How to Finger a Girl to Orgasm

How to Finger a Girl to Orgasm

Do you want to give your female partner the best orgasms ever, even without penetration? You’re in the right place. 

Studies show that most women only orgasm with direct stimulation of the clitoris. Because this is hard to achieve through vaginal penetration alone, you need easy-to-follow advice about how to finger a girl to orgasm. And that’s what you’ll get in the guide below. 

We explain why this is so effective for making a woman climax. We also give you some top fingering tips to introduce into your sexual repertoire. Try them out tonight, and you’ll make her love fingering more than ever.

What this article covers:

Do Girls Cum by Fingering?

Yes, they do, and it happens this way more often than through ordinary sex. So if you’ve been struggling to make her cum in missionary, you’ll want to try fingering your woman to orgasm. You can also do this with other sex acts for a really intense orgasmic experience.

But is fingering useful for giving orgasms, and if so, why? Fingering is very effective at causing female orgasms. The reason is quite simple when you sit and think about it. Most women regularly make themselves cum with their fingers when they masturbate. 

Because this is such a familiar sensation, when you finger a girl she is already on the right path to having an orgasm. Fingering also allows you to explore her vagina (and the rest of her) in ways that a penis or a dildo can’t do.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm with Your Hands

We’re here to help you in your quest of making a woman orgasm by touch: Below, you’ll find nine tips for fingering a girl to orgasm. These will guarantee a more satisfying experience with fingering for both of you.


Before you let your fingers do the talking, engage in verbal communication first. Ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. Most women enjoy fingering, but they may enjoy it in different ways. 

Communication is a lot sexier than it sounds. Just talking about it can arouse both of you. But it serves an even more vital function. You’ll have some clues as to what her comfort levels are. If your partner has difficulty expressing what she likes and is too shy to show you, there’s another way to do it.

Find a porn video clip with an up-close fingering scene. Ask her if she enjoyed what she saw on the screen. What would she prefer to have done to her instead? Bear in mind that while many women enjoy watching porn, not all women like hardcore porn. So remember that before opening that video file.

Know the Fingering Essentials

Fingering is one of the easiest ways to make a girl cum without penetration. But there are three essential rules to adhere to when fingering a woman. 

First, keep your fingernails trimmed short and filed smooth. A long or rough nail can ruin the mood and may hurt your partner. The same goes for the skin on your fingers. Keep this moisturized with a good hand cream. 

Secondly, wash your hands thoroughly first. Dirt on your hands or under your nails can introduce germs into the vulva and could lead to infections. That would be bad news for both of you, so use a good antibacterial soap or liquid hand wash before fingering a girl.

Lastly, always use a little lube when making a girl cum with your hands. As she gets more aroused, her vulva will naturally become wet. But if you insert fingers without enough lubrication, it will be uncomfortable for both of you.

Use Fingering as Foreplay

Do women have vaginal orgasms during sex? Yes, they do, but sadly the number is quite low. Don’t worry because you can increase the chances of her climaxing during sex by including fingering during foreplay. 

Rather than choosing between fingering or penetrative sex, see fingering as a lead-up to sex. It’s a part of the build-up to it, not an ‘either/or’ situation. And just like any sexual encounter, it can benefit from other sensory stimuli to enhance the mood.

Some music in the background doesn’t hurt. But what drives some women wild is some ‘dirty talk’ while your fingers do the walking. However, not all women like this, and that’s okay. Check with your partner first so you’re both comfortable with what you’re saying and doing.

Include the Entire Vulva in the Process

Too many people focus solely on stroking the clitoris or inserting a finger into the vaginal canal. There’s more to fingering, although those moves are most certainly a part of it. Include the entire vulva in the process. 

Thousands of nerves run throughout the sex organs. They all respond well to touch. So before you go straight in, play with the entrance to the vagina. Do it in a slow, teasing manner to heighten the tension. Remember, the more sexual tension you create during arousal, the more powerful her orgasm will be. 

Of course, it is a fact that stimulating the clitoris will give pretty intense orgasms. That little bundle of nerve endings is especially sensitive to touch. It contains more nerve endings than in other body parts and nearly twice the amount in a penis. That’s why you need to learn the art of clitoral stimulation.

