What Does Squirting Feel Like

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

Squirting is a foreign concept to a lot of women because of how rarely it happens. Many women have only experienced it once or twice, if at all. But, there is a lot of hype surrounding squirting, which will naturally make these women curious as to what exactly it feels like.

Because there is so little known about squirting in general, partially because there is so little research that has been done on it too, it is quite a mystery to a lot of women. 

So, what does squirting feel like?

In this article, we are going to tackle that exact question and give those who have never experienced it before a better idea as to what the experience feels like. Additionally, we will also be giving you some insight into how squirting and orgasms differ, and how you can tell them apart. 

Orgasms and squirting can feel quite similar at times, so for someone who wants to understand what it feels like to squirt, it is important for you to know the difference between the two. 

What this article covers:

What Squirting Feels Like

Many women have only ever heard of squirting, and have never experienced it themselves. So don’t feel ashamed if this applies to you, too.

This might leave you burning to know how it feels when you are about to squirt

For most women, squirting is an extremely pleasurable feeling. Because of this, it has some similarities to what a female orgasm feels like. But, there are also a few women who don’t actually find it pleasurable, especially in the beginning. 

The first time you experience squirting it may be quite a shock and feel a bit awkward. This is simply because it is a new and different sensation. The more often you squirt, the more likely you will be to really enjoy it. 

Squirting just takes a bit of getting used to, but once you are accustomed to the sensation, you will probably find it quite pleasurable. So, if your first few times squirting isn’t as pleasurable as you imagined, don’t let it put you off. 

A lot of the time, squirting can feel like you are about to pee (hence why it might feel a bit awkward at first). This feeling of needing to urinate is extremely intense right before you squirt, and once the squirt has been released, the feeling of needing to urinate is replaced with extreme pleasure and satisfaction. 

It is important to remember that every woman is unique, and will experience squirting in their own way. So, if you have squirted before, and your experience was not as we described, then that is still very normal. 

If it is your first time, try your best to relax, and let the squirting just happen. It may seem difficult and awkward in the beginning, but the more that you do it, the more comfortable you will get with it, and it will be well worth it. 

Is a Squirting Orgasm Better?

First things first, you need to know that squirting and orgasming are two different things on their own. A squirting orgasm is when they come together and happen simultaneously. But, women can orgasm without squirting, and women can squirt without orgasming.

It is not always a given that they will occur together. But, is it better when they do? 

This comes down to what you classify as “better”. If you are referring to better in terms of the benefits of female orgasm, then your answer is no. There are no additional benefits that women will get from having a squirting orgasm as opposed to having an orgasm.

There are actually no known health benefits that squirting alone can provide. So, if it’s the health benefits that you’re after, then you want to either aim for an orgasm, or a squirting orgasm. Not squirting on its own.

But, if you are referring to whether a squirting orgasm feels better than experiencing each on their own, then a lot of women will tell you that yes, a squirting orgasm is much better. 

Squirting on its own isn’t always that pleasurable. It feels like more of a release than intense pleasure. Whereas if an orgasm accompanies squirting, it is a much more intense sensation, the pleasure is a lot higher, and the whole experience is a lot more satisfying. 

It has often been stated that squirting orgasms are also more enjoyable than orgasms on their own. This may be because for some people the idea of squirting is quite a turn-on. 

It has also been documented that the woman’s genital and pelvic floor muscles contract more intensely when squirting is involved, which is why it may be more pleasurable and extreme. 

As we mentioned, this is what the majority of women report. But there have been some women who have detailed squirting orgasms to be worse than experiencing them separately. Some women have said that they feel like the squirting cuts their orgasm short, and they don’t get as much pleasure from it. 

Telling The Difference Between Squirting And An Orgasm

Normally, it is fairly easy for women to distinguish the difference between squirting and an orgasm. If you think of how the female orgasm works, it is quite different from squirting, which is one of the reasons why it is easy to tell the difference between the two of them. 

Orgasms generally always happen at peak arousal, while squirting doesn’t necessarily only happen at this peak. There are a lot more muscle contractions throughout your whole body when you are having an orgasm. This is not necessarily the case with squirting. 

While the volume of liquid expelled afterward is different between the two. When you squirt, there will always be quite a significant volume of a clear liquid that has been released from the vagina. 

This is not true for an orgasm. After an orgasm, there is often a little bit of milky liquid that has been expelled from the vagina, but it does not always have to be there to confirm you have had an orgasm.

The biggest way to tell the difference between the two is based on how they feel. 

When you have an orgasm, you won’t feel an urge to pee, and you will feel an immense amount of pleasure. When you squirt, it will almost always be accompanied by an intense urge to pee, and squirting on its own generally isn’t as pleasurable as an orgasm. 

When you start to squirt more often, it’ll get quite easy for you to feel the difference between the two. 

Is It Normal To Never Have Felt What It Feels Like To Squirt?

Yes, it is. If you are wondering how many women squirt during sex, it is much fewer than you’d think, and you are definitely not alone if you have never experienced squirting. 

Some women go up to the age of 60, having been sexually active for almost 40 years, and only feel it for the first time then. Some women may never experience squirting. 

If you don’t, there is nothing wrong with you. There are a lot of factors that contribute to whether a woman can squirt or not. Unfortunately for some women, it is just harder to squirt than it is for others. 

Tips To Help You Experience What It Feels Like To Squirt

There are tons of things that you can do to try and promote squirting. The most important and effective thing is to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, if you do this, the chances that you will squirt are a lot higher. 

Ideally, you want to try it out on yourself first, and figure out what the best way to stimulate yourself to squirt is. Then, you can teach this to your partner if you are wanting to get him to make you squirt. 

If you are trying to make yourself squirt through penetration alone, this may add to your problem. While there are some penetrative positions that can heighten your chance of squirting, such as doggy style or missionary, it is a lot harder to squirt through penetration alone. 

Try using some toys, and focusing largely on foreplay, as well as external stimulation. 


Now that you are at the end of this article, hopefully, you get a better idea of what squirting feels like, especially if you’ve never experienced it yourself.  

Sadly, squirting isn’t a very well-documented or frequently spoken-about topic. Because of this, there are many women who have never felt what it feels like to squirt. And the unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of women who probably never end up experiencing it in their lifetime. 

This is why squirting needs to be spoken about more, and more women need to get to know about it. It is a natural sensation that can up your sex game hugely. 

And yes, some people don’t like how squirting feels at all. But, for the majority of women, it is sensational. It shoots the pleasure experience through the roof and is something that each woman should have the opportunity to experience and feel.

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