Girlfriend Can't Orgasm

Girlfriend Can’t Orgasm

No one likes to accept that their girlfriend can’t orgasm. It can even make you feel that you have failed her somehow. But you don’t have to feel that way anymore because, with the right advice, anyone and everyone can enjoy a fulfilling sex life. 

Many women who have suffered from this problem have gone on to experience orgasms after getting the right advice. In this guide, you’ll learn the most common problems that cause this issue and their solutions.

Why Can’t I Make My Girlfriend Orgasm?

Why can’t some girls cum? Before we get to the possible reasons why your girlfriend can’t orgasm, we must look at the facts. In research conducted on this topic, the results give some clues as to what causes this problem.  

Firstly, many women are unable to orgasm. It is clear from research into the percentage of women who orgasm from penetration. While a quarter of women orgasm from vaginal intercourse, 30% of women don’t. So your girlfriend is not unique in this.

Secondly, women who claim they’re unable to orgasm often can climax in certain situations yet not in others. For example,  women are 23% more likely to orgasm from oral sex than from other sexual acts. 

With all this in mind, let’s examine the three main reasons why some women don’t orgasm with their partners, and the best solutions.

Mental Blocks, Stress, and Anxiety

Mental blocks, stress, and anxiety are some of the main causes of the inability to climax. When your girlfriend is stressed, be it work or home-related, she’ll struggle to become aroused enough to reach orgasm. Or she may be aroused, but not able to release that sexual tension in an orgasm.

An important note: A deep-seated psychological trauma or negative early sexual experiences may prevent a woman from climaxing. If you know of, or suspect, such issues in your girlfriend’s past, the best thing you can do is to be emotionally supportive. Counseling sessions would be the best solution here.

How to Beat Stress and Encourage Orgasms 

It’s ironic that although sex is a great stress reliever, stress can also inhibit orgasms. There are several ways to beat stress. But you need to look for ones that also increase arousal and the potential for an orgasm. 

Put your girlfriend (and yourself) in the mood for sex with a relaxing massage. Use a scented aromatherapy oil for even more benefits. Switch off the phone and tv, and create a sensual atmosphere with some music.  

You’re Trying Too Hard

Trying too hard is one of the most common problems with sex. While achieving an orgasm is fantastic, sex can be enjoyable without it. By putting pressure on your girlfriend, you not only get frustrated when she doesn’t climax, but she does too. It can be the reason for how many women fake an orgasm.

So stop focusing on orgasm, and it’s more likely to happen. You must aim to build sexual tension, not increase anxiety. 

Relax and Let It Happen Naturally

Skip a day or two and let the arousal and resulting sexual tension build a little. Orgasms are the release of that pent-up sexual tension, after all. It’s normal for a girl not to climax, sometimes. If you’re trying too hard, you’re not allowing enough time to let things happen naturally.

Concentrate on bonding and affection, as women are more likely to have an orgasm when they feel emotionally connected to their partner. Spend time cuddling to increase levels of the ‘love hormone”, oxytocin. It will make her more likely to orgasm when you have sex again.

You’re Not Giving Her What She Needs

The statistics for how often women orgasm from penetration may surprise you. Most women take about 14 minutes to orgasm during sex, and what’s more, only 65% of women orgasm during sex with a man. 

That does not mean that you’re not making your girlfriend feel good. But every woman is different and responds to sexual stimulation in different ways. 

Some women find that certain positions stimulate the g-spot more than the missionary position. Others find clitoral stimulation necessary for them to orgasm. Find what works for your girlfriend. It might not be the same as what worked for previous partners.

Mix Things Up a Bit

The only way to know what works for your girlfriend is to mix things up and try new things. Clitoral stimulation is a big factor in orgasms, but it often doesn’t get stimulated enough during penetrative sex. Many women orgasm during vaginal sex only when their clitoris is stimulated during sex, too. 

Try mutual masturbation, or let her masturbate while you are inside here. That is a winning combination for you to climax, together. 

Try out different sex positions, like the woman-on-top or rear-entry. They are often more successful at giving orgasms. And don’t forget about oral sex, as that is another effective way to give a woman an orgasm.   


Not having orgasms is a common issue among women, and your girlfriend will appreciate that you want to help. Read this article together, and follow the guidelines listed for encouraging orgasms. With patience, understanding, and the correct techniques, you’ll bring her to orgasm sooner than you think.

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