

Let’s look at the best partner-on-top positions for achieving squirting.

Modified Missionary

Let’s face it, the traditional missionary position is very enjoyable, but it will take a long time for a woman to achieve a squirting orgasm just from this alone.

Missionary is dependent on limb-to-limb alignment and involves a partner lying on top of the woman. But, there is one small modification that can take this position to the next level.

And you don’t need any fancy props, just a pillow. To modify this position, place the pillow under the woman’s hips to elevate them.

This place her body at the perfect angle for stimulation of the vaginal front wall and the G-spot.


No pillow on hand? Well, there is another modification of the traditional missionary position, which also allows for increased stimulation of the G-spot.

For this position, no props are needed to elevate the hips. Rather, the woman lies on her back and lifts her hips herself, like one does when coming into yoga’s bridge position.

The man will then enter her from this position.

This one can be taxing on the neck so be sure to place a pillow underneath the head if you think you are going to be there a while.

Edge of Bed

Another way to spice up missionary to hit the right spot, so to speak, is for the woman to position herself at the edge of the bed.

Or a table or counter or whatever surface is at play here.

What this does, is create a 90-degree angle with the hips, which allows her partner to penetrate her in a way that will stimulate the G-spot area.

The Butter-Churner

Yes, this position is as extreme as the name suggests and is not for the faint of heart. 

It can also put a strain on a woman’s neck so take care when entering into it and ensure that flexibility allows for it. 

The position starts with a woman sending her legs, as far as possible, over her head. This places the hips and vaginal opening almost directly over her head. 

Her partner will then stand over her and penetrate her vertically from above. This makes way for very deep stimulation and is a good way of intensifying the female orgasm. 

If you can hold out in this position to the point of squirting, it is easy for your partner to get out of the way. 

Keep in mind, that gravity may make it hard to squirt all the liquid out, especially if you do not usually squirt out that much liquid. 

In this case, you can consider rolling out of the position and focusing on clitoral stimulation until the time to squirt arrives.

From Behind

Any guide on sex positions that illustrate ways to stimulate the G-spot will list positions where the man enters from behind as the optimal angle for G-spot stimulation.

The good thing about this approach is that the man has a high chance of stimulating the G-spot when entering from behind, regardless of the position.

When paired with clitoral stimulation, these are some of the best positions to make a girl cum.


Okay, so this is the most obvious “enter from behind” position that comes to mind when people think of these types of sex positions.

It involves the woman on hands and knees and the man in a standing position, or otherwise, entering her from behind.

Upon entering, the G-spot will receive stimulation and the clitoral area is open for additional stimulation, which can be done by the woman or her partner.

This position also allows the partner to easily remove themselves from the woman when she needs to squirt, making it the most popular sex position for squirting out there.

Jockey/ Modified Doggy/ Flat Iron

Despite its various names, this position is not complex or difficult to grasp. It is pretty much the standard doggy-style position but the woman is lying flat on her stomach.

So the partner still penetrates from behind while the woman lies flat on her stomach with her legs together.

To get into this position, the woman should lie flat on her stomach and spread her legs to allow her partner to enter.

Once there, she can close them up and allow her partner to do the rest. Clitoral stimulation is slightly more awkward in the position but not entirely impossible.

The woman can place her hand on the clitoral area before lying down or better yet, lie on top of a sex toy or pillow and allow that to stimulate the area while her partner penetrates from behind.


This may be a less obvious option, but one that no less includes a lot of opportunity for G-spot stimulation.

The spooning position, as the name suggests, starts with two people lying in a spooning position with the woman in the front, being the “little spoon”.

Her partner then enters from behind, the perfect position for hitting the G-spot area. This also leaves the clitoral area open for stimulation.

This is an effective position for achieving the right type of orgasm to squirt, but it is more difficult for the partner to remove themselves when the time for squirting comes.

So, if you try this position, the woman should signal her orgasm ahead of time so that the partner has enough time to remove themselves.

In the last moment leading to the orgasm, they can engage in clitoral stimulation to ensure that the process goes on uninterrupted.

One-Legged Spoon

This fun variation of the spooning position may be less intimate, but improves the overall experience for the woman. 

To get into this position, both partners start in a normal spooning position before the woman splays her legs open and lets one leg drape over her partner’s body.

This creates more room for clitoral stimulation while retaining the G-spot stimulation that occurs with the normal spooning position.

Also, the partner can much more readily remove themselves when the time for squirting comes, making it slightly easier to squirt from this position.


There is more than one way to kill a cat and similarly, more than one way to make a woman squirt during penetration. 

Many of the positions will depend on personal preference and even physical limitations, such as flexibility. 

The good news is that there is something for everyone and with a little practice and experimentation, you are sure to discover which are the best positions for squirting and which positions are optimal for you.

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