How to Make Her Cum in Missionary

How to Make Her Cum in Missionary

Having an orgasm in missionary position is one of the most intimate and pleasurable ways for a woman to orgasm. Luckily, it is just as enjoyable for the man, too. 

But, since most women can only orgasm or squirt with clitoral stimulation, having an orgasm in missionary seems like something that’s too good to be true for a lot of women. 

And while it usually is easier to give a girl an orgasm by fingering or to make her cum from head, it is definitely possible to make her orgasm in the missionary position. 

In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to make her cum in missionary, and as a result, how to make a girl have the best orgasm ever

How to Give a Girl an Orgasm in Missionary Position

Eliminate All Pressure

One of the most complex parts of having an orgasm for women is the pressure surrounding it. It’s no secret that it isn’t always easy for a woman to have an orgasm. This sometimes adds a lot of pressure on the woman, especially if her partner is wanting to make it happen.

If your partner is used to having an orgasm through more clitoral stimulation, then she might be feeling particularly pressured and nervous about having an orgasm in missionary.

The best thing that you can do is make sure that she doesn’t feel pressured at all. Try to make her feel relaxed, calm, and secure, as this is the best thing when building up to an orgasm. 

Focus on Foreplay

For a woman to be able to orgasm, through any method, she needs to be aroused. This is, even more, the case if you want her to cum in missionary and not with external stimulation. 

When a woman gets turned on and aroused, blood flows to her clitoral area and makes that region very sensitive. Essentially, the way that you make a woman orgasm in missionary is still by stimulating her clitoris, only this time your penis has to be the thing stimulating it. 

Having this area be sensitive before you start to penetrate her will be a huge help. So, try and put a lot of focus on adequate foreplay before you try to make her have an orgasm in missionary. 

Incorporate a Few Toys

Obviously, our goal is still to make the woman orgasm in missionary, but incorporating some toys can help with the build-up and make achieving orgasm in missionary a bit easier. 

Start to use the toys while you are busy with foreplay. Make sure that you communicate with her and that you don’t make her cum with a vibrator. The vibrator can just help her get aroused, and make the clitoris area feel extra sensitive and “awake”, which will help with climaxing from missionary later on. 

Try Some Lube

Lube is a very underestimated helper when it comes to making it easier to have an orgasm. 

Lube decreases friction, and increases sensitivity. And, as we mentioned earlier, the more sensitive the clitoral area is, the easier it will be to make her reach climax with the missionary position. 

Experiment Using the CAT Position

The CAT position, also known as the coital-alignment technique, is the missionary position with a bit of twist. 

In essence, you start in the missionary position, but then the man (who should be on top) aligns his pelvis (above the base of his penis, but below his belly button), with the woman’s clitoris. 

Just this little change in the standard missionary position increases the amount of pressure that is placed on the woman’s clitoris. This is much more stimulating and feels even more amazing than the “normal” missionary position. 

This added pressure, along with constant grinding from the male, is more likely to consistently lead to a female orgasm. 

Experiment with Different Pressures and Angles

Different angles and pressure are often key to a great orgasm. If you are using one angle, and one pressure throughout your sexual interaction, your partner is definitely not going to get stimulated enough. 

Most women respond really well to a change in tempo during sex, as it stimulates them in different ways. 

Make sure to change it up throughout the intercourse and ask her what she likes best. 

Try External Stimulation at the Same Time

Earlier we mentioned incorporating toys beforehand in order to get the woman aroused. Although this works for most women, some women do require a bit more stimulation and find it really hard to orgasm in the missionary position without the help of anything else. 

So, if this is a problem you seem to be having, why not try external stimulation and intercourse via the missionary position at the same time? 

You can use your fingers or toys to stimulate her clitoris while you are busy executing the missionary position. It is much easier to orgasm or squirt using toys and external stimulation, so why not make use of it? 


While it may be quite difficult for many of them, women can orgasm vaginally. It just takes a bit of effort and time to figure out their sweet spots and what works for them.

Hopefully, with this article, you will be able to spice up the common missionary position and make the impossible possible by getting her to have an orgasm in missionary. 

With this being said, it is still important that you talk to your partner and ask her what she enjoys most. 

Each woman is different, and you want to figure out what works best for your partner, as this is the thing that is going to get her to orgasm the easiest.

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