How to Squirt During Sex

How to Squirt During Sex

It’s no secret that pleasuring a woman can be more difficult than pleasuring a man. It doesn’t help that every woman experiences pleasure differently, either. There is a knack for giving a woman the best orgasm, and unfortunately, a lot of men, and women, don’t do enough research on it before the time. 

That is why we are here. Squirting can often lead to much more pleasure than a normal orgasm can, and almost any woman who experiences it will likely tell you that it was one of the best orgasms that they have experienced. 

So, what exactly is this squirting phenomenon, and how do women squirt? We will explain exactly what it is, and we also have some great tips on how to squirt during sex.

How Do You Squirt and What Is It?

What Is It?

There is still a bit of controversy surrounding the phenomenon of squirting, and whether or not it is the same thing as female ejaculation. 

What is known, though, is that squirting can occur when a female orgasms. It is not easy for every woman to squirt, and you will find that some women have not experienced it before. But, when it does come about, it is quite difficult to stop yourself from squirting

Squirting occurs when fluid from the bladder is released when a woman orgasms. This fluid can contain creatine, uric acid, and urea. The volume of liquid is normally more than when a woman ejaculates and is something that can help if you were wondering how to get her to orgasm more intensely. 

Squirting is not the same thing as urination or incontinence, even though it releases a clear/yellow liquid from the urethra. It is possible for women to squirt and ejaculate at the same time. 

How To Squirt During Sex

Relax And Don’t Overthink

The first step and biggest tip that we can give you if you want to be able to squirt during sex is to try and relax. Don’t put pressure on needing to squirt and overthinking the whole process. 

Stay calm from the get-go, and there’ll be a much higher chance of squirting. 

Make Sure That Your Partner Knows Where Your Clitoris And G-Spot Is

Before you have sex, it is important that your partner knows where your clitoris and your G-spot are, if you want them to make you squirt. 

These two body parts play a major role and squirting, and they need to be stimulated for you to squirt. 

Since all women are different, their clitoris and G-spots may be located in different places. Every woman also likes to be stimulated in different ways. It is important that you communicate this to your partner before the time. 

Try to Experience Squirting on Your Own First 

For you to be able to explain to your partner the best way to make you squirt, you need to have already experienced it yourself. 

Play around and figure out what you like, and what the most effective way is to make yourself squirt. This will make it much easier to explain to your partner.  

Spend a Lengthy Time Focusing on Foreplay 

The biggest part of squirting is making sure that you are aroused. Unfortunately for women, arousal doesn’t normally occur just from penetration. This means that a lengthy amount of time needs to be spent focusing on foreplay. 

During this time, focus on the whole body, and just get as aroused as possible. 

Get Into The Right Position 

It is easier for women to squirt through external stimulation and the use of fingers and toys rather than penetration. But it is still possible for penetration to cause squirting. 

The best sex positions for squirting include doggy style, the bouncing spoon, missionary, and the G-Spot position, as it is easier to target the G-Spot with these positions. 

If your partner is going to get you to squirt through external stimulation, then it is best for you to lie down on your back, while he sits beside you. 

This position opens everything up and helps you to relax. It is the best position for women to climax and squirt with this method.

Focus On Clitoris Stimulation

The clitoris is full of a whole bunch of very sensitive nerve endings. Stimulating it causes a lot of pleasure for women. 

When the clitoris is stimulated, it causes a rush of blood in that area and prepares the G-spot for stimulation. Stimulating the clitoris first, before heading to the G-spot, is the key to unlocking how to give a woman the best orgasm, and increase her chances of squirting. 

Stimulate and Apply Pressure to The G-spot

The G-Spot is what causes the magic to happen and causes a woman to squirt. 

The key to squirting is prolonged arousal and urethral sponge stimulation. This can be achieved by targeting the G-spot.

You will need to be repetitive and vigorous, and apply a bit of pressure to the G-Spot for heightened pleasure. Sex toys can also come in handy for this, especially those that vibrate. 

Let Go And Enjoy

This is the point where the woman needs to let go completely and just relax. Do not overthink things and try to force yourself to squirt. 

Enjoy the moment, and it will come naturally. 


As you can see, it’s very possible to squirt during sex. But keep in mind that squirting during penetration is much harder than squirting with manual stimulation.

As a woman, make sure you know what the best way to make yourself squirt is, and communicate this to your partner. 

Squirting is a great way to heighten a woman’s pleasure, and take sex to the next level. So, if you feel like orgasms aren’t doing enough for you, try squirting during sex. It may be a game-changer for you.

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