How Long Does It Take for a Girl to Cum

How Long Does It Take for a Girl to Cum?

When it comes to orgasms, every woman has their own “normal”. Because of this, you can’t put women in a box and say that they should all enjoy the same type of stimulation, or that they should all take a certain amount of time to cum. 

So, to get straight to the point and answer your question of “How long does it take for a girl to cum?”, the answer is that a woman will take how long she takes to cum. There is no set answer, and if someone gives you one, they are lying.  

While there have been studies conducted on this topic, we cannot say that you should take 30 seconds to cum, otherwise you are considered not to be normal. 

Sex is complex, women are complex, and orgasms are complex. All three are also unique and individual, which is what makes them all so wonderful. 

While some women may take 30 seconds to come, others may take two minutes. Just like some women can only orgasm once, while other women can have multiple orgasms. Every woman and experience is one-of-a-kind. 

And that is what we are going to delve into in this article. We will touch on the research of how long it generally takes for a girl to cum, but we will also talk about the complexities behind it, and what could have an effect on it.

Female Orgasm Facts: How Long They Take & Last

When Does a Woman Reach Climax?

A woman reaches a climax when she has reached just about the highest amount of pleasure that one can get from sexual intercourse or stimulation. 

When a woman reaches climax, there are distinct things that happen, which is how girls know when they are going to cum

A woman’s climax has been quoted as being a “head-to-toe experience”, because of what happens to the female body during an orgasm

When a woman is about to reach climax, her breathing and heart rate will increase. A woman officially reaches a climax when her pelvic floor muscles, vagina, and anus contract involuntarily, and she feels an immense amount of pleasure run through her entire body, especially her genital area.  

How Long Does It Take for a Woman to Reach Climax?

Unfortunately, there is no set time for this. Every woman is unique, and it is impossible to predict how long it’ll take her to climax. 

There are a lot of external factors that affect this, too. 

For example, a woman will reach climax a lot faster if there is stimulation of her clitoris and G-spot. Sex toys have also been reported to speed up the time it takes for a woman to climax.

If you are only using penetration, then it will most likely take her a lot longer to climax. Certain sex positions are more favorable to making a woman climax, though, and will definitely help to speed up the process. 

These positions include Legs On Shoulder, Stand And Deliver, Happy Baby Pose, Doggy Style, The Spoon Position, and Missionary with a pillow under the girl’s hips.

Things like environment, state of mind, and stress also determine how long it takes for a woman to climax.

So, even though it is impossible to say how long it takes for a woman to climax, it can generally be anywhere from 30 seconds (this is usually with self-stimulation) up to 20 minutes (or even longer in some cases).

Is Climax the Equivalent of Squirting?

Some of you may have heard about or experienced squirting. This may lead you to wonder if when a girl squirts, is it an orgasm

To put it simply, no, it is not. While they often occur together, women can orgasm without squirting, just like women can cum without orgasming

Both can cause an intense amount of pleasure, but it is not always a given that they will occur together. 

It is much more common for a woman to climax or cum without squirting. It usually takes a lot longer for a woman to squirt than it does for her to climax. 

How Long Does a Female Orgasm Last?

A couple of years ago, it was believed that female orgasms only lasted a mere 3 to 15 seconds. 

Since then, more research has emerged, and it is now believed that female orgasms can last anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. 

Data published has shown that about 40% of women estimate their orgasms to last approximately 30 to 60 seconds. At the same time, 48% of women seem to experience orgasms that are even longer than that. 

But, it is very important to remember that these are just approximations from research done on several women. How long a female orgasm lasts differs from woman to woman, and there are multitudes of “normal” when it comes to the duration of a female orgasm. 

What Effects How Long It Takes for Women to Orgasm?

Unfortunately, there are way more things than you would imagine that affect how long it takes for a woman to orgasm.

One of the largest contributors, though, is a woman’s state of mind. if a woman is stressed, has other things on her mind, or just isn’t in the mood for sex, it will take a lot longer for her to orgasm. That is if she even reaches orgasm at all. 

In order for a woman to orgasm fairly quickly and intensely, she needs to be relaxed, happy, and not thinking about other things or putting pressure on herself to cum. 

Of course, then there are also external factors that play a role, too. These things include how the woman is being stimulated, if toys are involved, whether or not there was enough foreplay, and the environment that they are in.

Two other factors that can contribute to orgasming, which might be a bit surprising, are genetics and hormone levels. 

In terms of genetics, if a woman is born with her clitoris more than 2.5 centimeters away from her urethra, it may be harder for her to reach orgasm quickly, if at all. 

If a woman has hormone imbalances, especially with her estrogen and testosterone, it can affect her ability to orgasm, which is why it may seem like it takes her a very long time to reach climax.

Does It Take Longer for Women to Orgasm than Men?

In general, it most certainly does take longer for a woman to reach orgasm than it does for a man. This is the reason that there is such an orgasm gap between men and women. It is also the reason why women often don’t orgasm at all if penetration is the only form of stimulation that is used. 

There are a few theories as to why men reach orgasm more quicker than women do. 

The first theory is that they have a higher sex drive. Men have a lot more testosterone than women do, which means they likely have higher sex drives, which makes it easier for them to reach climax faster than women.

The second theory comes down to biology. Men were quite literally made to ejaculate so that they can release sperm and create human life. 

In men, ejaculation and orgasms are almost always linked. This is why researchers believe that it is easier for them to orgasm quicker and more frequently. 

Additionally, a man’s penis is concentrated with nerve endings. It is much easier for these nerve endings to be stimulated, especially through penetration, than it is for the nerve endings of the clitoris to be stimulated. 

This results in men reaching climax quicker than women. 

Are There More Health Benefits If You Can Orgasm Faster?

There are no more health benefits if you can orgasm faster, but there are more orgasm health benefits for women if you orgasm more frequently. 

More frequent orgasms have been linked to lower stress levels, glowing and healthy skin, better sleep, happier moods, boosted fertility, stronger pelvic floor muscles, less chance of hypertension, and a boosted immune system. 

So, in essence, it does not matter how long it takes you to orgasm to receive more benefits. But rather, the more often you orgasm will result in the higher amount of health benefits reaped. 


There definitely is still a sense of mystery surrounding the topic of female orgasms. And even though more research has been done into how long it takes a girl to cum, as well as how long orgasms last, specific and accurate data is hard to give because of how variable women are. 

As we mentioned, each woman is different. This means that no two women will take exactly the same amount of time to reach climax, and no two women will experience the same length of orgasm. 

To throw another spanner in the works, an individual woman can experience different lengths of orgasms, as well as different lengths of time to reach orgasm. 

So, even if more research is done on this topic, the variability of women will make it hard to reach completely accurate answers.

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