How Do Girls Know When They Cum

How Do Girls Know When They Cum?

The female orgasm is a bit of a modern-day mystery and it’s partly due to a lack of research. But it’s also because of the taboo nature of female pleasure and, more specifically, female orgasms 

As conversations opened up about female pleasure, many women were faced with a conundrum: how do girls know when they cum? 

Some might tell you it’s impossible to miss but we’re here to tell you it’s not that clear for everyone. Today, let’s take a deep dive into the female orgasm and how to know when you’ve reached the peak of female pleasure. 

What this article covers:

What Is an Orgasm?

The first step to figuring out how to know when a girl has cum is by learning what an orgasm is. And in recent years, we’ve developed a much deeper understanding of this aspect of the female body. 

The orgasm is a heightened state of pleasure from sexual arousal. It happens when arousal is built up into a peak and then released. 

It can be brought on through masturbation, penetrative sex, clitoral stimulation and even working out, just to name a few. The experience of climaxing varies from person to person. 

For some women, having an orgasm might not lead to a sense of release or relief. It could lead to climaxing multiple times but how many times a woman can climax is dependent on the woman. 

And for others, the release could be a very slow, almost relaxing experience. Either way, the female orgasm very rarely looks like the one we see in movies or porn. In real life, it’s either a lot softer or a whole lot messier. And it’s perfectly normal either way. 

How Do Women Know When They Cum?

If you’re not sure if you are climaxing, we understand the confusion. Some people “just know” while others are a little confused, especially when the orgasm they had doesn’t match up to the one we always hear about. 

Or maybe you are trying to have better sex with your partner and want to know what signs to look out for. 

Either way, here are some general signs that will help you pick up on whether you or your partner are reaching climax.

If you don’t see any of the telltale signs during masturbation or intercourse, then read our guides on what makes a woman cum and how to make a woman cum faster. It’s a good place to start your journey to female pleasure. 

Louder Moaning or a Lost Voice

If porn has taught us anything, it’s that sex can be loud. During orgasm, some women might feel intense pleasure that causes them to moan louder than they normally do.

Just remember that it isn’t likely going to sound like the moans you hear in porn. Female moans of pleasure can vary wildly, from grunting and panting to giggling and screaming. The list goes on. The moaning will also be accompanied by some of the other signs on the lists. 

But don’t let moaning be your only indicator of a good time. If you’re quiet in bed, don’t stress. Some women are quiet during sex and masturbation, with only light breathing or panting. Some even lose their voice completely when they cum and their muscles contract. 

Build Up & Taper Off 

While there seem to be varying overall orgasm strengths, the consensus is that there are also levels during the orgasm itself. 

It starts with the build-up during foreplay or masturbation. Many women describe it as feeling like a sneeze. While it might not feel the same as a sneeze, the feeling of something building in the body is pretty similar.  

Next, there is a small plateau. This plateau can be intense and leads to a sensitive and engorged clitoris and a flushed and even lightly swollen vulva. Here the pleasure reaches its final stage before orgasm. 

Next, you will have an orgasm and feelings of pleasure. It can last a few seconds to a couple of minutes and differs from woman to woman. After, you’ll notice the arousal diminish. You’ll either be sleepy, relaxed, or ready for round two. 

Keep in mind that this is a very general overview of the average female orgasm. 

Skin Looks Flushed

During intercourse or masturbation, arousal does some crazy things to the human body. One of the most visible signs of orgasm is flushed skin on the face, chest, breasts, and arms. 

Because of the physical exertion and increased blood flow during sex, blood vessels dilate and give the body a flushed appearance. This flush will also be visible on the genitals, which might darken the skin tone and lead to a slightly fuller or swollen vulva. 

This is perfectly normal and is due to the increased blood flow. It should go down after a bit.  

Muscle Contractions

During sex or masturbation, muscle contractions are likely to show up throughout your entire body. 

The first main type of contraction is pelvic floor muscle contractions. Women describe it as pulses in their vaginas that can last for a few minutes before, during, and after orgasm. 

If you are feeling these, it’s usually a great indicator that things are going well. It’s also got us curious about what a man feels when a woman orgasms

These contractions are also present throughout the body. The core muscles will tense up and release, and spasms in the legs or arms are pretty common. You might also feel the need to arch your back or curl into yourself or toward your partner as the orgasm comes close and reaches a crescendo. 

Legs or Body Shakes

As mentioned above, muscles contract a lot during sex and masturbation. And sometimes these contractions can lead to full-body tremors or isolated leg shakes. 

As the heart rate increases, the muscles stiffen, and blood flow increases, muscle control can sometimes go out the window. For some women, this translates into leg or body tremors. Some women kick out and jerk around. And others might find they need something to hold on to. 

Whichever way it presents itself, uncontrollable body shakes and pleasure are usually great signs that you’re peaking. 

Female Ejaculation

Lastly, the surest way to know whether you orgasm is through female ejaculation. While female ejaculation and squirting are often used interchangeably, they’re not the same thing. 

Squirting, while still being studied, is the involuntary emptying of the bladder. To some women, it feels like having an orgasm and to others, it doesn’t. You can learn how to fake squirting and it’s often used to heighten sexual experiences. 

But female ejaculation is different. It works similarly to male ejaculation and even has some of the same components of male ejaculation like prostatic acid phosphatase.

Women who experience ejaculation describe it as a warm feeling that follows the same path as what we know as “traditional” orgasms. Ejaculation can be a whitish fluid or be completely clear and is present after orgasm. 

Sometimes it’s a little bit of fluid; sometimes it’s a lot of fluid. Both ways are perfectly normal. 

The research is still out on this one but if you experience what seems to be female ejaculation, you can rest assured that you’re having orgasms. 


For a long time, female pleasure was not studied and not talked about. But in recent years the taboo nature of the topic has thankfully lightened but left women with a lot of questions. 

Most often women aren’t sure whether they are having an orgasm or not. Fortunately, with the above signs, you’ll have some physical indicators of whether or not you’re having orgasms.

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