Can You Squirt from Clitoral Stimulation

Can You Squirt From Clitoral Stimulation?

Clitoral stimulation is known for producing intense orgasms in women. Some women report that they need to have clitoral stimulation to experience orgasms.

But can you squirt from clitoral stimulation?

Squirting requires an intense orgasm coupled with technique and targeted stimulation. Part of this technique involves a lot of G-spot stimulation, but less is reported about the role of clitoral stimulation in producing squirting orgasms.

When it comes to women, clitoral stimulation is often regarded as the be-all and end-all of the female vaginal orgasm.

This leaves many women wondering whether clitoral stimulation is adequate for producing the type of orgasm and stimulation that lead to squirting.

This article will answer all your burning questions regarding how to use clitoral stimulation to produce a squirting orgasm and whether this is possible.

What this article covers:

Can You Squirt With Just Clitoral Stimulation?

Yes, the good news is that it is possible to squirt with just clitoral stimulation. Some people think squirting is only possible with G-Spot stimulation or that can only learn how to squirt with a vibrator.

While sex toys and G-spot stimulation are often promoted as the best way to achieve a squirting orgasm, it has been found that it is entirely possible to squirt without this.

Both these methods are critical when making a girl cum by fingering, but they don’t need to happen simultaneously to produce a squirting orgasm. You also don’t need to squirt with toys to be successful.

Clitoral stimulation is just as important for making a woman orgasm or making a girl cum with your mouth and as such, can be a helpful tool in learning how to squirt.

Squirting releases a type of fluid secreted by the Skene’s glands, located in the vulva. These glands, often known as the female prostate, work with other glands to produce female ejaculate fluid.

It has been said that G-spot stimulation targets this specific area, which is why it is often recommended for people who want to learn to squirt.

But, the clitoral area can also play a role. 

This zone is comprised of various sensitive nerve endings that penetrate deep into the vaginal area, making it a good option for people who want to make a woman orgasm by touch or achieve a squirting orgasm

If you are someone who prefers clitoral stimulation to other forms of stimulation, you are especially likely to achieve a squirting orgasm from this type of stimulation.

Squirting from Clitoral Stimulation: How to Guide

Step 1: Prep the Area

Before attempting a squirting orgasm, you need to prep the area where you will engage in sex or solo play.

Some women excrete a lot of liquid when squirting so lay some towels down to protect your bedsheets or the area where you will engage in sexual activity.

Try and also create a relaxing mood. It can be a bit nerve-wracking when trying squirting for the first time and setting the mood may take the edge off.

Light some candles and prepare a comfy spot where you can explore your clitoral area without being disturbed.

Step 2: Empty Your Bladder

This step is quite important. The sensation of squirting feels a lot like urinating, which is one of the main obstacles women need to overcome when trying to squirt.

If you empty your bladder beforehand, you won’t confuse squirting with urinating.

In other words, when you reach the point of a squirting orgasm, you will know that your bladder is empty and you will be able to fully let go and experience squirting.

Step 3: Build Up Arousal

During this phase, you want to focus on what works to masturbate a woman to orgasm.

Stimulating the clitoral area is one of the best ways to make a woman climax without penetration, but it has to be done right.

Most women prefer being stimulated by hand, usually in circular motions.

You can also play around with switching between circular movements and up-and-down motions.

Use a flat hand instead of pressing directly onto the clit, which can become swollen and quite sensitive during arousal.

During this phase, the clit may also become very sensitive, in which case you can start experimenting with pressing down on the hood of the clit and rolling the shaft area between your fingers.

This avoids direct stimulation and can build the intensity that will eventually lead to an orgasm. 

Step 4: Get Into a Rhythm

Once you are adequately aroused, you can start by getting into a rhythm. Find a type of stimulation that works for you and stick with that rhythm.

The intensity should start to build as you approach orgasm.

If you want to make the most of your orgasm, practice edging.

This involves building up to the point of orgasm and then holding off on it until the feeling subsides.

Then, repeat the process. Delaying your orgasm in this way will lead to a more intense orgasm when it eventually occurs. 

Step 5: Bear Down

When you are ready for an orgasm, there are a few things you need to do to give yourself the best chance of squirting.

The first thing is to fully relax and let go, especially if you feel a sensation of wanting to urinate.

Then, when you are nearing the point of orgasm, you need to engage in a process known as “bearing down”. This involves pushing the pelvic floor muscles downward (as if you would when wanting to pee).

This type of control over the pelvic floor does not come naturally to everyone.

Daily Kegel exercise can help you improve your control over these muscles and increase your chances of squirting. 

Kegel exercises merely mean contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

For best results, you should do this 10 times three times a day. 

Step 6: Lean Into It

The most important thing to remember when trying to squirt from clitoral stimulation is to let go and lean into the orgasm fully.

When you are stimulating your clitoral area and you are nearing the point of orgasm or having an orgasm, it becomes incredibly sensitive and it can be tempting to stop stimulation entirely.

But if you want to squirt, this is the part where you need to keep the stimulation going and push through the sensitivity.

It is during this time that you will bear down and increase your chances of expelling squirting liquid from your vaginal area.

This involves a balancing act of stimulation, technique, and letting go. So, don’t lose hope if you don’t squirt the first time you try it.

With a little practice, you can improve your chances of squirting with a clitoral orgasm each time. 


So, are you ready to practice squirting from a clitoral orgasm yet? Turns out, it is easier than it seems.

All women can learn how to squirt, and if you are a fan of clitoral stimulation, you can use this to your advantage when learning the best techniques for squirting.

Many people suggest that G-spot stimulation is best when trying to squirt but it is entirely possible to squirt with a clitoral orgasm, especially if you have heightened sensitivity there.

Why not give it a go? In this case, practice makes perfect and all it requires is a little commitment and patience.

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