Why Do Girls Squirt

Why Do Girls Squirt?

Although there are a lot of unknowns surrounding squirting, it is a very real phenomenon. 

But, why do girls squirt?

We know how a female cums, and why she cums, but why do girls also squirt if they already ejaculate?

Well, firstly, squirting and ejaculating are two different things. Just because ejaculation exists, doesn’t mean that squirting shouldn’t occur.

To be honest, though, there is not a specific reason why a woman squirts, other than it is a physiological response to a certain type of stimulation. 

But, squirting can bring about an immense amount of pleasure, which is why girls like to squirt during sex if they have the choice. 

As you can tell, sexual pleasure for women is quite elusive. This makes it difficult for a lot of people to understand the whys and the hows. Especially when it comes to squirting because of how rare it is. 

In this article, we want to change that. We are going to give you a broader understanding of squirting, and why women do it. We will also touch on what squirt actually is, and how the process of squirting works. 

What this article covers:

Squirting: What Is It?

Squirting occurs in females when a woman is sexually aroused and stimulated, especially when a woman reaches a climax. 

There is a bit of controversy surrounding squirting and female ejaculation, and whether it is the same thing or not. But, most research suggests that it is two different things. 

To put it simply, squirting is when a large amount of liquid is released from the urethra, and expelled through a female’s vagina during orgasm.  

It is not a very common thing and is not guaranteed to happen every time a woman orgasms. But when it does happen, it can be sensational. 

It is also important to note that squirting can happen either through penetration, or external stimulation. It is a lot more likely to occur when some sort of external stimulation is involved. 

What Does a Woman’s Squirt Consist of?

As we mentioned, squirting releases a high volume of fluid when it occurs. Unfortunately, there is very limited research on what this high volume of fluid is made up of. 

But, scientists do believe that the fluid expelled from squirting originates in a woman’s bladder, and is then mixed with fluids secreted from the Skene’s glands. 

As a result, the fluid is thought to be mainly made up of creatine, uric acid, and urea. A low amount of prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) has also been detected in squirt. 

The fluid is clear in color and does not have the same smell or taste as urine. 

What Does Squirting Look Like?

Squirt looks different from urine and ejaculation. It resembles water in that it is odorless and colorless. 

It is, of course, not water, but its physical appearance is very similar. 

Is Squirting the Same as Peeing?

Squirting is not the same thing as peeing. While some women might mistake it for peeing due to the large volume of fluid expelled, and the way that it feels, it is not the same thing. 

The speed at which some women squirt often makes it feel like they are peeing. But, as we mentioned earlier, squirt contains different components compared to urine. This is why squirt does not smell like pee.

Squirt mostly comes from the Skene’s glands, is released through the urethra, and presents itself differently from urine.

Urine can sometimes be mixed in with your squirt, but since PSA is present, we know that squirting is not the same thing as peeing.

How to Know if It’s Squirt or Pee

Since squirting and peeing are quite similar, it can be challenging to differentiate the two, and make sure that you didn’t just pee on the bed. 

The easiest way to tell whether the fluid you have expelled is squirt or pee is by assessing its color and odor. 

As we mentioned earlier, squirt is a clear and odorless liquid. Pee, on the other hand, is yellow and has a very distinct and pungent smell. 

By looking at the color, or even smelling the liquid if you are really concerned, you will be able to distinguish whether the fluid is squirt or pee.

And, even though the two sensations might feel more familiar, squirting feels much more orgasmic than peeing does, so the sensation is slightly different. 

When You Squirt, Where Does It Come from?

Since squirt contains quantities of PSA, it indicates that it has to partially come from a woman’s Skene’s glands. The Skene’s glands are found in women and are located on either side of her urethra. While they are not the same as male prostate glands, they are the female equivalent. 

But, due to the volume of liquid that is expelled during squirting, and the fact that traces of urine can be found in squirt too, this indicates that it is likely that squirting also comes from the bladder too. 

The amount of research surrounding this question is, unfortunately, very limited. But, most scientists do agree on the fact that squirt comes from both the bladder and the Skene’s glands, and not one or the other.  

How Much Liquid Comes out When You Squirt?

The amount of liquid that is released when squirting differs from woman to woman. Some women expel huge quantities of squirt, while others expel very minimal amounts. 

On average, it is suggested that women can release anywhere from 0.3 milliliters of squirt to 150 milliliters of squirt. 

