Full-Body Orgasm Women

Full-Body Orgasm: Women’s Guide

An orgasm is the exhilarating finale of sexual encounters and also solo sexual experiences. There are different kinds of orgasms, and you may have experienced more than one of them at different times. But what is a full-body orgasm? 

Many people think it’s a myth, or hard to attain. But in this guide to the full-body orgasm women want, we give you the facts about this phenomenon. And we have all the best tips for you (or a female partner) to have the full-body orgasm women deserve. 

A full-body orgasm is not about having a ‘quickie’ and expecting a mindblowing orgasm as a result. It takes dedication to pursue this type of orgasm. But once you’ve tried these techniques with your partner, we’re sure you’ll agree, it is well worth it. 

What this article covers:

What Is a Full-Body Orgasm for Women?

First things first. What exactly is a full-body orgasm, and what does it feel like? 

During arousal, sexual tension is heightened. An orgasm is the sensation experienced when there is a sudden release of that pent-up sexual tension. In the case of a full-body orgasm, pulsating waves of pleasure are felt throughout the body. 

A full-body orgasm is not to be confused with having multiple orgasms. It is one orgasm that can be felt through not only the pelvis but also the abdomen and even the legs. If that sounds like something you want your female partner to experience, or you’re a woman wanting that for yourself, keep reading.

How to Have a Full-Body Orgasm

A full-body orgasm is perhaps not that common, but it is, indeed, attainable. Follow these tips if you want to try and have a more total pleasure experience when you orgasm.

Try Tantric Sex 

Tantric sex is named after the tantra, ancient Hindu texts. In tantric sex, the end goal is not an orgasm, but the enjoyment of sexual energy moving through the body. While this may sound counter-intuitive, many proponents of tantric sex say it increases the odds of a full-body orgasm. 

The idea behind it is to enjoy the sexual energy moving through the entire body, in a slower and more meditative form of sex. People suffering from sexual dysfunction and even a lack of orgasms, sometimes find that tantric sex resolves these issues. 

Tantric sex is not only about penetration. Many tantric techniques do not involve penetration at all. Some tantric sex practitioners believe that it is possible to use tantric sex to make a woman climax without penetration.

However, a popular tantric sex technique that can be used for penetrative sex or masturbation, is the Yab Yum. 

Yab yum tantric sex technique for partners

This requires one person to sit with their legs crossed. The other person sits on their lap, wrapping their legs around their partner’s waist. They embrace each other, breathing deeply in unison. 

Once a quiet meditative state is reached, you can then rub your genitals against each other and proceed with penetrative sex, should you want to. Or use this tantric position to masturbate a woman to orgasm. The important thing is to take it slow and focus on the moment. 

Yab Yum Tantric Technique for Going Solo

Ladies, you can also try this for yourself, without a partner. Sit cross-legged with your back straight, palms on your knees, and begin by breathing deeply. 

When you are in a relaxed yet alert state you can start to touch yourself and bring yourself to orgasm with clitoral stimulation.

Aim for a Cervical Orgasm

Some women describe a cervical orgasm as a more full-body orgasm sensation, so you may want to give this a try. But do you know how to give a woman a cervical orgasm

The cervix is located at the far back of the vaginal canal, and reaching it requires deeper penetration. Because this creates a feeling of being more ‘full’, it explains some of why this orgasm can differ from other types. 

The cervix is surrounded by nerves. Pressing against it may produce some intense sensations. It could be your best bet to make a girl have a vaginal orgasm. It will still be hard to reach for most penises or even dildos, so you may need to use a position that allows for deeper penetration. 

The Best Position for a Cervical Orgasm

The ‘doggy style’ rear entry position is the best method for deeper penetration to hit the cervix. Many people prefer this position because it can be difficult to make her cum in missionary. And if you are looking for ways to squirt with a vibrator, this could be a good one. 

Simply use a vibrating dildo in this position and you may even cause her to squirt. Many people have found they can make a girl cum with a vibrator, and this just increases the odds. 

The Best Time to Try for a Cervical Orgasm

The cervix moves a bit lower a few days before the menstrual cycle, so this would be the best time to try and reach it. But the cervix can be very sensitive, so you need to work up to it. Make sure that your female partner is fully aroused and don’t start with too aggressive a thrust.

Start gently and then build your way up to a more vigorous thrust. That applies whether you’re using a penis or a dildo to penetrate your female partner. Because the cervix is very sensitive, and many women are not used to cervical stimulation, be patient and take your time. 

Open Your Mind with Sexual Visualization

The most important tool in enjoying sex, and having powerful orgasms, is the mind. When you open your mind to the possibility of achieving a full-body orgasm, it will be far more likely. The mind plays a major role in orgasms. This is made clear by the causes of anorgasmia.

Anorgasmia is the medical term for regular difficulty reaching orgasm, despite adequate sexual stimulation. This common disorder affects many women, with depression and stress cited as the primary psychological causes.

Conversely, freeing your mind with visualization techniques may be conducive to bigger and better orgasms, like a full-body orgasm. An orgasm is the release of energy. And manifestation through visualization revolves around channeling energy. So it’s definitely worth a try.

Visualization Technique

With every touch, visualize the sensation you want to achieve – ripples of excitement throughout your body. Imagine this feeling extending to your fingers and toes. Keep visualizing this even during penetration, and you may just experience a full-body orgasm. 

Harness Your Sexual Energy

The body has energy centers called chakras. Meditation is named the best way to open these energy centers. The one identified as related to sexual energy and emotion is the sacral chakra located within your pelvis. And this energy center is further stimulated by sensory experiences. 

How to Harness That Energy

Light some scented candles, and give your partner a sensual massage with aromatic oil in the prelude to sex. It helps to become fully aroused in preparation for a full-body orgasm. Take your time with foreplay. Rushing to the finish line will not set the right mood for this energy release.

This energy gets released through all sexual acts. It includes fingering a woman to orgasm or even making her cum with your tongue. It’s not about the actions but focusing on the body’s sexual energies. 


With these tips, you’ll enjoy a universal sexual experience that can lead to a full-body orgasm. Even if you do not have one, you will gain a new appreciation for the connection between your mind and body. And that can lead to more liberated and enjoyable sexual encounters.

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