How to Have a Better Orgasm for Women

How to Have a Better Orgasm for Women

Orgasms can reduce stress, strengthen your bones, pick up your mood and even keep your skin clear. 

For most women, however, the point of having an orgasm is to experience a few moments of pure pleasure. 

Whether you enjoy sex with a partner or satisfy yourself, at the moment of orgasm, it’s unlikely you’re focusing on clear skin or strong bones. You’re probably thinking about prioritizing your pleasure. 

If you want to know how to have a better orgasm for women, read on. We have put together some valuable tips for taking your orgasm up a notch. 

10 Tips for Better Orgasms for Women

Practice Mindful Masturbation

Unless you know what you enjoy, you won’t know how to guide your partner. 

That’s where mindful masturbation comes in. Mindful masturbation is not about orgasm. If you experience an orgasm while touching yourself, that’s fine. But don’t focus on orgasm as your goal. 

Take at least fifteen minutes to explore your body. Touch yourself all over, including your nonsexual areas. Discover your erogenous zones. Take note of what arouses you sexually: learn how your body responds to different pressure, textures, and temperature. 

The moment’s pleasure increases when you forget about trying to achieve orgasm. Watch erotic videos, experiment with sex toys, and masturbate in different positions and areas in your home. 

Regular mindful masturbation will build your sexual confidence and a better understanding of what brings you to a fantastic orgasm. 

Do Your Kegels

A strong pelvic floor is a must if you want better female orgasms. Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for the pleasurable contractions felt in the genitals during orgasm. The stronger the muscles, the more potential for a powerful orgasm. 

Well-toned muscles stimulate blood flow to the genital area, which increases arousal and dramatically impacts the intensity of your orgasms. Regular Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and improve the flexibility of the pelvic muscles. 

And if you’re curious to know how to prolong female orgasms, a good place to start is by adding Kegels to your regular exercise routine. 

Heat Things Up

Heat increases blood flow, and a healthy blood flow boosts sensation. Take a hot bath before sex, or place a warm towel over your pubic area for a few minutes. The heat will increase blood flow to your vagina, improving sensitivity and lubrication. 

Better still, take time in your warm pre-sex shower to feel yourself up. When you wash, do it sensually and get in touch with your body. 

The warm water combined with sensual touch will increase your blood to your skin and destress you simultaneously. The more relaxed and in tune with your body you are, the better chance of you having a satisfying orgasm.

Don’t Skimp on Foreplay 

There are several benefits to taking your time with foreplay; starting by cuddling is more important than you think. Foreplay helps to maintain intimacy, both physical and emotional. It also instills a sense of security and decreases vulnerability. Neglecting foreplay can leave a sense of being undervalued and that does not bode well for a great orgasm. 

Acts of affection, like caressing and cuddling, release a hormone called oxytocin. Commonly known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin increases the intensity of orgasms. 

There is no unique trick to it. Your average kissing and canoodling before sex can build up enough of the hormone to significantly enhance your orgasm. 

Foreplay is like priming an engine – you won’t win a race unless you’re adequately warmed up. For women to have a better orgasm, there needs to be sufficient blood flow to the pubic area and good muscle tension.

The extra blood flow and muscle tension around the vagina and clitoris make the erectile tissues engorged and swollen. The engorged tissue creates more compression and excitement on the bundle of nerves in the clitoris. The increased sensitivity will result in a massive release during orgasm. 

Extended foreplay is a great way to make a vagina squirt and give a woman multiple orgasms.

Communicate Your Needs

Generally, women do not get aroused as quickly as men do, So when foreplay progresses to penetration too quickly, it’s often at the cost of an orgasm. 

Communication is vital in great sex; if you’re not warmed up before your partner is, you need to tell them. Sometimes we are so focused on giving pleasure that we sacrifice our own. 

Get a little selfish. Tell your partner when something feels great, and you want more of it. If you’re afraid of offending them, add a complement to your direction; e.g, “ I love the way your fingers feel there, please will you massage more deeply too.”

We get that many women are still raised to be sexually inhibited, and some partners are sensitive about taking directions. If face-to-face conversation is awkward for you initially, try setting the tone with some suggestive sexting describing what you’d like to try.

Don’t Rush to the Finish Line

Many quality things take time to build, and orgasm is no different. Instead of trying to cum as quickly as possible, build up arousal slowly. 

Give edging a try. Edging, also called surfing or peaking, is a technique to stop yourself from reaching orgasm right before you cum. You stop sexual stimulation before you come, wait thirty seconds and then stimulate again. 

The theory behind edging is that the more blood flow and muscle tension in your pelvis, the more intense your orgasm will be. Delaying an orgasm encourages vasocongestion (blood flow) and myotonia (muscle tension) increases the release when an orgasm occurs.

Edging is an excellent technique for learning how to squirt during masturbation.

Focus on the clitoris

Research shows that the best sex positions for women to orgasm stimulate the clitoris.

Many women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, but individuals have their preferences. Determine how stimulation of your clitoris works for you. Some women enjoy manual stimulation; others respond better to oral stimulation, while for some using a vibrator gets them going.

The clitoris is the most nerve-dense area of the human body, and its single purpose is to enable sexual pleasure. Contrary to what many believe, the clitoris is the tip of a much larger internal structure that runs deep into the pelvic area. 

Those who want an orgasm during penetration focus on sex positions stimulating the clitoris. In some women-on-top positions, they can rub their clitoris on the shaft of the penis. Otherwise, rear entry positions allow space for you or your partner to stimulate your clitoris manually. These are also the best sex positions for squirting

Many techniques stimulate the clitoris, including rubbing up and down, gently tapping, or tracing circles around your clitoris and hood. 

If you enjoy internal stimulation, aim for the G-spot. G-spot stimulation can be an excellent way to make a woman squirt.

The G-spot is still a bit of an enigma, but many scientists believe it’s an internal extension of the clitoris. A combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation can achieve a very intense orgasm. 

The easiest way to stimulate the G-spot is by sliding a finger or two, palm up,  inside the vagina, and curling your finger in a beckoning motion.

Lubricate for a Smooth Ride

Uncomfortable friction in any sexual activity is sure to extinguish the fire, but there’s a simple solution – lubrication. 

There are a good many reasons why lube is a great addition to have in any sex play. Lubrication can make many techniques, and sex acts easier and more fun. Plus, being well-lubricated increases arousal and satisfaction levels, essential factors if you want to give women orgasms.

It is a fallacy that if a woman is aroused enough, she will automatically get wet. While many women do, there is no guarantee that she’ll produce enough natural lubricant for the duration of your play. 

Lube plays a more significant role than just facilitating easy penetration. Incorporating lube into foreplay makes for a smoother touch on delicate areas and can dial sensation up a notch or two.  

Great lubrication allows for more prolonged stimulation to build up sexual tension. Plus, during penetration, it’s easier to maintain rhythm and speed when thrusting and bringing you to climax. 


No two women are the same. What brings one to an intense climax could be a deal breaker for another. To know how to intensify female orgasms, you must figure out your likes and dislikes. 

We have mentioned it before- there is no one solution for all. There are even different types of orgasms. Many women experience intense clitoral orgasms from clitoral stimulation, others find that G-spot orgasms are best for them, and some have incredible vaginal orgasms from vaginal penetration alone.

While we have given you some great tips to find your way to better orgasms, good knowledge of your own body and open communication with your partner are the key to success.

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