Faking an Orgasm

How to Tell If a Girl Is Faking an Orgasm

Are you suspicious that your partner may be faking her orgasms?

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to tell if a girl is faking an orgasm.

In fact, research has suggested that more than half of guys can’t tell when a lady is faking it. Because of this, a lot of women continue to fake orgasms. And get away with it.

Luckily, we are here to tell you exactly how to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

The truth is you don’t need to be a mind reader or body language expert to determine whether an orgasm is real or fake.

This is because many physiological clues simply can’t be faked, no matter how good of an actress your partner is.

In this article, we will list everything to look out for to determine whether your girl is putting on a show or actually experiencing an orgasm.

What this article covers:

How to Tell If a Girl Is Faking an Orgasm

She Is Talking…a Lot

Despite what you have seen about what happens when women cum on TV or elsewhere, most women are unable to string a coherent sentence together when they are having an orgasm.

So, if your girl is very verbal and communicating with you, the chances are that she is faking it.

She Is Not Perspiring

Women don’t need to be part of the percentage of the female population that can squirt to break a sweat during orgasm.

They don’t need to be swinging from a chandelier either.

Sweating is a normal reaction to sex, arousal, and orgasms. Orgasms lead to an increase in heart rate much in the same way that exercise does, even when you are having a low and slow session.

The same goes for colder conditions. Your lady should at least sweat a little when she reaches orgasm.

So, the absence of sweat in the body may indicate that she didn’t climax. Look for sweat in the body creases such as elbows and knees, between the breasts, and at the small back.

She Is Not Flushed

Due to an increase in body temperature, women’s skin also becomes flushed post-orgasm. 

Sometimes, this manifests as red splotches on the chest because this is where the blood rushes during orgasm.  

Can women cum without having red splotches on their chests? Well sure. 

But at the very least, her skin should look slightly flushed because the blood vessels dilate during orgasm, even if it doesn’t manifest as red blotches.

She Looks Directly at You

Eye contact is a normal part of sex and the absence of it does not mean your girlfriend is faking it.

But, during orgasm, a woman’s pupils will dilate and it will be hard to maintain a partner’s gaze during this time.

Most women have a far-away or dazed look in their eyes and will turn their faces away from their partner during orgasm.

So, if you catch her staring at you, she is not there yet.

She Is Loose and Limber

Orgasms also lead to women’s bodies tensing up. This is specifically noticeable in the abdomen area.

If your girlfriend is faking an orgasm, but her muscles are relaxed, she is probably not having an actual orgasm.

During an orgasm, a woman won’t be able to move to other positions or even arch her back.

So if you see any of these movements happening, she is not having an orgasm.

She Is Doing Kegels

When women experience an orgasm, their pelvic muscles will expand and contract. This happens very quickly and almost simulates a fluttering movement.

Some women attempt to mimic this sensation by doing Kegels during sex.

If you feel a rhythmic expansion and contraction, she is probably doing Kegels in an attempt to convince you that she is having an orgasm.

In reality, no women can do their Kegels fast enough to mimic the real thing.

She Seems Fine Afterwards

Women may be capable of multiple orgasms but that does not mean they don’t need their downtime after having an orgasm.

It doesn’t matter how often women orgasm, after having one, they are going to be a bit out of sorts and need a minute to recover.

Their muscles will start to relax and they will be trying to come back down to earth. If your woman is sitting upright in bed and ready to tackle the next task, she probably did not have an orgasm.

She Cums with You…Always

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite difficult to ensure that two people cum at the same time.

For the most part, one partner is always going to be a little over-eager and cum sooner than the other.

If you and your lady are in perfect sync every time, she may be faking it and giving you the impression that you came at the same time.

She Is Breathing Normally

Orgasms lead to an increase in heart rate which goes hand in hand with faster breathing, which means a woman can’t climax while maintaining steady, calm breathing.

She doesn’t need to pant excessively, but you should notice that her breath is getting quicker and quicker as she approaches orgasm.

She Is Kissing You

Don’t get us wrong. Kissing is a normal and healthy part of arousal and sex. But during an orgasm, this will probably be the last thing on a woman’s mind.

Remember, orgasms are associated with a loss of control over the body, which means making out will be a little bit difficult to achieve with everything that is going on.

If she is ignoring your kisses, take it as a good sign. One that indicates that she is on the way to orgasm and completely preoccupied with the sensations in her body.

It Just Feels That Way

Sometimes, you got to trust your gut. If you suspect a woman is being over dramatic, you can look out for some of the other tell-tale signs to test your theory.

If she is consistently asking you to do things differently in bed, it might also mean that she is not completely satisfied.

If she gets awkward when you bring up sex and orgasms, this may be a sign that she is faking it.

Sometimes, your intuition can be the best predictor of whether an orgasm was the real thing.

What Does It Mean If She Is Faking It?

You should know that just because your partner is faking an orgasm that doesn’t mean you can’t make your girlfriend cum.

Yes, there is a low percentage of women who orgasm with penetration alone, but it is entirely within reach for most women.

There are many reasons why women fake orgasms, and it does not necessarily mean you are bad at sex. So just be careful to make assumptions. The signals described here should be taken into account alongside your partner’s baseline behavior during orgasm and other situational factors.

Sometimes it can be normal for a girl to not climax, especially if she is stressed, tired, or simply not in the mood.

But it is helpful to know the difference between climaxing and a fake orgasm so you can tell the difference. 


By now, you should be confident in your ability to tell if someone is faking an orgasm. The truth is, most women do it at some point or another, even those that are satisfied with their sex lives.

Don’t take it personally. If you find out she is faking it, use it to start open and honest communication about her sexual needs.

After all, if sex is good when she is faking it, how much better won’t it be when you and your partner experience an orgasm?

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