How to Fake Squirting

How to Fake Squirting

Popularised in porn films and erotic literature, squirting is something that many women can only aspire to. The fact is, not every woman squirts when she cums, but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the fun. 

If you’d love to put on a show for your partner, you need this guide on how to fake squirting. The appeal of squirting is the visual effect, and this can be achieved if you follow our simple ten-point plan. So unleash your inner vixen, and get ready to learn how to squirt like a pornstar.

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How to Fake Squirting

The exact nature and cause of squirting are still highly debated and subject to further research. When asked if they have ever ejaculated or squirted, many women answer that they have. There is no clear evidence to suggest that it is a common thing. But the fact is, some women do squirt when they come. 

Squirting is just one of several signs of orgasm in women, and it is not the norm for every woman. So, if you have tried without success, you have another option: faking it. This can be done with the help of a special sex toy, called a  squirting dildo, or even with the use of douches or lubricant.

If you think you’re ready to give fake squirting a go, look at our ten-point plan below. Find the option that sounds good to you, and have fun with it. Or try them all, that is the best way to find the method that works for you.

Get a Squirting Dildo

Just like all dildos, squirting dildos are available in different sizes and styles. But the basic premise is the same. The dildo will be equipped with tubing, and sometimes a syringe to inject fluid into the tube. Some even have an external pump. The style of sex toy that you go with is up to you.

Many great designs are available online, in both a regular dong shape as well as an angled g-spot dildo. Don’t just choose one based on your need to fake a squirt. You want to enjoy playing with it at other times too, despite any squirting action it delivers.

With all the varieties on the market, you’ll find one that’s right for you very easily. The dildo can be a vibrating one too, and this may be your best option. Women who squirt for real, often achieve this when using a vibrator. You may find that faking a squirt with a vibrator leads to the real thing happening.

Try a Douche

A popular porn star has said that she once had to film a squirting scene for a particular website. However, she found herself unable to do so on demand that day. Her solution was to fill her vagina with douches while lying on her back, and then bearing down and ‘squirting’ them out when the cameras were rolling.

The very act of douching can turn a woman on, so you may want to try this out, anyway. It may be a bit trickier to achieve fake squirting this way though. It’s also going to make your sheets very wet, probably more so than with real squirting. 

But there’s yet another option for you to try when learning how to fake squirting. It may be far easier to achieve, and look far more realistic to the viewer, too. Best of all, you’ll be using something you may already have in your bedside drawer.

Lubricant Is Your Friend

There’s a simpler method that, like douching, does not require a dildo. Lubricant is your friend with this trick. Ever seen those little sachets of lube that you can get with a pack of condoms? Those are great for learning how to fake squirting.

Open the sachet, and apply a bit to the outside of your vagina and inner thighs. Then pop the sachet containing the rest of the line between your inner thighs, right below the crotch. Tuck it inside so that it cannot be seen. Be careful not to hurt yourself if the sachet has hard edges. 

Then when you give your partner a squirt show, lie back and rub your clit and at the crucial moment, insert a finger and push on the sachet. It will release the leftover lube, although it may ooze rather than gush out. 

But whether real or fake, there’s one thing to keep in mind when squirting. And that’s limiting the mess, which brings us to point number four. 

Throw in the Towel, a Few of Them

It’s nos secret that squirting can get, well, messy. If you don’t feel like soaking your bedlinen with the squirting show, put down some towels that are due for a trip to the washer, anyway. Maybe two, if you have so much fun that you and your partner get carried away with your squirting toy.

Chances are very high that, after watching you squirt, fake or not, your partner will be very aroused and want to have sex. This is why squirting porn is so successful. The effect can be a great turn-on for men. Perhaps for women too, but not enough study has been done on the subject.

If putting down towels sounds too orchestrated, here’s a great tip. Do it in the shower. Or over the bath. Or wherever takes your fancy that won’t be ruined by some fluid mess. That way there’s no real cleanup, and you may feel more at ease about it.

Practice Makes Perfect

You may want to try this out on your own, before showing it off to your partner. That makes sense, as you will be under less pressure to ‘perform’. Remember, there is no limit to how many times a day a woman can cum. So go ahead and practice masturbating with your new dildo a few times.

This will get you used to how the squirting dildo works, to perfect your technique. But it also serves a more personal purpose. You’ll be much more relaxed about your upcoming performance once you’ve had a few orgasms on your own. They are the ultimate stress-buster.

So many studies have been done on orgasms, that there’s scientific evidence to back this up. Oxytocin released during orgasm has been found to work as a relaxation agent. And when you’re in a relaxed, stress-free mood, you’re more likely to have better sex too.

Put on a Show

If it’s a show your partner wants, give them one. Let them watch while you pleasure yourself with the dildo. When you feel that you’re going to cum, yank the dildo out and simultaneously release the fluid. Let the dildo slip down between your thighs onto the bed. It will appear as though the ‘squirt’ was from you.

