How to Squirt with Toys

How to Squirt with Toys

As the taboo nature of female pleasure has fallen away, we’ve learned just how unexplored a topic it really is. But one part of female pleasure that has truly captured the minds of women around the world is squirting. 

Specifically, how to squirt. For some women, the process comes naturally and for others, there’s a learning curve to it.

Today, let’s take a deep dive and learn how to squirt with toys. We’ll help you set up your room for clean play, build up pleasure for safe play, and help you enjoy one of the most fascinating aspects of female pleasure. 

What this article covers:

What Kind of Toys Are Best for Squirting?

There are many different toys you can use to enjoy squirting. The key is to find the toy that fits the type of stimulation you like. So first, think about how you masturbate or masturbate women to orgasm and the type of stimulation that helps reach climax. 

Is it G-spot (vaginal) stimulation, clitoral stimulation, or a combination of both types? When you have figured out which you like, you can determine the right toy for squirting. 

And remember: squirting is very wet. Make sure the toys are waterproof or at least water-resistant. 

If You Like G-spot Stimulation

For most women, vaginal stimulation is the key to successful squirting. If you like to stimulate the G-spot during sex or masturbation, we’d suggest using a vibrator. 

When it comes to squirting with a vibrator, the goal is to stimulate the G-spot with a curved vibrator, preferably one that has a thicker tip. The vibration setting doesn’t matter so long as the toy can reach deep inside the canal. Choose the size that works for you. 

If thrusting helps you more than consistent pressure, you can opt for a thrusting vibrator. As the name suggests, these types of vibrators thrust in and out of the vagina with a thrusting shaft. It’s a lot of fun and is a great help in getting women to reach full-body orgasms. 

If You Like Clitoral Stimulation

To squirt with clitoral stimulation you need a toy that will provide the type of clitoral stimulation you like. 

First, you have basic bullet vibrators. They’re small but powerful toys and are great companions to help with clitoral stimulation without causing overstimulation. 

Second, there are suction vibrators. These little toys mimic sucking motions on the clitoris and are an easy way to cum without penetration. There are many types available, all with their own strengths. Similar to bullet vibrators, they’re great for those who easily get overstimulated. 

Lastly, there are wand vibrators. Wand vibrators have vibrating heads and come in many shapes and sizes. They’re easy to use and hold and make for powerful clitoral stimulators. 

If You Like Both

The best way to squirt it is with a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. 

If you only want to use one toy, go for a rabbit-style vibrator. The innovative designs are popular amongst most women and for good reason: the vibrator stimulates the clitoris and the vagina at the same time. 

These toys pack a punch and are a great go-to for squirting. 

But if you want dedicated vibration on your clitoris or G-spot and a wider range of motion, combine a vibrator with a bullet, wand, or suction vibrator to work yourself over the edge. 

Remember, there is no right toy for squirting. The right toy is the one that works for you. 

How to Squirt with a Toy

Now that you know what toys to use to squirt, let’s get into how to squirt with toys. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Bed

Squirting is messy in the best possible way. And while you’re more than welcome to squirt without prepping your space, if you want to save time on the clean-up later, add a towel to your bed or floor. 

Be warned: squirting can release a lot of fluid, so a towel might not be enough. If you’re considering trying it again in the future, why not opt for a waterproof bed cover? They’re affordable and machine washable.  

Step 2: Prepare Your Body

Before you get started, you need to prepare your body. 

  • Stay hydrated. Drink water and keep your body flush with moisture. While squirting isn’t peeing, you do need to be thoroughly hydrated to achieve the desired effect. 
  • Manage expectations. Squirting isn’t a guarantee. Even with all the prep and the right stimulation, you might not squirt. Don’t get so hung up on the end result that you miss the fun part. 
  • Set the mood mentally. Squirting feels like peeing and many people feel a little pressure or weird about the sensation. Prepare for the experience and enjoy it instead of feeling shamed. 
  • Pee before your start to play. This will make the whole process a lot more comfortable and keep your mind off peeing and squirting. And remember, squirting is not the same as peeing. Peeing is a voluntary release of bodily fluid. Squirting is not. The fluid women release during squirting is an odorless, mostly colorless fluid. It’s not urine so don’t feel ashamed. 

Step 3: Relax

While squirting isn’t hard, it is relatively labor-intensive. The process can take longer and requires a lot of manual stimulation. If you’re doing it alone, make sure you’re rested and relaxed.

If you have a partner, make sure they know how to make a girl cum with a vibrator and are prepared to do what needs to be done. It’s important not to feel the pressure to rush as this will only tense you up and nobody cums when they’re tense.  

