How Many Women Cum From Penetration

How Many Women Cum from Penetration?

An orgasm is the release of pent-up sexual tension that has built during the arousal stage. As such, it is a vital part of the sexual experience.  

But how many women cum from penetration alone? And what are the contributing factors to having an orgasm during sex? 

In this short guide, we examine the statistics and look at the possible reasons behind them. We also discuss how you can improve your chances of climaxing during penetrative sex.

What this article covers:

What Percentage of Women Orgasm from Penetration?

Let’s get into the statistics for how often women orgasm from sex

Only 18.4% of women can orgasm solely from penetrative sex. But while they can cum from penetration, they don’t always do so. 

Only a quarter of these women always have orgasms from vaginal intercourse. This may be a major contributing factor as to why women fake orgasms. Incredibly, 59% of women have reported that they have done so, at one time or another. This is usually out of compassion for their partner. 

Why Do so Few Women Cum from Penetration Alone?

If you’re reading this wondering, “why can’t I make my girlfriend cum?”, here’s your answer.

If only 18.4 & of women orgasm from penetrative sex, that means 81.6% need additional stimulation. This extra stimulation is usually achieved through clitoral stimulation, either before, during, or after penetration.

This does not mean that all of those women who need extra stimulation will necessarily always have an orgasm either. But women who have clitorial stimulation during vaginal sex, orgasm 51-60% of the time. 

Can You Have Orgasms Without Stimulating the Clitoris?

Yes, you can. The more aroused you are, the more likely you will have an orgasm. This release will be felt more strongly wherever the tension was highest.

All women are different, especially when it comes to the intensity, frequency, and nature of their orgasms. You may experience many different types of orgasms, with or without ejaculation or squirting. 

Can all girls squirt? No. But that’s normal, and it’s okay. As long as you are enjoying sex, that’s all that matters. 

According to research, the percentage of women who can squirt or ejaculate is anywhere from 10-54%. That’s not exactly a precise figure, and more research has to be done on the topic. But if you want to try and squirt, it’s useful to know that the G-spot may play a role in this.

The Role of the G-Spot 

Having an orgasm from penetration, without simultaneous clitoral stimulation, is more likely if your g-spot is stimulated. Yes, that elusive g-spot does exist, although your partner may struggle to reach it. 

It’s situated against the front wall of your vagina, and the angle at which you’re penetrated (by a penis or dildo) determines if it is reached or not.

G-spot stimulation may also play a vital role in women who ejaculate or squirt. But it can also produce orgasms without these being present. 

Why Is Clitoral Stimulation so Effective?

For one thing, it’s a lot easier to find and play with than your g-spot! 

Clitoral stimulation is very effective for having an orgasm, and 92.4% of women say they orgasm when they masturbate. This is probably because it’s the way that most women masturbate: stroking their clitoris. 

It does not have a reproductive function. Its only purpose appears to be offering sexual pleasure, and it does this job very well. But why is this so effective for making a woman cum? 

Why Does Stimulation of the Clitoris Cause Orgasms?

Your vagina, the entire vulva is an erogenous zone. And the clitoris is the most sensitive part of your vulva. This little feature may be small but it has a big impact. That’s because it contains, on average,  10,281 nerve fibers.

This intense sensitivity, when physically stimulated, is what gives rise to orgasms. So stimulating it during penetrative sex is very likely to make a woman cum. 

If you aren’t climaxing from penetrative sex, you may be wondering why? Doesn’t the clitoris get stimulated by your partner’s penis when he enters you? The answer is, no, sometimes not.

Depending on the angle of your sex position, your partner’s penis shaft might not be stimulating your clitoris enough, or in a way that can produce an orgasm.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot or Clitoris During Penetrative Sex

The most effective way to have an orgasm during penetrative sex would appear to be the stimulation of the clitoris, the g-spot, or both. So, how do you go about it?

There are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Opt for a sex position that changes the angle of your partner’s penis (or a dildo, if being used), during penetration. Remember, the g-spot is against the front wall of your vagina. The ‘cowgirl’ or woman-on-top position can be useful for this.
  • Use a mini-vibrator against your clitoris while you engage in penetrative sex. This will heighten the sensations, and make an orgasm more likely. The vibration against your partner’s penis will also enhance his pleasure. Some men are more sensitive though, so check this out first.
  • Use a stimulating lube. Many are available on the market that produces a warming and tingling sensation, which could help you to achieve orgasm during vaginal sex. Some women find it a bit extreme, so test it out on your labia before applying it to your clitoris or your vaginal canal.


Sex is about more than just penetration, or just having an orgasm. It’s a total body experience. 

Nature has given you various parts that play a role in orgasms, and this is how many women cum from penetration. If you, too, want to cum during penetration, try one of the tricks above to improve your odds.

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