Either volume of squirt is completely normal. It is also normal if your personal amount of squirt fluctuates. It is not something to worry about if you release more squirt on one occasion compared to another. 

So, not only does the volume of squirt released vary from woman to woman, but it also varies in one woman from occasion to occasion. 

Is It Normal to Squirt?

Yes, it is without a doubt normal to squirt. While squirting may not be extremely common in a lot of women, it is absolutely normal.

It is a feeling that you may need to get used to. The first time you squirt may feel unusual and unnatural, but it is by all means normal. 

In fact, for some women, it actually heightens their sexual experience and makes their orgasms feel more intense and pleasurable. 

With that being said, please also remember that it is entirely normal not to squirt, either. Or to only squirt every now and again as opposed to every time you are sexually stimulated. 

Some women have also reported that they only squirt during certain stages of their menstrual cycle, and not every single time they have sex. This is also normal. 

Squirting, or not squirting, is completely normal. Don’t put pressure on yourself to squirt every time you have sex, but also don’t feel the need to fight it, with the fear of it not being normal. 

How Does Squirting Work?

What Causes a Woman to Squirt?

To put it simply, being sexually aroused and stimulated is what causes a woman to squirt. But it is important to know, that some women need to be stimulated in different ways to squirt. It is not a case of “one size fits all”.

There are various things that can be done to make a woman squirt or increase the chances of her squirting during sex. 

Firstly, external stimulation is one of the leading, and most effective causes of a woman squirting. 

When a woman’s clitoris and G-spot are stimulated, the chances of her squirting are much higher. Fingers, toys, or tongues, are great “tools” to use to execute this stimulation. And if stimulated correctly, and enough, this is almost always the cause of squirting. 

Penetration during sexual intercourse can also cause a woman to squirt. But, it is a lot harder to do with this method, and often not the leading cause of squirting. 

But, if you are wanting to squirt during penetration, there are a few positions that you can try which are more likely to cause a woman to squirt. 

These specific positions focus on targeting and stimulating the G-spot and include doggy style, the G-spot position, missionary, and the bouncing spoon. 

Another thing that can cause a woman to squirt is if a lengthy amount of time has been spent on foreplay before penetration occurs. Because, while penetration can cause squirting, it often can’t do so alone. 

So, if it is coupled with a lengthy and steamy foreplay session, the combination of the two is much more likely to cause a woman to squirt. 

What Happens When You Squirt?

When a woman is becoming sexually aroused and being sexually stimulated, there is the fluid that builds up in the erectile tissue of a woman’s urethral sponge. When a woman is sexually aroused, her pelvic floor muscles are contracted. 

When she reaches climax and those muscles relax, this is when the squirt is involuntarily released. 

Some researchers believe that as much as it generates a huge amount of pleasure, it is also a protective mechanism for the body. 

When the fluid is expelled after you have reached a climax, it washes out your urethra and the bacteria that may have entered it as a result of sexual intercourse. The fluid expulsion helps to prevent any urinary tract infections from occurring.

What Is Squirting Like?

One of the most common questions asked by women who have never experienced squirting before is “What does squirting feel like?”

Every woman will most likely answer this question in a different way. The experience of squirting feels different for every woman. 

But, what the majority of women are in agreement with, is that it feels amazing, and completely heightens the feeling of an orgasm. 

But, there is a small pool of women who don’t enjoy the feeling and find that it doesn’t give them pleasure at all. 

From most of the feedback received from women, the consensus seems to be that the first time you experience squirting, it can be quite a weird, awkward, and almost embarrassing experience. 

If you have never squirted before, the amount of liquid expelled can be quite overwhelming, and easily mistaken for a pee. Hence why you may feel embarrassed. 

But, the majority of women reported that as it occurred more frequently, and as they got more used to it, they started to enjoy it more and more. 

The women who enjoy the feeling of squirting have described it as “incredible”, “fireworks”, “energy escaping your body”, “your insides exploding with pleasure”, “an intense release”, “orgasmic”, and anything you can think of to describe the best feeling that you have felt.

The women who don’t enjoy it, on the other hand, have described it as very wet, awkward, and unpleasurable. 

It is definitely a  feeling that takes a bit of getting used to. If you don’t like how it feels the first time, we would recommend giving it at least one more go to see if it gets better as you go, or if it is a feeling that you really don’t like. 

How Do You Know When You’re About to Squirt?

Again, this might differ from woman to woman. But, the majority of women report that they feel like they have an intense urge to urinate just before they squirt. 