This requires a bit of sleight of hand, but don’t feel embarrassed if you can’t master this trick without being clumsy. If you chose to go with the lubricant or douche option, you may find this easier to do.  But even if your partner is aware that it’s not ‘real’, trust us, they won’t care. 

The effect will be very dramatic, just as when they see it in a porn film. They’ll enjoy the show, anyway, no matter what method you use or how ‘professional’ you look while doing it. Make it even more exciting and go with the pornstar vibe. Be very vocal while doing it, with sensual music playing in the background.

Be Prepared for a Surprise

When you relax about a thing, that’s usually when it happens, naturally. Some women find that by no longer worrying about ‘real squirting, they are actually able to do it. The dildo may be a contributing factor, especially since it has a curved tip. Thats’ better able to reach your g-spot.

Another trick is to use a vibrating dildo. Use it inside your vagina until you feel pressure mounting inside the front wall. Then quickly move it away from your g-spot as you feel you’re about to orgasm. This has helped many previous non-squirters achieve the real thing.

Even if you don’t squirt, you may still ejaculate. Yes, there’s a difference. Do you know that milky-white creamy substance you or your partner have noticed when you climax? That’s it, that’s female ejaculation fluid. Squirt is related to it, but is a clear fluid, and with more volume.

Life Imitates Art

Your squirting dildo act can be just the catalyst you need for learning how to squirt, for real. A lot of what happens in sex starts in the mind. So if you trick your eye, and your mind, that you have ‘squirted’, then you just might relax enough to do it.  

If you want to give it a try, remember that those women who squirt for real usually do so when their g-spot is stimulated. Some say that they have squirted from other stimulation, like having oral on their clitoris, or even anal sex. But most of the time, g-spot pressure is what makes girls cum and squirt. 

Stay Hydrated 

Just in case your acting gig turns into the real thing, you’ll need to be super hydrated for it to happen. Make sure that you drink enough water beforehand. 

In that case, you can try drinking a lot of water so that you have a full bladder. And hydrate your vagina too with some good lube, to help the dildo slide in and out more easily.

People disagree about whether or not squirting is pee or very diluted pee.  Some claim that is something else entirely, akin to ejaculation fluid. Evidence suggests that it may be a combination of the two. Either way, when researching this topic, we found that the majority of men don’t even mind if it is pee. 

To Pee or Not to Pee

The stimulation that brings you to orgasm, particularly of your g-spot, may trigger your bladder. If you are not able to ‘pee on demand’ outside of a bathroom setting, try pretending that you are on the toilet. 

Squeeze your abdomen muscles, and you may just propel some urine out. If you have been staying hydrated, and have drunk lots of water beforehand, it will be pale-colored or see-through and not strong-smelling either. 

Is Squirting in Porn Movies as Easy as It Looks?

The reality is, many of those scenes may be fake, or highly embellished. But they don’t do this to deceive you. 

Don’t forget that most of these porn movies are made for men’s enjoyment, and men are mostly usually stimulated. That’s why they like watching porn in the first place. It’s just a tool for arousal, much like you may fantasize when you masturbate.

You may have watched some porn with your partner, or even on your own, and wondered what the deal is with all the squirting. Is it that common? No, it isn’t. But it has a very powerful effect on the viewer, and that’s why they do it,

Porn is meant to be a form of entertainment, just like a Hollywood blockbuster is. You know that the action scenes in Hollywood movies aren’t real. So, don’t expect porn to be any different. They aim to entertain, and that includes faking it, So channel your inner movie star, and give it a go yourself!

How Do Men Feel About Women Squirting?

There is reason to believe that many women who squirt just have good control over their bladder and are peeing on demand. If that bothers you, we should point out that almost every man questioned said that it doesn’t bother them. Most men love it if a woman squirts, whether it’s pee or not.

Squirting is a very powerful visual display. Every man wants to feel that he’s had such an effect on his partner. That’s why they’re always looking for ways to make a girl climax. But what is happening when you cum, and do guys feel it?

When you have an orgasm, your body unleashes all the sexual tension stored up during arousal. The more tension, the bigger the waves of pleasure. So, can a man feel a woman climax when he’s inside her? Not, no, although some guys with thicker penises claim they feel it. 

Because it’s not always easy to tell if a girl is cumming, so your partner relies on audible or visual clues. Moans of pleasure and squirting are very exciting clues. If you can squirt, he’ll love it. If you can’t but are happy to fake squirting to excite him, he’ll love it. You can’t go wrong with this one!


It’s easy to know how to fake squirting once you put your mind to it. But the important thing is that you should do what feels good to you. If you are doing it to please your partner, but don’t enjoy it yourself, rather concentrate on doing other things together.

Great sex is not about who can squirt, or how hard or far they can squirt. It’s about the thrills and sensations that accompany it. See it as just another fun sex game for you and your partner to enjoy together.

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