Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation

While it may come as a surprise to some, ejaculation isn’t something that only men experience. Female ejaculation is something that a surprising amount of women are able to attain. 

And yet it is still shrouded in mystery for both men and women. Science has tried to give us the answers, but every woman will have a different experience, every time. 

Luckily, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing female ejaculation and letting you in on all its secrets. Read on to find out more.

What this article covers:

Can Women Really Squirt?

Yes, women can squirt, but they don’t always do so. It’s become a hot topic thanks largely to porn videos and erotic literature. But squirting is still very misunderstood. 

Although it does happen, it’s not nearly as often as you may think.  It is not experienced by all women.  However, those women who report having squirted can do so regularly.

Squirting is sometimes confused with a condition known as coital urinary incontinence. This is the leaking of urine during sex, due to pressure on a weak or full bladder. It can be quite a common occurrence, but although there is nothing wrong with it, it isn’t necessarily caused by orgasm.

How Many Women Squirt?

Secondly, there is not very much research into the prevalence of squirting. This is still a very misunderstood subject. So, what percentage of women can squirt, according to the available statistics? 

Anywhere from 10 to 54% of women claim to have ejaculated/ squirted. This is not a very exact figure, and the main reason for this may be a misunderstanding of the terminology. 

Many people do not realize that the terms female ejaculation and squirting relate to two different things. (We’ll go into the differences between the two, as well as in female ejaculation vs pee, a little further on in this guide).

Why Are The Statistics Surrounding Squirting So Unclear?

Another possible reason is that some women may not want to admit not squirting. Many have been led to believe that squirting is dysfunctional., or left wondering is pussy squirt pee

Don’t worry though, it is completely normal and natural. It’s just one of those amazing things that some women’s bodies do during sex.

But this misinformation spread about female ejaculation, and squirting in particular, can lead to unreliable answers in surveys. It means that the statistics are not necessarily accurate, and therefore do little to further our understanding of the topic.

What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of a milky white substance from the vagina during sex. Just like some women have multiple orgasms, others noticeably ejaculate. 

Remember, our bodies are all different, so the way our bodies respond to sex will be a unique experience. Female ejaculation is real and natural, but it does not have to be present when women orgasm. You may not even notice it, especially with other sexual fluids present. 

While not all women experience ejaculation, it is completely normal for some. Because of a lack of reliable information, it can cause a lot of anxiety in women who ejaculate (and some who don’t). So let’s take a closer look at what it is and where it comes from.

What Is Female Ejaculation Composed of?

Female ejaculation, that milky-white secretion, is composed of similar components to men’s semen, including prostate-specific antigen (PSA) amongst other elements. 

Certain studies have also reported that it contains a very small amount of urine, expelled from the urethral opening during sex.

What Does Female Ejaculation Look Like?

Female ejaculatory fluid is similar to diluted milk, in appearance, although thicker and creamier. This is one of the main differences between female cum and squirt. The substance produced by squirting is far more fluid, like watered-down urine.

Where Does Female Ejaculation Come from?

The origin of ejaculate is also said to be the Skene’s glands which are essentially the female version of the “prostate gland”. Although many refer to them this way, Skene’s glands are not the same as a male prostate gland. 

Skene’s glands sit on the front inside wall of the vagina and feature two small ducts along both sides of the urethra. They are located not far from the elusive G-spot, the home of mind-blowing orgasms for some women. Stimulating this spot is said to produce the trigger for ejaculation and squirting. 

The G-spot can be hard to hit in the missionary position, though. In fact, the percentage of women who orgasm with penetration alone is quite low. Many women need extra stimulation, particularly of the clitoris or other erogenous zones, to achieve an orgasm.

Female Ejaculation vs Squirting

Is there a difference between female ejaculation and “squirting”? Or is it purely a case of semantics? Surprisingly, there is a difference. You may experience one or the other, at different times. And it’s even possible to experience both at the same time.