This is a normal feeling to have. When you are sexually stimulated to the point of squirting, this causes the tissue of your urethra to fill with blood and press against your bladder. And as a result, you feel like you need to go to the bathroom urgently. 

This sensation and feeling that you get just before you squirt are unfortunately one of the top reasons why women stop squirting or don’t get to enjoy it.

Women are often too scared that they are going to wet the bed when they get this feeling, that they become mentally blocked and tense, and then the squirting never happens. 

So, if you ever get the intense urge to urinate while you are being sexually stimulated, try not to let the feeling worry or distract you. Just roll with it, and you might get a sensational experience from it. 

Adding to this, some women know when they are about to squirt when they are overcome with pleasure. A lot of the time, women squirt when they are about to reach climax. And for a lot of women who enjoy squirting, it amplifies the pleasure that they feel. 

So, if you are hit with an intense, and overwhelming feeling of pleasure, this could indicate that you may be about to squirt. 

Can You Squirt Without Orgasming?

Yes, you can. Just like women can cum without having an orgasm, they can also squirt without orgasming. 

While most women have reported that their squirting comes hand in hand with an orgasm, it is completely normal to squirt without orgasming. It is just a bit more uncommon. 

Remember, squirting is all about stimulating the G-spot to a point where fluid and blood fill the erectile tissue of a woman’s urethral sponge and cause squirting. 

Just because squirting occurs, it doesn’t mean that the experience was pleasurable enough for the woman to reach orgasm. There might not have been enough clitoral stimulation, stimulation of other erogenous areas, or foreplay.

It takes quite long for a woman to orgasm, so if you rushed into getting her to squirt, it may not be accompanied by an orgasm. 

Alternatively, squirting could occur just after a woman has already orgasmed. And if the squirting occurs in the refractory period between a woman’s orgasms, then it is not surprising that she squirted without orgasming. 

Can Women Squirt Multiple Times in a Row?

It’s no secret that women can have multiple orgasms. But, can the same be said for squirting?

While it is much more common for a woman to have multiple orgasms during sex, it is also possible to squirt multiple times. 

For the majority of women, squirting is a lot harder to achieve than an orgasm is, so it is not always likely that you will squirt more than once in a single session. But, it is possible. 

If the woman is properly aroused and stimulated in the correct places, then it is very possible for her to squirt numerous times. 

An important aspect would be the length of your sexual intercourse. The longer you are at it, the more chance a woman will have to squirt numerous times. Unfortunately, women require quite a build-up to orgasm and to squirt, so the longer the session is, the higher the chance is. 

It should be noted, though, that it is unlikely that a woman will squirt multiple times if it is her first time squirting. The more she practices and does it, the easier it will be to squirt, and the more it will happen.

Is It Normal to Orgasm Frequently, But Never Squirt?

It is absolutely normal for a woman to orgasm without squirting. In fact, some women only squirt for the first time when they are 60, and some never experience squirting at all. 

Remember, squirting comes down to G-spot stimulation. Some women don’t enjoy this sort of stimulation, so they stay away from it, which means they probably won’t end up squirting. 

And even if you do focus on G-spot stimulation, some women don’t squirt, and that is completely normal.

If you are looking to try and squirt for the first time, though, our biggest advice is practice and communication. 

Practice on yourself first and figure out how you like it and what the best way to stimulate yourself is. Once you have that right, you need to communicate this to your partner and make sure they understand how to make you squirt. 

But, even if you aren’t able to get this right after you have done the above, do not think that there is something wrong with you. 

Every person is made differently, and for some women, squirting just isn’t something that they can easily do.

Are There Any Health Benefits to Squirting?

There is no evidence that the act of squirting has any health benefits. But, it is hypothesized that squirting can help clear your urethra from bacteria and prevent urinary tract infections. 

In addition, there are health benefits of orgasm in women, as well as health benefits that come with sex. And, since squirting often goes hand in hand with orgasms and sex, you may experience some of these benefits from doing the deed.

These health benefits include improved circulation, boosted estrogen levels, increased relaxation, better sleep, healthier hair, increased immunity, and so much more.  


As you can see, there are a lot of aspects of squirting that are unknown, or unexplored. 

Squirting is a complex topic, to say the least. But at least there is one thing that the majority of girls agree on – squirting feels incredible. Well, once you’ve gotten used to it and practiced it a few times. 

If you have never squirted before and want to give it a go, hopefully, our tips will help you on your squirting journey, and take your sexual experiences to the next level.

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