What Makes a Woman Climax

What Makes a Woman Climax Every Time?

Sex can be fantastic even without an orgasm. Sex therapists and experts will tell you great sex is about the journey, not the destination. But few women will turn down an orgasmic finish.

For some couples, it’s not about how many times can women cum, but whether she can cum at all.

If you are a woman with a high orgasms success rate, men and women want to know how you do it. But no two people are the same. A technique that works for one woman could be a turn-off for another. 

So what makes a woman climax every time?  Read on for some insight into achieving the big O.

Is It Easy to Make a Girl Cum?

Much goes into achieving an orgasm, so it’s no surprise that only an estimated ten percent of women find it easy to cum. 

Contrary to porn culture and some popular erotica, most women cannot achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone.

Plus, sex has more to it than a physical component. Mindset and emotion play a role, especially when trying to achieve an orgasm. 

Confidence plays a role too. A woman at ease with guiding her partner and telling them what gets her off is likely to cum more easily than a shy girl who leaves her partner fumbling. 

What Makes a Woman Climax?

There is no one way to make a woman climax. Plus, there is no foolproof method to guarantee an orgasm.

First, you should know that you are not making a “woman” cum. You are pleasuring a specific individual with specific preferences. Ask your partner what she likes, try it out, and ask for feedback. 

While there is no one size fits all technique to make a cum, some methods seem more reliable at producing orgasms than others. 

It Is Not a Race 

It takes the average man seven minutes to finish but three times that long for women to climax. Many women are self-conscious about taking too long; if their minds are on the clock, they won’t reach a climax soon. 

It is crucial that women feel relaxed to achieve orgasm. So take your time and focus on the pleasure of the journey rather than trying to reach a goal. 

Pressure to orgasm in a limited time can leave women wondering how to fake squirting and climax.

Fire up Her Hot Spots

Most people have areas on their bodies, aside from their genitals, that excite sexual feelings. Get to know where your partners’ erogenous zones are. Everyone is different, so the best way to find out where your girl’s hot spots are, is to ask. Some may be less obvious than you think, for example, her ears or behind her knees. 

Start at the Top 

Remember, she is a person, not a vagina, so don’t go south too soon. It can be helpful to build up tension gradually by focusing on the erogenous zones above her waist first.

Caressing her neck, breasts, and hands, maybe a turn for her. Getting her aroused this way will let her know you’re paying attention to her. It will also increase blood flow and lubrication to her vagina.

Body Language

Verbal cues can guide whether or not you’re on the right track, and so can body language. Watch for hip movement and muscle tension. If you want to know when a girl has an orgasm be observant. You may notice her labia will deepen in color as she gets closer to orgasm.

Don’t Shy Away from Sex Toys 

If your partner uses a vibrator to pleasure herself, there is no reason you shouldn’t include it as part of your sex play as a couple. Research shows that women who use a vibrator alone and with a partner experience greater sexual satisfaction.

Don’t Run Dry

Friction can result in discomfort or pain, so don’t let your girl run dry. Insufficient lubrication is not necessarily a sign that your partner is not turned on. 

Medication, hormonal imbalances, and dehydration – even exposure to the air can decrease lubrication. Lubrication increases comfort, and sexual pleasure – water-based is best for vaginal health.

The Clitoris Is Queen

According to research, only 18% of women reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. For most women, external clitoral stimulation is crucial to achieving orgasm. 

There are several ways you can stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex. Some sex positions facilitate stimulation of the clitoris by the penis during penetration. 

Steps to Make a Girl Orgasm

Set the Mood

Women generally take longer than men to get aroused, so take time to indulge all your partner’s senses. Relaxation is essential for women to achieve orgasm. So ensure you have privacy and enough time to give your partner the attention she needs. 

Setting the mood might include dimming the lights, lighting some candles, sexy lingerie, or perhaps a soak in a bubble bath. 

For some, setting the mood could mean a candle-lit dinner and great conversation.

Different strokes for different folk – but you get the idea.

Start Slow and Soft

The clitoris is an incredibly sensitive nerve-dense area, and direct stimulation may feel uncomfortable for many women. 

Ask your partner for guidance as you go. 

Start with gentle circling around the clitoris with the pad of your finger or tongue. Remember to make sure she is well lubricated to prevent uncomfortable friction on her clitoris and labia. Check-in with her if your pressure and technique feel good. 

There are several techniques you can try to stimulate the clitoris. 

  • Rub – use your fingers to gently slide up and down or side to side across the clitoris and clitoral hood. 
  • Pinch – gently pinch the clitoris between your forefinger and middle finger and slide your hand up and down.
  • Circle- trace slow circles around the clitoris. Widen the circles to include the labia, then decrease the circles to rub gently over the clitoris hood. 
  • Tapping – light tapping on the clitoris can be arousing; change things up by tapping gently between circling. 

Stimulate the Whole Clitoris

The clitoris is much more than a small bump. The clitoris has ‘legs’ that extend down the sides of the vagina and comprises erectile tissue called the bulbs that expand when sexually aroused. 

Rub your fingers along the length of her vaginal lips on both sides of her vagina. You circle right down to her vaginal opening, then back up to the clitoris at the top. Suppose you include a vibrator in your sex session. In that case, you can run the vibrator lightly around her clitoris and gently down each labia. 

Try Oral Sex

Many women find oral sex extremely pleasurable. Start lightly licking her inner thighs if you are using your tongue. 

Move your tongue to her vaginal lips and increase pressure, pressing your tongue against her while you move your head up and down. At the same time gently rub around her clitoris with your thumb. 

Add Penetration

While it’s essential to give the clitoris plenty of attention, don’t forget that the whole vaginal area is a highly erotic zone. 

The vaginal opening and area immediately inside the vagina are very sensitive. While stimulating her clitoris with your tongue or the pad of your thumb, use your fingers to slide just inside her vagina and gently massage an inch or so into her vagina. 

The internal structures of the clitoris circle the vaginal canal, so massaging the vaginal walls with your fingers or a sex toy can increase the chances of an orgasm. Often men can feel when a woman orgasms if his fingers are inside her at the moment of climax.

How to Make a Woman Reach Climax Faster

Prioritze your partner

Make it all about her. Women often prioritize pleasuring their partners instead of focusing on themselves. Tell her that you want the time to focus on her and make her pleasure a priority. 

Encourage her to communicate precisely what works for her and what doesn’t. The best way to know when a woman is cumming is to communicate openly and honestly.

Increase Clitoral Stimulation

Could you pay more attention to her clitoris? The best way to know what you’re doing is to ask. If you’re not getting it right, ask her to show you. Let her stimulate her clitoris while you massage or penetrate her vagina with your fingers.


There is no denying that orgasms are amazing but sex should be fun and pleasurable whether you achieve an orgasm or not. 

Making orgasm the goal of your sex session places unnecessary pressure on you and your girl. Stress is a passion killer and can sabotage an orgasm completely. 

90% of women cannot orgasm without clitoral contact – so if you aim to make your girl orgasm, you’ll want to include plenty of clitoral stimulation in your repertoire. 

While everybody is different, and there is no one size fits all solution to climaxing, a few tried and tested methods should work to bring your girl to orgasm.

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