Will Cervical Orgasms Make You Squirt

Will Cervical Orgasms Make You Squirt?

Cervical orgasms are one of the rarer types of orgasms that you can experience. It is much easier to finger a woman to orgasm or to give her a nipple orgasm.  

But, if you learn how to do it properly, cervical orgasms can give a woman an intense orgasm

So, with this being said, will cervical orgasms make you squirt?

The answer is that they can make you squirt, yes. But this doesn’t mean that they will make you squirt every single time. 

Every woman is different, and sometimes she may squirt with a cervical orgasm, and other times she won’t. Both are completely normal, and nothing to be worried about. 

In this article, we will be discussing why there is a high chance of squirting with a cervical orgasm, as well as the best tips on how to have a cervical orgasm. 

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Will Cervical Orgasms Make You Squirt?

Cervical orgasms definitely can make you squirt. But, just like you can squirt from clit stimulation, and you can squirt with a vibrator, the chance of it happening every single time is not a given.

The important thing to realize is that even though you may not squirt every time you have a cervical orgasm, there is a very high chance of squirting occurring due to the sensations it evokes. 

The reason why there is such a good chance that a cervical orgasm will make you squirt is that they often give you the feeling of a full-body orgasm

Some women have described a cervical orgasm to be felt throughout their whole body. Because it feels like you are experiencing a full-body climax, cervical orgasms can push you that little bit further to squirting. 

When you orgasm via clitoral stimulation, there is often a peak, and then a very obvious plateau that follows. This is not the same for cervical orgasms. Cervical orgasms ebb and flow in that they come and go in succession, and feel more continuous. 

This continual orgasm lends itself really well to causing squirting. 

How to Give a Woman a Cervical Orgasm

Encourage Your Partner to Become Familiar with Her Cervix First

One of the biggest tips that we can give you is to encourage your partner to become familiar with their cervix first. 

Some women absolutely love cervical stimulation, whereas others can’t stand it. It is so important that your partner get a feel for what cervical stimulation is like if she enjoys it, and how she enjoys it to be stimulated. 

Most women aren’t familiar with what cervical stimulation feels like, so it’s really beneficial if she gets a feel for this beforehand. 

Lots of Foreplay

Cervical stimulation can be unpleasant and painful for some women. This can often be due to a lack of foreplay and arousal. 

To prevent any of this from happening, we suggest that you stimulate other areas first. This can include her clitoris and G-spot, and anywhere else you please (the more the better).

Not all women can have vaginal orgasms very easily, especially cervical vaginal orgasms. So, making sure that the whole vagina is “warmed up” and aroused will ensure that you can pleasure her cervix without there being too much oversensitivity or discomfort. 

Use the Right Positions

When it comes to sex, there are not necessarily “correct” positions. But, there are positions that are more likely going to make you have a cervical orgasm, and you obviously want to use those in this case. 

The best position to use for a cervical orgasm is doggy style, followed by cowgirl. 

When it comes to cervical orgasms, the best way to reach one is through deep penetration. This is because the cervix is located quite deep within a woman. 

Doggy style is a really great position to focus on deep penetration, and it also works well for some simultaneous G-spot stimulation, too.

Cowgirl is also a position that lends itself well to deep penetration. Because the woman is on top, it also gives her a bit more control, and she can play around with how deep and fast she wants the penetration. 

Focus on Being Slow and Steady

Unless your partner tells you otherwise, a slow and steady pace and rhythm are usually key for a cervical orgasm. 

Most women prefer a consistent and gentle pace in order to have a cervical orgasm. But, there are a few that like the speed and intensity to be changed up, which is why it is so important for women to experiment on themselves beforehand. 

But, if they haven’t specified, keep it slow and steady. The cervix is quite a sensitive organ, and it can be bruised quite easily. This is obviously painful, which is why it is better to be gentle and rhythmic. 

Be Patient

When you are getting a woman to reach their climax, you need to remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint. This is even more so the case if you are trying to achieve a cervical orgasm. 

As we mentioned, the cervix is quite sensitive, so it may take a while before stimulation becomes pleasurable, and may also require a lot of constant stimulation. 

Don’t be in a rush or become frustrated if it takes a while to happen. This will put pressure on your partner and may prevent the orgasm altogether. 

Incorporate Sex Toys

As we touched on earlier, the cervix is very deep within a woman. This may make it challenging for some men to stimulate it effectively with their penis. 

If you are struggling with this or worried that it may be an issue, we would recommend bringing some sex toys into the equation.

In this case, the longer the sex toy, the better. Some great examples would be extra-long dildos or vibrators. These will be able to reach very deep and will make it easier to get the job done. 


Cervical orgasms can be a wonderful experience for a woman if it is done correctly. If you follow the tips that we have provided on how to give a woman a cervical orgasm, you could, quite possibly, give her one of the best orgasms that she has ever had. And, you could make her squirt too. 

Just always remember that the cervix is an extremely sensitive organ, and there will be a lot of women out there who have never experienced a cervical orgasm before. 

So, take it slowly, and follow our tips to have the best chance at giving her a great cervical orgasm, and making her squirt along with it.

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