Learn the Art of Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral orgasms can be powerful. Some women can squirt with just clitoral stimulation, but don’t let this be your sole focus. The clitoris is quickly excited but becomes too sensitive just as easily. So always start slowly and gently, varying your pressure and technique. 

Move the soft pad of the end of your middle finger gently to and fro over the clitoris. Trace a circle softly, with your finger, around it. Or cradle the clitoris between your middle and forefinger and massage the sides as you curl and stretch those fingers rhythmically. You could also pretend that you’re ‘tickling’ this little pleasure zone.

For some women, this can be enough to make them cum and even squirt. If you’re keen on making her squirt with a toy but are tired of the usual dildos and dongs, you have another option. And that brings us to our next tip.

Invest in a Finger Vibrator

Besides the usual dildos and vibrators on the market, you can also get a finger vibrator. It’s a  mini vibrator that fits over (or sometimes slides in between) your fingers. 

Finger vibrators are usually made of medical-grade silicone, making them safe for insertion into the vulva. They are also often rechargeable and available in different colors, shapes, and styles. 

You can use this type of vibrator to stimulate the clitoris, anus, and also the g-spot if you push your finger inside her vagina while wearing it. Be creative, and use it against her nipples to give her a nipple orgasm. However you choose to use it, this is a truly versatile sex toy.

It’s not difficult to make a girl cum with a vibrator. Your partner can use this on herself going solo or during vaginal sex. The possibilities are endless, and the orgasmic potential is boundless.  Finger vibrators can be bought at minimal cost online from sex toy suppliers.

Give Your Fingers a Sexy Workout

Give your fingers a mini-workout,  and try different twists and turns. Unlike a penis or dildo, your fingers can bend, twist and curl. Depending on your fingers’ dexterity, you can move them in various ways. Always start with just one finger, and if your partner is happy with it, proceed to add a second finger. 

It’s easiest to start with your middle finger, and if adding a second, this should be the forefinger. It’s much easier to move these fingers in different ways. That’s because they are the most used fingers in your day-to-day activities. Cross them over each other, or move them in unusual ways to give new sensations.

If you insert your fingers into her vagina, especially if more than one, you’ll need to use some lube before you start. It facilitates ease of movement as it makes things more slippery, but it can also heighten the pleasure for your partner. 

Some lubricants contain ingredients that cause a slight tingle or even a cooling or warming sensation. But some women don’t enjoy this or may be sensitive to these ingredients so discuss it first before you buy some. If in doubt, ordinary KY jelly works well for fingering too.

Combine Fingering with Oral Sex

Masturbating a woman to orgasm does not have to happen on its own. Fingering a girl while giving her oral can lead to some pretty powerful orgasms. Alternate using your mouth and using your fingers to satisfy her.

Depending on the position you’re both in, this can be a bit tricky. But you’ll find that the woman-on-top position (sitting hunched over your face) works well. The ‘doggy’ position with her kneeling in front of you, is yet another excellent choice.

It can also be done in the ‘69’ position, especially if she’s lying underneath you. That will give you greater ease of movement so that you can give her head while stimulating her with your fingers. Experiment with different positions until you find one that works for you both.

Encourage Participation

Most things in life can benefit from teamwork. And so it is with sex, too. Allow your partner to guide your fingers so you know what places her(and what doesn’t). The worst thing you can do is to continue doing something that she says is uncomfortable or painful.

A great way to start if you’re unsure what to do is to ask your partner to show you how she masturbates. Doing this will achieve two things. You’ll not only see what she finds pleasurable, but it will also put you both in the mood for more.

Ask your partner to tell you what she likes. Encourage her to tell you what, where, and how to do with your fingers. She can also stimulate her clitoris while you slip a finger inside. There are so many ways to mix things up and keep them exciting.


Fingering a girl to orgasm doesn’t have to be complicated, but any routine can become monotonous over time. Keep things fresh and exciting by varying your sexual techniques. 

If you make an effort to try new things, your partner will be even more turned on by your thoughtfulness. So try the tips above, and you’ll master the secrets of fingering in no time.

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