While female ejaculation describes the release of white fluid, squirting is often attributed to a substance from the Skene’s glands that gushes out. Squirting may also contain small amounts of diluted urine, released from the bladder during orgasm. This has not been fully established, though. 

Although the fluid that comes out when a woman squirts flow out through the urethral opening and contains uric acid and urea, it isn’t the same thing as peeing. A possible answer to this mystery may be that traces of urine in the urethra get added to the mix when squirting.

Because not all women have Skene’s glands, and the incidence of squirting is already not that high, many women will ejaculate but not squirt. 

Female Cum May Be Good for Your Vaginal Health

That being said, female ejaculation isn’t necessary for good sex life. Can women orgasm without cumming? Yes, and vice versa. Because even girls who can’t orgasm during sex may still be able to make themselves cum. 

It’s a good idea, too, as the fluid produced when females ejaculate may serve an important health purpose. 

It has been theorized that female ejaculation fluid offers protection from urinary tract infections (UTIs). That’s just one more reason to get to know your body well.  

Is It Normal to Ejaculate During Sex?

It is normal, but not essential. The exact number of women who experience it may be uncertain, but it is a fact that some women do. So while it is a normal part of the sexual experience, it is not the only way to know that a woman has had an orgasm.

If you are one of the lucky few who have experienced this, It is normal. It is just one of the many wonderful ways that a woman’s body reacts during sex and orgasms.

A Note to the Reader’s Partner

And to any guys(or girls) who may be reading this with their female partners, rest assured, the absence of visible female ejaculation is not how to tell if a girl is faking an orgasm. It is an involuntary physiological reaction, and as such is nothing to be concerned about or stressed about. 

One of the reasons why women fake orgasms is that they feel pressure to put on a show for you. If you’re both relaxed and happy about what you’re doing, she’ll orgasm more easily. She may even ejaculate too. If it happens, that’s normal and it’s great. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too. 

So if you are reading this thinking “My girlfriend can’t orgasm. I’m doing something wrong.” you don’t need to worry. If you are both enjoying your time together, that’s all that matters. Great sex is not about whether you can feel a girl cumming, or having a dramatic end result.  It’s about the enjoyment of the journey, not the destination.

What About Women Who Don’t Have Orgasms?

If you are a woman who struggles to or has never had an orgasm, you may be wondering how this all applies to you. If you are a woman who cannot orgasm, you may feel inadequate, and “abnormal”. We want to assure you that this is not the case!

The percentage of women who orgasm during sex is actually lower than you might think. Not every woman will experience an orgasm each time, and the same goes for female ejaculation. An orgasm does not necessarily include this phenomenon.

Are Squirting Orgasms More Powerful?

An orgasm accompanied by ejaculation or squirting is not necessarily more intense than an orgasm without these experiences. It just adds to the excitement, especially for the woman’s partner. Some see it as a more visible sign that they have pleased their female partner.

Why do some women squirt when having sex? The reasons are not very clear, but the intensity of orgasm may trigger squirting. The squirting itself does not seem to affect how an orgasm feels, though. 

Very powerful orgasms, and even multiple female orgasms, are not always accompanied by squirting. And squirting does not mean that the orgasm was more important or special than others.

Is It Possible to Squirt and Not Know It?

As unlikely as it sounds, yes! You may have squirted and not even know it. The amount of fluid produced can vary, and it isn’t always gushing like a waterfall! It differs from woman to woman, just like the amount of seminal fluid in a man can vary. 

The reason that so many people expect a deluge, is the unrealistic depiction of squirting in adult entertainment. Porn producers are often guilty of creative license and may make squirting appear to be more common and more spectacular than it actually is.

So please put your mind to rest right now. Whether you have noticed any squirting or not, you are perfectly normal! Your vagina gets very wet during arousal and sex, and you may not have realized that part of this moisture was “squirt”.