Set your expectations and try to create an environment that’s as relaxing as possible. Light some candles, take a bath beforehand, indulge in some foreplay, and get the mood going. Turn off your phone and stay present. 

Step 4: Start with Foreplay

After preparing your mind, body, and soul, it’s finally time to start squirting. The first step to achieving this is getting aroused. 

If you are alone, use your hands or toys to stimulate your clitoris and body. Watch porn, touch your body, and stay present with the sensations that are making you feel good. Remember, use the techniques that work for you. There is no right way to get aroused. 

If you have a partner, add some couple-play into the mix. Incorporate light touches or ask your partner to help with their hands or mouth. 

The goal here is to prepare the body, work toward orgasm, and get the blood flowing to the genitals. Don’t feel rushed and have fun. The better prepared you are here, the more likely you are to squirt and have a great orgasm. 

Step 5: Stimulate the G-spot

If you feel you’re worked up enough with foreplay, then it’s time to add G-spot play to the mix. To find your G-spot, insert a finger or two into the vagina. The G-spot will be a section of spongy tissue 0.5 to 2 inches into the vagina. 

The G-spot is toward the bladder. Once you find it, apply pressure. Don’t rush the process, and get used to the sensation. For some women, first-time G-spot stimulation can be a little overwhelming, so don’t rush yourself or your partner. 

Get used to the feeling and apply more pressure as needed. Again, check with yourself. As a general rule of thumb, squirting does require quite a lot of G-spot pressure. If it feels good and you want more, don’t hesitate to add more. 

When you feel ready to add your toy to the mix, apply lube and insert your toy. Return to the same spot with the toy and apply pressure. 

Steady pressure on the G-spot tends to work a little better than in-and-out vaginal penetration. For added pleasure, create an upward curling motion with the vibrator.

Step 6: Stimulate the Clitoris

While you can make a girl cum from penetration alone, we’d suggest stimulating the clitoris as well. Most women who can squirt say stimulating both is the way to go. Of course, this depends on personal preference. 

When you feel ready and want to increase the pressure, add your clitoral stimulus to the mix. Use suction toys, wands, or bullets to stimulate the clit while working on the G-spot. 

One persistent squirting myth is that it only works with G-spot stimulation. But it’s not always the case. You can also give her a cervical orgasm for added pleasure.

If you feel like the vaginal stimulation isn’t doing much for you, take a second and focus more on stimulating the clitoris with your toys. If you feel a marked difference, then you can carry on trying with clitoral stimulus alone. 

Carry on with what feels good. Steadily build up the pleasure and add in some edging for good measure. Let the sensations build up. 

Step 7: Follow the Sensations

Follow what feels good for your body. If your partner is involved, add dirty talk or other actions that arouse you. Be as present as possible and add other stimulation to your play. 

As mentioned earlier, G-spot stimulation isn’t the only type that works. Whatever helps you build an orgasm will help. If you can, add anal play and touch the rest of the body, including the nipples. Not sure how? Here’s how to give a nipple orgasm

Don’t be afraid to get a little wild with your voice, positions, or needs. 

Step 8: Embrace the Peeing Feeling

Squirting requires pressure and the more you apply, the more likely you are to experience it. Keep going with the pressure on your G-spot and clitoris, build a rhythm, and push further. 

It’s around here that you might start to feel a familiar peeing sensation. If you are, good! The sensation might be a little overwhelming, but this is where all the preparation from earlier comes in handy. Even if you make a mess, there’s no need to worry. 

Enjoy the feeling and lean into the peeing sensation. Don’t try to hold it in or shy away from it. Instead, expel with your body like you would when you pee. Doing this pushes your pelvic floor muscles into shape and prepares your body for squirting. 

Combine the bearing down motion with more stimulus, more speed, or more pressure. Persist with the stimulation to your clitoris and G-spot and push through. The peeing feeling should intensify until you finally orgasm and squirt. 

Step 9: If Need Be, Try Again

If you went through all that and didn’t squirt, don’t let it get you down. Our bodies are all very different, and the things that work for one might not work for another. 

Take a break, enjoy the orgasm you just had, and give it another try after some rest. Adjust the simulation and follow what feels good for you. Add new toys, a different partner, or a different mindset. 

Usually, it only takes a time or two to get a feel for what works. Once you know how to get there and what your body likes, the practice becomes a lot easier. 


Learning how to squirt with toys might not happen immediately. It requires a lot of prepping, and it’s labor intensive. But with some patience and individual adjustments, we do not doubt that you’ll reach the squirting promised land. 

And remember to leave the pressure at the door. Pleasure isn’t pleasuring with pressure. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, remember to have fun and enjoy your orgasms without the expectation to perform.

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