How to Make Her Cum Orally

How to Make Her Cum Orally

About 70 percent of women only cum if their clitoris gets stimulated. A great way to achieve that is to give your female partner oral sex. But oral sex can be good, and it can be great! 

So if you feel your technique could do with improvement, read on. We have some great tips on how to make her cum orally. Several factors influence how to make a girl cum with your tongue. 

Your technique, pressure, pace, and position can vastly affect the outcome. We address these factors in our nine tips below. Try them out tonight and give her the best oral of her life.

How to Make a Girl Cum with Your Mouth

Set the Mood

You shouldn’t just dive right in. Oral sex is a great way to create more closeness with your partner. But set the mood with some foreplay leading up to it. The best way to create a full-body orgasm in a woman is to build a lot of sexual tension from the start.

Stroke and kiss her inner thighs as you move into the position for oral sex. That said, your position can make a huge difference in how to make her cum orally. 

Get Into Position

You have several options for a good oral position. Your partner can lie on her back with you crouched between her spread legs or even in the doggy position. She can also straddle you and lower herself onto your face. 

The problem with the latter is that some women will find this physically uncomfortable for extended sessions. Discuss it and decide on a position you’re both happy in.

You don’t always have to adopt the same position. Try out a new one each time you give oral to keep things interesting. You’ll soon discover what feels comfortable for both of you.

Expose the Clitoris

The clitoris is tucked away between the folds of the labia. To get to it and add to the excitement, slowly part the labia with your fingers to expose the clitoris. It is, after all, the main star of the show.

Remember that the more slowly and dramatically you do this, the more sensual it will be. Start as you mean to go on. Creating a sensual mood right from the beginning will put your partner in the right mood for oral.

Start Gently

Ever wonder why you sometimes struggle to make her cum in missionary? It’s because many women need their clitoris stimulated to be able to climax. And this is often difficult in the missionary position. 

The clitoris plays a big role in female orgasms. That is why it is often easier to masturbate a woman to orgasm than to make her cum with penetration.

This little bundle of nerves can lead to some pretty powerful orgasms. But start too vigorously, and it’ll become too sensitive too quickly. Start slow and gentle and work your way up to the intensity your partner likes. 

Lick or Suck?

You can do both. Give your tongue a good workout with the following techniques. Licking the clitoris, over the top as well as along the sides, is one option. Sucking it is another, but remember not to use too much force. 

Alternating between the two will ensure the best results, as it varies the sensations and pressure on your partner’s clitoris. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

To Infinity and Beyond

An infinity motion (figure 8 movement) is a top oral sex technique. Move your tongue over her clitoris in up-and-down and side-to-side movements, then mimic the shape of the number 8 with your tongue. 

If you want to drive her wild, spell out the letters of your/her name with your tongue. You can also do these different tongue movements while doing a ‘69’. It’s possible to introduce variety into any oral sex position.

Mix Things Up a Little

Oral sex doesn’t have to mean tongue on clit only. Mixing things up a bit with your fingers and sex toys can make each oral session feel like a whole new experience. If you’ve been trying to find the best way to make a girl cum with a vibrator, this may be it.

It may be one of the best ways for her to learn how to squirt using a vibrator. Ask your partner first if she’s happy with it first. And if she likes the idea of penetration at the same time as oral, add more drama by penetrating her vagina with your tongue. 

Alternatively, finger a girl to cum while giving oral. Probe her with your fingers while you focus your mouth on her clitoris. That may be all it takes to send her over the top with a mind-blowing orgasm,

Pressure and Breathwork

The pressure with which you move your tongue is even more important how you move your tongue. Follow your partner’s cues to know what works for her. And don’t forget the role your hot breath plays in the process. 

That’s right, using your breath is just as vital as your tongue action. Not only is it warming, but it also adds another level of sensation. 

Check Her Reaction

It is perfectly possible to make a woman climax without penetration. But all women are different and will like different things during oral sex. 

It’s not about your preferred technique but about what she prefers. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure that out. Her moans of pleasure will tell you. But encourage her to tell you what she likes, so you can repeat it next time around.


There are three things to remember when you want to make her cum with your mouth. These are consent, respect, and willingness (on your part) to please. 

With those all-important factors in place, you can’t go wrong. But experimentation never hurts, so try the tips above to take oral pleasure to the next level.

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