How to Prepare for Squirting

  • First and foremost, discuss this with your partner. Unless it is something you both want, there is no need to actively try to cause squirting. It may just cause more of a clean-up, and not everyone wants that. 
  • Be realistic. Not every woman squirts. That does not mean that you can’t or won’t. It just means that the likelihood is far lower than having a regular orgasm. An orgasm can be just as awesome without squirting.
  • If you and your partner are actively trying to cause this phenomenon, you may want to have a waterproof mattress protector on the bed. While not all women who squirt produce stunning fountains of bliss, it’s always best to be prepared.
  • Have a fresh set of sheets at the ready, or place a folded towel on the bed, just in case. That way you can just throw the towel into the wash afterward. It will save you the bother of having to replace the sheets every time.

What Causes a Woman to Ejaculate?

The reasons why some women don’t orgasm and why some don’t ejaculate, are not always clear. It is rarely because of biological or physical impairment. Usually, failure to orgasm and/or ejaculate even when aroused is rooted in mental/emotional issues. 

That being said, many women achieve fantastic orgasms without the added fun of visible ejaculation. So it really isn’t necessary for a good time. If, however, despite your best efforts you have never experienced an orgasm, you may want to consult a sexologist to discuss the issue.

How to Have a Female Ejaculation

What happens when women cum? Is there a way to guarantee it? We cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that all women will be able to have a female ejaculation. 

But it is possible for all women to orgasm. When both partners are into it, and everything is consensual and uninhibited, everything becomes possible. 

Follow the tips below. They apply to any sexual encounter and help a lot of women reach orgasm. They may also help to trigger female ejaculation, or squirting. And if it doesn’t turn out quite as expected, you’ll still have had fun trying. 

That is, after all, the end game with sex – having a good time.

Stop Stressing About It

Stress is like a form of kryptonite to a good sexual experience. The best way to ensure orgasms, and ejaculation, is by lowering your stress levels. 

One way of achieving this is through a sensual massage as part of foreplay. It increases the right kind of tension (sexual arousal) while decreasing harmful stress.

Change Your Position

Certain positions are better for women to reach orgasm, and therefore ejaculate and squirt. As the g-spot plays an integral role in triggering ejaculation, any position that allows it to be stimulated will be best. 

This is especially true of the woman on top, or “cowgirl” position. But for some couples, rear entry of the vagina, or the “doggy style” position, is also effective. It changes the angle of penetration and can make g-spot stimulation easier.

A Helping Hand

Many women only experience orgasm, and also ejaculation, when their clitoris is stimulated. Adding this to your sexual routine is usually effective at producing more orgasms, and often the intense ones accompanied by ejaculation.

If you do not have a partner, you may still be able to make yourself cum this way. We cannot guarantee that you will ejaculate (or squirt) as that happens on its own and you cannot control it. But you may be able to figure out what does it for you, more easily, on your own first.

Break Out the Toys

When all else fails, break out the toys. Special penetrative sex toys, curved to better target the g-spot, are widely available in adult stores and online. 

As female ejaculation is seen to be the result of g-spot stimulation, these should form an essential part of your collection of sexual gadgets. They can be used for solo masturbation, and also as part of sex play with your partner. 


Sexual pleasure should be about just that – pleasure. Understanding the mechanics involved, while interesting, are not essential for enjoyment. 

Female ejaculation is possible, and it is wonderful to behold but it is not necessary for a woman to orgasm. Instead of focusing on whether or not you ejaculate, focus instead on relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Ejaculation in Women (FAQs)

Is female ejaculation urine?

No, female ejaculation is not urine. It is, in fact, a combination of substances, some of which are also present in men’s semen. 

When a woman squirts, is that an orgasm?

A woman may squirt during an orgasm, and some have even reported doing so just before or after, too. It is not necessarily an indicator of orgasm. 

Is squirting good for you?

It is neither good nor bad, it is just something that may enhance the sexual experience for some women. Not all women squirt, and not all want to, and that’s perfectly okay too.

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